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Revenge can be sweet… I guess (Part3)

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I never knew what pain and humiliation was until Stephanie and my husband began to punish me for having an affair with her husband.

Tied to the table while my husband was upstairs looking for a razor for Stephanie to shave the triangle that grew above my pussy, she stood next to me, gently rubbing my outer cunt lips with the back of her hand , which was different from the flat hand slapping of my honey box she had done a minute before.
With her left hand she gently opened my outer lips and touched my clitoris with her finger, she started rubbing the top of it gently round and round with the tip of her finger, and I let out a deep sob which came from deep down in my belly from the crying I had done outside,followed by an aaagghhhh and my whole body shook. .
Stephanie giggled ,” you like this don’t you whore” she said softly, “I don’t think you have ever had sex with a woman have you” ? I tried to speak but nothing came out but a horsey sound which was supposed to be a “no ” and then I screamed out loud as she flicked my clit so hard with the back of her finger . ” Whore this is the last time I am going to tell you ,when I asked you a question, you answer do you understand.” ” Yes ” I said loudly and then started to cry as she flicked my clitoris again, lent forward looked into my crying eyes and hissed ” Yes Mistress Stephanie is the way you answer any of my questions, have you forgotten already ? ” “No Mistress Stephanie “I said through my sobs, “I am sorry , please don’t hurt me again, please don’t ” I said crying like a baby.
She stood over me her face just inches from mine. ” Poor Becky” she said softly, ” you hurt me by going behind my back with my husband, you made a fool out of me, you were enjoying fun in the bar with me,even having dinner at my house, and all the time you were fucking my husband, so you see Becky my darling, I have to get my revenge ,just so I can live with myself” and she lent forward and kissed me on the mouth, and I felt a rush of excitement go through my body even though I was in such pain and still crying big tears, mostly now of the shame, regretting the awful thing I had done in having sex with Ray.
.She stood up and said ” Me and your husband had a chat a few weeks ago and we decided to punish you for all the pain you have caused us,then when you go home Monday night you will have the choice of staying with your husband or leaving, he told me he wants to keep your whoring ass around because he loves you, so you will have to make that decision”.
She said “My husband will be out on the street Tuesday morning , it’s my house, left to me in a g
Generational Trust Fund by my Grandfather, and it’s my money from the same trust that keeps his lazzy ass in the clothes he wears and even the car he drives is mine, his 12 bucks an hour job might let him get a room in the local YMCA, but as far as I am concerned he can sleep in a cardboard box on the street corner Tuesday night,” and she started laughing.
I saw David come and stand next to Stephanie, he had a small bag in his hand,” I could not find any rusty razors” he said laughing, ” but I was thinking, a nice dry shave with no water, soap or shaving cream probably would be fun ” he said putting the bag on my belly, and they were both laughing.
Stephanie walked the couple of steps to stand by my pelvis, she grabbed some of my pubic hair, and pulled it causing me to yell out in pain.”Give me the razor she said and David pulled a fucking 50 cent Bic razor out of the bag, and waved it in front of my face, before giving it to Stephanie.
I felt her put it on my pubic hair and she slowly ,very slowly started dragging it down towards my pussy lips. The pain was excruciating, I screamed and tried to kick and punch the air with my fists, she was pulling my cunt hair out by the roots, my head was going from side to side as I screamed the scream of a Banshee. She stop and held the razor up close to my face, I could see the black pussy hair stuck between the two blades and her and David were laughing .
I begged Stephanie not do it like that again, and she said OK, no problem, and she handed the razor to David and said “your turn. ”
I started begging David not to do it, I was crying out to him ” David ,I am sorry I love you ,i love you please,please don’t shave me”. He stood and smiled at me, “so you still love me” he said softly ? “Of course I do” I said ” I have always loved you, I was stupid, just fucking stupid to do what I did, I swear on my Mothers life I will never never never do anything to hurt you again.” “Well thank you darling” he said,” thats nice to know, I wonder if you will still love me after I have done this”, and he put the razor on my belly and started dragging it through my cunt hair.
I could hear my screams echoing around the room, but everytime I stopped to take a breath of air I could hear them laughing, but there laughs were soon drowned out by my screams as he dragged the razor down my pubes again.
Laying on the table sobbing with my eyes shut tight, I could feel warm water being put on the remaining pussy hair, and even though the razor still hurt as it was dragged across my cunt hair, the pain was nothing compared with the agony I had just experienced.
I had my eyes closed and big sobs were coming from deep down in my chest I felt David and Stephanie undoing the ropes that held my ankles and wrists to the table, and then they each took one of my arms and slowly started sitting me up.
I was wailing ” no no no, my back hurts, my legs hurt ,my arms hurt, my head hurts , I hurt all over’ and they were laughing at me. I looked down through the tears at my bald pussy, I looked like a hairless school girl. ” Roll over” said Stephanie “onto you belly,” and it was at that second I just gave up and slowly eased myself onto my belly, laying there face down felt nice, no more pressure on my back.
I could feel her hands opening my butt cheeks and she was pulling at a few peach fuzz hairs I had there . “Now little MIss Becky are you going to be a good girl,or do we need to tie you up again asked Stephie. ” No No ” I said quickly, ” I will be a good girl “], and I felt the full weight of her hand across my butt cheek as she slapped my butt making me cry out in pain.
“Fuck your stupid” she said , “don’t you ever learn, “, and I quickly added ” Yes Mistress Stephanie I will be good little girl,” and she slapped me lightly on the other butt cheek, and laughed, saying “good your learning,all be it in a slow and painful way”
I could feel David holding my butt cheeks apart as Stephany shaved my peach fuzz, and then I felt the tip of her finger pressing lightly against my puckered starfish. I laid still and she was saying to David something about what a tight butt hole I had , and how much fun he was going to have breaking me in back there and she slapped my butt again and said ” get up, were going to sit in the sun around the pool, come on move your ass,lets go”.
I got up slowly on my hands and knees,kind of turned over and sat on the edge of the table about to get down, when David said “wait, sit there”, and he went out of the room, and came back with a short length of chain. “I found this in the shed “he said smiling, “give me her ankle cuffs please Stephie” he said, and he put the ankle cuff through a link in the chain before locking the cuff on my leg. Once he had done the second one in the same way, he helped me slide off the table onto the floor, and holding my arms he started walking me towards the back door.
It felt horrible, I could only move half a step at a time without feeling I was going to fall over, and he looked at me and taunted me by saying “it’s going to be a nice long weekend were going to have here, don’t want you running away ” and all I could do was meekly say yes Sir , as he led me towards the pool in the back garden.

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