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Clair lubed some ben wa balls and stuck a chain of four of them in my ass. Me and my husband have never done anal.

This is a short tale to sort of update the status of my marriage during my secret “illicit” affairs. My husband was still on his third deployment from where we lived at his second station. I had sent him some videos of me masturbating or using toys, but he was bored with the same ole same ole. Plus, I was cheating on him, and I really did not care to make videos of me masturbating when I was getting all the cock and pussy I wanted behind my husband’s back. So, I would use the excuse of my job, I am tired, or I don’t want to keep making you videos, so I could avoid sexual interaction digitally with my husband.

One morning before lunch, we were on skype talking because it was nighttime for him, and he was in his room. My husband wanted me to get undress and play with myself while he watched. I was sure he was bored with this, but I just thought, maybe he is really horny, so I did it. I was naked on the bed with my knees up rubbing my trim hairy pussy and bouncy tits, and I was watching my husband and he kept looking to his side. I started hearing someone else. My husband was letting his roommate watch, and when I figured it out, I covered up.

Since my husband’s little game was exposed, he kept trying to get me to continue. His roommate stepped into frame, and I saw that he was a black guy, and they were both in their shorts and my husband had a t-shirt on, but the black guy did not. Of course, the black guy was muscular, but average looking. My husband pleaded and I gave in and I masturbated totally naked for their amusement. I watched the black guy take his dick out and begin to jack on it, and he had a decent size cock maybe pushing toward 9” so, I gave him a show, and they both got off.

I covered up again and my husband’s roommate disappeared, and I told my husband I was not going to do that anymore, and I asked him if he had been showing his roommate my videos? He said, no, but I pressed him until he admitted he had. This was just my husband’s way of finding a new thrill using me to fulfill his sexual fantasies.

A few weeks passed, and we did skype a few times, but I would not do anything sexual because I told him I did not trust that his roommate was not there too. My husband kept hounding me for more videos because the quality of the picture in videos was better than skype. I told him I would make one but that I was too busy now, and that it just did not interest me anymore.

I wanted a little payback for my husband exposing me like that to his roommate, so I thought, if he can do it and expect me not to get mad, why can’t I? So, I made a video at Ethan’s apartment of me masturbating naked on Ethan’s bed. After I got going, Clair entered the frame, but you could only see her from the tits down. Clair started rubbing my trim hairy pussy and bouncy tits, and she started using toys on my pussy and I got off.

I laid down flat, and Clair lubed some ben wa balls and stuck a chain of four of them in my ass. Me and my husband have never done anal. Clair took a vibrator and used in on my pussy until I got off again. When I orgasmed, Clair pulled the balls slowly out of my ass while I was shaking, and I was moaning in pleasure.

I sent my husband the video. He wanted to know where I was at when I made the video, who was the girl, and he was jealous and mad, but I know he must have jacked off to it 10 times before raising his dander. I just told him she was a friend, and since you let your friend watch me, and just let my friend help me. My husband was like, yea, but my friend did not get me off. I said, true, but you both saw each other’s dicks as you masturbated and cum together watching me, so, that is kind of the same. We fussed back and forth and then moved on.

Since my husband had instigated a tête-à-tête with his black lesbian solder friend (Tonya) for the purpose of making me try lesbian sex at his last post [see Amy Tale/s – Ebony Lesbian Pt. 1, for details]; my husband accepted that I could do something like this. He tolerated this kind of affair, but he wanted more videos.

I told my husband that I would make him some videos, but that my friend could not show her face at all. My husband accepted my conditions, and I would send him some videos every now and then of me eating Clair’s pussy or her playing and toying with mine. This appeased his sexual desires, and it was easy for me to make short videos as part of my ongoing affairs anyway. Everybody won, I guess, my husband did not know about Ethan and Emma.

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