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Amy Tale/s – My Duchess Pt. 1

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Janet sucks the finger she was using to rub Emma’s pussy, and Janet says, nice to meet you!

I go to my room feeling lonely and tired from a long day at work after Janet spent the previous night with me. Janet gifted me an ankle bracelet that I am staring at as I shake my crossed leg. I turn the TV on and pretend to watch something, as I think about how to get Janet out of my head. Then I decide that what I need is a good hard fucking from a big black cock, and I call Emma. It is about 10pm on a Friday night, and Emma tells me she is going to Ethan’s when he gets off work. I ask if they are doing anything special tomorrow, and she says, no. I tell Emma I need to do some shopping in the morning and that I will be there at 1:30pm (that is when Michael is gone). Emma says, that will be great, and we will be waiting.

Ken comes to bed around 11pm and I ask, are you doing something tomorrow? He says, I told you, me and Greg are going to a ballgame and you said you did not want to go. I said, oh…yes, I forgot. Ken said, do you want to go? I said, no, I was just wondering. He asked, do you have something to do? I said, yes, I have some shopping to do. We woke up around 8am, and I dressed to shop. Ken has a maid service which is great, everything is always clean. Ken also has a grocery service that restocks several things in the pantry and fridge, and you can make special orders for their next trip. They just come in the apartment and do their thing while we are at work. However, there are some things I still prefer to buy myself.

I return from shopping and take a shower and shave good. I dry my hair, dress, and head to Ethan’s. I know we are going to fuck, so I am just wearing a top with no bra and a skirt with no panties and sandals. I bring an overnight bag, but I am not planning to spend the night, but I might. I knock and Ethan lets me in, and Michael is gone. We kiss and chat a bit, fix something to drink, and relax. Ethan is just in shorts, no shirt. Emma is in the nightie we bought together, no panties, and I kiss her too. All three of us are sitting on the couch with Emma in the middle. Then someone knocks on the door.

Ethan opens the door, and in walks my Duchess, she did not even say anything to Ethan, she just pushed her way in. She meanders across the room with her sexy walk looking and touching things, and sitting her purse on the counter she says, hey Amy? She is dressed tight, in a black shoulder strap low cut halter with no bra, and plenty of cleavage. She was wearing a beige skirt to her knees, but it had a “v” cut in front that goes about 6” up exposing part of her thigh above the knee. The skirt had a black belt, and she had black high heel open toe leather sandals with ankle straps. Her toenails were beige too, her hair was down and lovely, and the usual jewelry, and she had the ankle bracelet on, and I was wearing mine. I say, what are you doing here Janet, how did you even know about this place, are you following me?

Janet continues to inspect the living room and kitchen and says, I don’t have to follow you girlfriend, I had one of my husband’s mechanics put a tracker on your car last Thursday when you were at work, and I can check it on my phone. Janet walked around sexy, and continued, I always wondered where you were that Friday I was waiting at your apartment to invite you to my party. [I did not argue, this is Janet, she gets what she wants, and I don’t want to fight with her at all, I think I love her]. Janet says, I don’t care what you do baby, but I don’t want us to have secrets. We are all standing watching Janet roam the room and look around. She has mesmerized Ethan and Emma, and they are standing next to each other whispering.

I sit on the couch. Janet walks over to Ethan and runs her hand on his bare chest and over his shoulder to his back as she strolls around behind him. She tiptoes and puts her arms around his neck and her hands around onto his chest, and she turns her head to the side to look at me. Janet lays her head against Ethan’s back and she says, so, what do you have going on, a threesome? I say, yes (softly). Janet pulls her head up looking at Ethan’s shoulders and she massages them and says, you are tall, and a hunk. Are you big everywhere? Janet strolls around to the front of Ethan, and she reaches into his shorts and pulls his cock up so that it is sticking out of the top of his shorts, and he is getting hard. Janet says, oh my Amy, looks like my husband needs to find a new mechanic, he has Anthony beat in the big dick department.

Janet is in command. She totally dominates a room with her looks, her behavior, her movement, and Ethan and Emma are a bit awestruck. Janet moves in front of Emma, and Janet is taller in her heels than Emma in bare feet. Janet runs the back of her fingers under Emma’s breasts as she ambles around behind Emma. Janet reaches around with her left hand and gently holds Emma’s breast and uses her finger to stimulate Emma’s nipple though her nightie, and Janet pulls her right hand up the inside of Emma’s thigh and caresses her pussy and fingers Emma. Janet says, wow, wet, and silky smooth and soft, you will have to tell me about that later; as Janet stares at me sitting on the couch. I am creamy again, she has enchanted me once more with her wiles, it is another new experience, and I am wondering how long she can continue to surprise me.

Emma says, Amy, who…who is this girl? I stutter as Janet stares into my eyes rubbing my ebony princess’s soft silky sweet pussy, and I am under a spell, and I say, she is my Duchess…I mean, my girlfriend Janet, Janet this is Ethan and Emma. Janet quits rubbing Emma, walks in front of her, and they face. Janet sucks the finger she was using to rub Emma’s pussy, and Janet says, nice to meet you! Janet strolls sensually over to me and sits next to me on the couch and crosses her legs, and she kisses me on the lips and holds me, and looks back at them and says, I am Amy’s Duchess. Ethan and Emma are afraid to ask what that means, and they look at each other puzzled. Janet gets back up, and walks around some more, strutting her shit, and trust me, it most definitely does not stink, and Janet says, don’t mind me, I am a natural voyeur, you can play.

