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After viewing a video, I could not ignore the desire for a BBC. Fiction, BBC, cheating.

Yes, I know that not every black man has a cock the size of a baseball bat. I also know that a larger percentage of Blacks are hung than white guys, Hispanics or Asians. Then there is also the thrill of doing something naughty and forbidden.

I married my third high school boyfriend six months after graduation. I never had sex with the first one, maybe because we were only twelve. He wanted to but I always said no. I did have sex with my second after we had dated for about a month. I was fourteen then. He was fifteen. After we broke up, about six months later I started dating Frank and we fucked on the second date. He seemed like the right guy for me and we were married about six months after HS graduation. He worked in his father’s business and we got a small one bedroom apartment. Things went pretty well for us but life was boring.

We talked and decided to wait a couple years before thinking about starting a family so I went on the pill. One day Frank brought home a porn DVD that he had rented at the video store and we watched it. I was shocked to see how big all the guy’s cocks in the video were and how good looking all the girls were. There were six scenes in the video. The next to last one was of a black guy and a very small white girl. He was huge. I bet he was ten inches and thick. First, she was trying to suck him off. She worked hard to squeeze his cockhead in her mouth and jacked his shaft with both hands. Then he got between her legs and shoved himself balls deep in her and screwed her for at least ten minutes. Her first scream was from pain and the later ones were from pleasure. By the end of the scene I was soaking wet between my legs and had chills.

When the DVD ended, Frank grabbed me and took me to our bed where he fucked me with his six inches for a couple minutes till he shot off. It felt nice but thinking about all of the big cocks in the video was what caused me to have a good orgasm.

The next day while Frank was at work I watched the DVD again. I watched the scene with the black stud three times and brought myself to two orgasms with my fingers. The girl acted like she was in heaven as she had one orgasm after another. She thrust her hips up to him to get as much BBC in her as she could. She grabbed the sheets and rolled her head from side to side while telling him things like, “Fuck my cunt with that black monster. Fuck me hard. I feel it all the way up in my womb. Yessss!” I could hardly believe how she reacted when he came in her. Then she quickly turned and sucked his cum covered cock as the last of his seed filled her mouth. I thought to myself, “Someday I want to be fucked by a big cock and I want the guy to be as black as a lump of coal, but I doubt that it will ever happen.”

I guess I should tell you about myself. My name is Sarah, I’m 5’ 2” and weigh 105 pounds. I have natural shoulder length red hair, very fair skin with a lot of freckles and small but firm tits. Yes, I’m Irish.

Months went by and I had almost forgotten that night and the next day when one day I heard two of my friends talking. Sue was telling Donna about the black guy with the big cock that she had fucked and what a turn-on it had been. Donna seemed really upset that Sue had been fucked by a black guy. I listened and from what I heard, the guy was the handyman from our school. I remembered him from when I was still in school. He was over six feet tall and slim. He was around forty and a pleasant person as he worked around the school.

One day I was going into a store and there he was. School was out because the teachers were away at a training session. He smiled and held the door open for me. I looked at him and smiled. I was going to go for it. “Thanks. I remember you. You were the handyman at the school. I graduated a year ago. I never knew your name. Mine is Sarah.”

“I’m Jarome. I remember you too. I always thought you were cute.”

“Can we go to the café next door and have a cup of coffee?” I asked him.

“I would enjoy that, Sarah.” We walked next door and sat at an outside table. We each ordered black coffee. The waiter gave us a disgusted look. We made small talk and then I asked him, “Do you know my friend Sue. I think she mentioned you.” Jarome looked away. “It’s OK. She said good things about you.”

Jarome looked at me with a small smile. “I have gotten to know several of the girls from the school over the years. I would enjoy getting to know you better if you think you would like that.”

“I think I would.”

Jerome took a pen and paper from his pocket. “This is my address. School is closed again tomorrow. If you would like to come over and visit, why not come about one.”

“I would like that. I’ll be there.”

I spent that morning getting ready. I took a long bath and put on more perfume than I really needed to. I went thru my closet and tried on several outfits. I ended up with one of my husband’s favorites. It was a short, tight fitting black skirt and a bright yellow top that buttoned down the front and no bra or panties. I matched the skirt with two inch black heels. I applied some lipstick but no other makeup.

I almost chickened out but right to the minute, at one, I rang the doorbell and Jarome opened the door. I noticed that my nipples were as hard as rocks with bumps clearly showing thru my thin blouse. I stood there, frozen. Jarome was dressed in a long bathrobe. He took my hand and gently pulled me into his place. “Can I offer you some coffee or would you rather have a beer?”

“I think I’ll take that beer. I’m kind of nervous right now. Maybe that will relax me.”

