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Amy Tale/s – Cum Dump

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Bada starts licking my clit that is nasty with the cum of 5 guys already. Her head is laying on the towel where cum has dripped…

There are many times I had sex with my friends during this part of my life that I have not shared because rewriting, I ate her pussy, or we were in a 69 with a big black cock fucking my asshole, gets boring. When there was something new that happened, I like to share those tales to preserve the occasion. This is one of those tales.

You are aware of Marcus’s kink with his Korean wife Bada. He likes to see her humiliated as a whore and fucked by guys (multiple), with them cumming in her pussy. Marcus then wants to fuck her in private when she is full of their cum, so that he is the last guy to fuck the whore. Marcus spent a lot of time in Korean whore houses being the last guy in line, and he liked it. I wanted to do something different for Marcus one day, so I had Clair, Courtney, and Alyson assist me.

Me and Bada were naked, and she was laying at the top of the bed, and I was on my hands and knees eating her pussy. At first Bada would say, oh miss Amy, I can eat your pussy too. I said, no Bada, I am doing something different for Marcus today. Marcuse was sitting in a chair dressed and watching us. The guest bedroom door was shut, and Clair, Courtney, and Alyson were in the hall sucking cocks and getting a train ready to run. Neither Marcus or Bada, or the guys in the hall, knew what was going to happen. The guys just knew they were going to fuck some pussy.

Rasaun came in first and the girls shut the door back so that it was just Me, Bada, Marcus, and Rasaun in the room; Rasaun (black guy) is naked and his thick 8.25” cock was hard. This is how the next guys will enter as well. I stopped eating Bada’s hairy pussy and told Rasaun, stick that cock of yours in my pussy and cum. I wanted Rasaun to go first, primarily because I did not want him fucking a pussy with someone else cum in it first. Rasaun gets off and fills my trim hairy white pussy with his cum.

Troy came in next, and I looked at his less than 6” white pecker and said; damn Troy, it’s too bad Rasaun went first. I probably want even feel that pecker of yours. I said, fuck my pussy and cum in it. Troy started and I would say, are you hard, stick your finger in too so I can feel something. Troy got off, even with me humiliating him. Ken came in next and fucked me with his 8.5” cock, and then Greg with his 9” cock, and last was Eric with his 10” uncircumcised white cock and I could feel his cock, and all of them got off in my pussy, and cum was gushing out and dripping. My pussy sounded nasty, and we set towels under me just to catch the drippage.

I looked at Marcus when the guys were done and I said, fuck my pussy Marcus, I am your whore today. Marcus took his pants off and got behind me and started going in my pussy with his black 7” pecker. I got vocal with Marcus. I said, I know why Bada wants to fuck all those cocks, you have such a little dick Marcus. I said, Bada, does Marcus have a little dick? Bada said, oh yes miss Amy, his dick small. I said, it’s a good thing all that cum is in my pussy, to add volume to all the space you are leaving in my pussy with that little dick.

You like watching those big cocks fuck Bada, don’t you Marcus. Marcus was breathing heavy fucking my pussy, and he said softly, yes…yes. I said, you know you have a little dick don’t you Marcus, say it, say I have a little dick? Marcus is panting in excitement and he says, I have a little dick.

I say, um, I am eating Bada’s pussy and it is good, Bada has a good pussy, you don’t deserve to fuck this pussy, right Bada? Bada says, yes miss Amy. I tell Bada to finger herself and I reach for my vibrator while Marcus fucks me doggystyle. I start using the vibrator on Bada. Marcus is not going fast in my pussy, he is trying to enjoy this to its fullest. I say, do I need to get that big dick white boy in here to fuck me Marcus, or are you going to get your little pathetic pecker off in my pussy? I say, Bada, you like that big white dick don’t you? Bada says, oh yes miss Amy, I like big dick. I get Bada off with the vibrator and say, did that feel good Bada. She says, yes miss Amy, you always make my pussy feel good.

I say, Bada get under me and eat my pussy and help Marcus excite my pussy because I cannot feel his cock. Bada starts licking my clit that is nasty with the cum of 5 guys already. Her head is laying on the towel where cum has dripped, and Marcus is going in and out of my nasty cum filled pussy making more cum drop. I say, you like that Marcus, Bada is eating my nasty pussy with all that cum in it? Marcus says, I am going to cum. I say, will cum and maybe I can tell if you are even in my pussy with your little dick. Marcus gets off, and he shakes hard against my ass.

I tell Bada, suck his dick when it comes out of my pussy. Marcus withdraws and Bada sucks his cock as I move over. I straddle Bada and rub my nasty cum filled pussy all over her 34C tits. I grab Marcus and pull him in and kiss him hard and say, did you like that? Marcus says, yes, very much. I say, now finger my pussy while Bada gets me off. I straddle Bada and she licks and mouths my nasty ass pussy and Marcus fingers me. I hold Marcus’s hand and help him until I get off. When I orgasm, I grab around Marcus and kiss him again.

When we are finished, and they get in the shower, I hold a towel under my cunt and go to my shower. I used three douches just to be sure. I walk back out with wet hair and they are still here, and I make them go back in the bedroom. I lay on the bed and tell Marcus to eat my pussy. He is thrilled, and he eats me while I use a vibrator to achieve and orgasm. I pull his pants down and suck his cock and Bada licks his balls and I make him cum and I swallow it.

I kiss Marcus and say, that was dessert did that make you hot? Marcus says, I don’t know what to say, why are you doing this? I say, because you are one kinky fucker, and I like to see how far I can push you. They dress again and leave. I am not attracted to Marcus. I like Bada, especially her attachment to rubbing me. I suppose I do it more for her.

Marcus lives for the fantasy not the actual fuck. For him the thrill is in replaying the act over in his head. A good session may last him for a month just re-imagining what happened, so there is an added incentive on my part to make sure he gets a good show.

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