Emma sits back down with me on the couch and starts whispering. Soon, Ethan sits too, and they both want to know everything about Janet. I just keep telling them, I can’t talk about Janet, she is my kryptonite, that is all you need to know. Janet disappeared down the hall and after about 10 minutes she comes back. Ethan and Emma did not trust her in the backrooms, but I made them stay there, I told them they have nothing she wants; she is just curious like a cat. Janet slowly walked back in and she looks at Emma and with her hand under her chin points her finger out and says, you don’t live here, do you? Emma says, no. Janet says, another guy lives here too, right? Ethan’s says, yes, I have a roommate. Janet walks sensually over to the couch and sits on the arm next to me, crosses her legs, and twists her fingers in my hair, and she says, is the roommate part of your games too Amy? I said, no (softly).

Janet says, never? I said, I hooked up with him once, but after I met Ethan, I found out Ethan had the big black cock I was looking for. Janet says, oh, so the roommate is black too, but he is not as well-endowed as Ethan. How long did it take you to make the switch Amy? I said, one day, not even, I started teasing Ethan the night I fucked the roommate Michael here. Janet looked at Ethan and said, did Amy seduce you? Ethan chuckled and said, you could say that. Janet said, was it blatant? Ethan laughed and said, you could say that again. Janet said, I see; and let me guess, this is your girlfriend, and she found out about Amy, and Amy seduced her too. Ethan and Emma looked at each other and laughed, and looked at me and said, who is this girl Amy?

Janet stood and walked over to my overnight bag sitting on the floor and bent over so sexy and picked it up. She turned looking at me and said, I recognize this bag. She set it in a chair and opened it. Janet fumbled around in my bag and pulled out my nightie (not the one she bought me) and she laid it across the back of the chair. Janet then removed her top revealing her almost perfect C’s, and she laid her top on the bag. Janet undid her belt and unfastened her skirt, and she slid it down (of course she wasn’t wearing panties), and she stepped out of the skirt so gracefully showing us her hot young tanned body, and smooth pussy and shapely hips and legs, which the skirt had been amplifying all along. Janet picked up my nightie and put it on, it was black, and her black high heels made her look sexy as hell.

Janet turned, and bent over reveling her hot ass and pussy lips to us, and she picked up her skirt and laid it over the back of the chair, and she moved her top there too. Janet sat down in the other chair, crossed her right leg over her left, and she slowly shook her leg with the ankle bracelet on it, and said, what kind of games do you all play? I was frozen, enchanted, hypnotized, take your pick. Janet was becoming the salt in my life, she made everything taste better. Janet had intimidated Ethan and Emma. Emma is a pretty black girl, big boned, but attractive. Janet looks like a model, so I can understand how Emma was intimidated. However, Ethan has such a big cock, but Janet had him questioning if he had a chance with such a knockout.

Me? I was starting to think I was just Janet’s new toy. A divorced housewife gone wild, and she was riding my adventures to excite herself. Would it last? Certainly not forever, I am 16 years older than her, but I wanted her now, and she wanted me, and made me feel special to her. Who puts tackers on someone’s car, comes by their work, waits for hours for them to come home in order to make them feel loved so deeply? No one moved or spoke to Janet’s question about the games we play, and Janet got up and walked over to the couch and took Ethan by the hand and he stood. She turned him so that he was facing me and Emma. Janet stepped in front of him and did her patented legs together foot swivel as she lowered to the floor and removed Ethan’s shorts and underwear and swiveled back up. Janet walked behind Ethan and reached around and started stroking his hard thick 12” big black cock.

Janet peered around Ethan’s bicep at me and said, can I take a test drive on your big black cock boyfriend Amy? I looked at her in awe, and I mumbled, yes baby. Janet held Ethan by the cock and led him to the counter, and with her other hand fumbled in her small purse and pulled out a condom. Janet said, I hope this is big enough. Janet continued to hold Ethan’s cock and started for the bedroom and she said, come on girls, I am not fucking on the floor. I felt outclassed now, remembering some of our fucks on that floor. Janet was almost to the bedrooms and she said, the one on the right, correct, and Ethan said, yes. Janet positioned Ethan so he was standing at the bottom of the bed and she sat, and she moved herself back on the bed on her elbows, and she lifted one foot and said to Ethan, take my shoe off. Ethan did, and he did the same with her other shoe.

Janet then rubbed Ethan’s chest and down his stomach and cock and balls with her toes. Janet looked at Emma and said, come here sweety. Emma crawled into the bed and Janet said, take my Queen’s nightie off me (Janet was totaling watching my eyes), and Emma removed my nightie from Janet. Then Janet opened the condom and told Emma to open her mouth, and Janet put the condom in Emma’s mouth and said, put that on your boyfriend please. Emma moved to Ethan’s cock, and with her mouth put the condom on his cock, rolling most of it with her fingers. Janet quips, well, that is the biggest one I have, as we all noticed there was about 4 or 5 inches of cock still exposed. Janet said to Emma, make sure he stays hard, and Emma sucked and licked Ethan’s balls and stroked his cock. Janet was still laying back on her elbows and rubbing across Emma’s back with her toes, and she said, take your nightie off sweety, and Emma did. Janet continued to rub with her toes and moved under Emma and rubbed her breasts and nipples with her toes. See Amy Tale/s – My Duchess Pt. 2 (Conclusion), for the rest.

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