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Taking Matters into My Own Hands 02

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The warehouse manager gives in to temptation

I felt my cock stiffen inside my pants as these thoughts crossed my mind.

I stood up and moved towards Lyana’s unconscious body.

I stroked my fingers on her soft, auburn hair. I stared at her face. Holy shit. She is so beautiful.

My fingers left her hair and found her neck. I gently stroked my fingers on her neck. Fuck. It’s so smooth.

I stepped away and took my chair and placed it beside her. I caressed her neck passionately.

My fingers moved lower and found the top button of her shirt. My heart was pounding so hard against my chest.

My erection feels like it’s piercing my pants as I unbutton her shirt.

One button down. My hands moved lower, grasping the lower buttons and unbuttoning each of them slowly.

After I opened four buttons from her shirt, I can already see her white bra. My cock hardened and I can tell my crotch is already wet with pre-cum the moment my eyes were blessed with the sight of Lyana’s bra-clad breasts.

Holy shit. Just the sight of her boobs underneath the cups of her bra took my breath away.

I proceeded to unbutton her shirt completely and free her body from the garment’s protection.

“Wow!” I rubbed my erection over my pants as I stared at Lyana’s half-naked body. My heart is beating faster as lust overcame my mind. My eyes feasted on the sight of her body drooping on the chair with her head lolled back, with her bra the only thing obscuring her boobs from my malicious gaze.

“Oh, Lyana. You are so fucking hot”

I spent about 5 minutes just staring at her bra-clad breasts rise and fall with her breathing.

I finally snapped out and placed my hands under her knees and against her back. My right arm brushed against the strap of her bra as I cradle carried Lyana’s unconscious body.

“Holy shit!” Arousal filled my body as I picked her limp body up with her head lolled back. I stared at her vulnerable neck, and my eyes moved to her chest.

I just stood, carrying Lyana’s limp body on my arms. I savored the sight of her breasts being pushed forward as I cradle carried her body. Her boobs looked like they are gonna burst out of her bra.

My arms are getting tired so I gently placed her body on my desk.

I laid her on her back with her neck just lying against the side of the desk, making her head loll toward the floor, and once again her smooth, white neck is exposed.

I placed my hand on her flat stomach and gently rubbed it. My hand moved up, my fingers touching the cups of her bra.

As much as I want to free her breasts, I decided to do it later and moved my attention lower.

I removed her shoes from her feet. Then my fingers found themselves on her belt and I began removing it.

My fingers started unbuttoning her pants, “You are so hot, Lyana.” I kept mumbling as I finished unbuttoning her pants. I started to pull her zipper down slowly.

And just like that, her white panties are visible to me.

“This is it!” I exclaimed as I grabbed the waistband of her pants and pulled them off her legs.

I threw her pants away and stepped back to admire Lyana’s semi-nakedness.

“Holy shit! Oh, Lyana.” I said as I gazed upon her limp body on my desk.

Who would have thought that Lyana Taylor, the most beautiful reporter of the city, would be lying unconscious on my desk – just in her bra and panties?

I approached the desk once again and laid my hands on Lyana’s thighs.

“Ohhhh, fuuck!” I cannot help but moan in satisfaction as my palms felt the smoothness of her thighs.

I started running my hands up and down Lyana’s smooth thighs, “mhhmm.” And kept moaning.

If someone were in the room the noise they’ll only be able to hear are the sound of my heavy breathing and the sound of my hands sliding up and down Lyana’s smooth thighs.

I spent the next 15 minutes just caressing her thighs, sliding my hands up and down until I just slid my hands higher, and higher, until my fingers touched her crotch over her underwear.

I started rubbing my fingers on her mound, feeling the contour of her mound over the fabric of her panties.

I kept rubbing her crotch over her underwear until I felt the opening of her most sensitive flesh.

“Damn, girl. You’re shaved!”

I kept rubbing her pussy mound and then I slid my hands up her body.

My palms felt her flat stomach. Higher. Higher. Until my fingers once again touched the cups of her bra. Higher. My fingers slid up until they snaked underneath the cups of her bra and touched the underside of her breasts. Higher.

I felt my heart beating hard against my chest as my hands finally reached Lyana’s boobs.

I immediately grabbed her boobs, “Damn, Lyana. These are so soft. So round.” And started fondling.

My hands fondled and squeezed Lyana’s breasts. I pulled my hands out of her bra and grasped the clasps of her bra between the cups.

I unclipped her bra and just like that, Lyana’s perfectly round breasts were revealed to my hungry eyes.

“Oh my god, they are so perfectly round!”, I exclaimed at the sight of her majestic breasts, and like a starved wolf, I immediately devoured the flesh that was in front of me.

I grabbed both of Lyana’s breasts and pressed them together. I placed my face on her boobs and sucked her breasts passionately.

I buried my face between her round breasts for ten minutes. I sucked her nipples, switching boobs every minute.

I finally pulled my face out of her breasts and once again laid my hands on Lyana’s smooth thighs.

I slid my hands up and down, up and down. Then I decided to slide higher until my fingers grasped the waistband of her panties.

“Time to unwrap my present.” I slid her underwear down her legs slowly.

“Ohhh damn!” Her pussy is perfectly shaved. I spent the next moments kissing and sucking her mound.

I wanted to take things further, but I wanted to save the best for last. I decided to fuck Lyana on my own bed, at my own house. Not here in the warehouse.

Out of the blue, an idea struck my mind. I want to tie Lyana on the chair, just in her underwear and bra, and play games with her.

“My, my, that will be fun.”

I kissed Lyana’s pussy and stroked her mound. Then I picked her underwear up and slid them back up her legs.

I fondled her breasts again, sucked each of her breasts, and re-clipped the front clasp of her bra.

I once again cradle-carried Lyana’s limp body ln my arms and placed her on the chair again.

I moved to my desk and took the zip ties in my drawer.

I pulled my handkerchief from my pocket and tied it to Lyana’s mouth. Then I tied her wrists together on her back.

I took my back pillow from my chair and placed it against Lyana’s back to arch her body forward.

I grabbed her thighs and spread them apart.

Temptation filled my mind and overcame me, so again I caressed her thighs and stroked her mound over her panties.

I slapped my face gently, “Focus, George. Focus!” and continued my task.

I tied her ankles and the area of her legs just below the knee to the foot of the chair to spread her thighs apart.


“Oh, wow. You are so hot, Lyana.” I stared in amazement at the piece of art in front of me.

I took my phone from my pockets and started taking pictures of Lyana’s semi-naked bound body.

“Very nice.” I kept mumbling as I took photos of her in different angles, and close up shots of her breasts, thighs, and mound.

I poured myself another glass of whiskey and spent the next few minutes admiring Lyana’s limp body tied on the chair. Her head lolled back, her neck exposed. Her hands are tied behind her. Her back is arched, making her chest push forward. Her legs tied to the foot of the chair, spreading her thighs spread apart.

I emptied my drink and approached Lyana’s tied-up, unconscious body.

I ran my hands on her hair and moved lower. My hands found her neck. I slid lower and snaked my hands underneath the cups of her bra and gave her breasts a gentle squeeze.

I moved lower and my fingers snaked through her underwear and I stroked her smooth mound.

I pulled my hands out of her panties. Okay, that’s enough. Time to wake Lyana up.

——– to be continued ——–

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