“Don’t be, I won’t bite. Well maybe I will, just a little. Bottle or glass?”


Jarome went into the kitchen and came back with two beers. I was sitting on the couch. As he stood in front of me, holding the beer out, his robe parted a little and I got a look at the big black snake that hung half way to his knees. OMG, it was bigger soft than my husband’s was when it was hard. I took the beer and Jarome sat next to me. “Drink up.”

Before my drink was half gone, his hand was on my bare thigh, working its way up under my skirt. He leaned over and kissed me. I relaxed and returned his kiss. As we were kissing he was unbuttoning my blouse. Soon he was pushing it over my shoulders. He bent down and sucked my right nipple, sending a chill all thru my body. Then he gave it a little nip with his teeth. “I told you I might bite just a little.”

Jarome stood back up. He reached out and took hold of my skirt. “Lift your ass up.” I did and he pulled my skirt down and off. I was naked except for my shoes. I kicked them off and they went flying across the room. His hands reached the tie around his robe and with a shrug of his shoulders; his robe fell to the floor. He stepped closer to me. His cock was right in front of my face. I watched it as it started to grow and harden. “Do you like black cocks, Honey?”

“It’s my first one except in a video but I think I will, if I can get it in me. Do you think it will fit? I’m really small.”

“I’m sure it will, Sarah. I also bet you will be nice and tight.” With that, he put one of his large hands behind my head and pulled me to his crotch. “Open your mouth.”

I did and he pulled me forward and his cockhead worked its way into my mouth. He quickly hardened to his full size. My lips were stretched wide to accommodate his size. “Put your hand around my shaft and stroke it while you suck hard.”

After I had blown him for a minute, he pulled out and backed away a little bit. Then I could see the full size of his black monster. It was as big and impressive as the one in the video. He took my hand and pulled me up off the couch. Holding my hand he led me to his room and bed. I followed obediently.

When we were next to his bed, he picked me up like I weighed nothing, and gentle tossed me on his bed, on my back. He climbed on and used his hands to spread my legs wide. His face promptly pressed against my mound and he started licking me from clit to asshole and back again. “We need to get you nice and wet and ready.” My pussy did not take long to produce plenty of lubrication. As soon as Jarome felt that I was open and wet enough, he rolled me over and lifted my ass. Then he moved up and I felt his cock touch my mound from the back.

“When my big black cock gets done with you. Your husband will never be able to satisfy you again and you will come running back to old Jarome every chance you get.” He leaned forward and crammed three inches into my fuck hole. It hurt as he entered me. I tried to pull away but there was nowhere to go. He pushed again and now six inches were in me. I gritted my teeth. That was as deep as my husband had ever been and his was the biggest cock I ever had before now. He started stroking in and out. Another inch and he was hitting my cervix. That was painful again. After pounding against it a few times, it opened and let his mass into my womb. He started fucking me harder. I could feel his large ball sack slapping against my mound. Every last fraction of an inch of him was now buried inside me. The pain was quickly replaced by total pleasure.

I heard Jarome grunting as he pounded his pleasure stick into me. I started pushing back to match his thrusts. I came as hard as I ever had but he kept plunging in and out of me. A couple minutes later I came again as he kept going. Still a couple minutes more and I felt his cock grow even a little larger, just before he spilled a large load of his black man’s seed into my womb. As he filled me, I thought I was going to pass out. I lay there limp but Jarome was not done.

He rolled me over and put my legs over his shoulders. Even after climaxing, he was still big enough and hard enough to slip back into my open and wet cunt. He slowly stroked in and out till he started to harden again. Then he picked up speed and power. He took my hand and put it between my legs. “Rub yourself while I fuck you.” I did as he instructed. Just then I would have done anything he told me to.

I had a string of orgasms that could have been one very long one. It must have been another ten minutes before he was ready to come again. He pulled out and moved his schlong to my face. “Suck it.”
I put the slime coated head back in my mouth and he rapidly stroked his shaft till he shot a big load in my mouth, There was so much and it had such force that I coughed and gagged and cum shot out of my nose. He held me there till I swallowed. He got up and went to the kitchen, coming back with two more beers and my clothes. I was still almost asleep on his bed. I sat up and took the beer. “Here is my cell phone number. If you want to come back for more I will be happy to give you all that you want.”

I could hardly talk but I managed to say, “I will.” I put his number in my purse. I knew I would be back.

That night when we went to bed, Frank was in the mood for sex but I told him that I did not feel well and that we could do it the next night. He lovingly kissed my forehead and said OK, rolled over and went to sleep. I thought I would still be stretched too open to do anything with him. I didn’t get much sleep. I was too busy remembering what had happened to me that afternoon and thinking about how soon it would be OK for me to go back and spend more time with Jarome. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my husband.

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