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Pay back part 1

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My sister ruin my life is time I’m ruin her. Part 1 how all started and part 2 payback

My name is Roy but my friends call me Bigboy. Because I look like Wwe Mark Henry. I’m black 367 pound with a beard. I was them 36 year old with a beautiful thing Chinese girl she was 17 with 3 girls and two boys. I adopted her when she was 11. I have to paid my 25 old sister to act my wife to adopted her but my 20 old sister Maribel didn’t agree. But Jenny my first sister she did help me. When I adopted her she was 11. She was living with me alone in my house. I told her if she wanted a good life and not going back to adoption she has to do everything I told her to do. One time she came back from school o told her to remove all her clothes. I laying down in my bed start finger her pussy and she starting moaning. I started bitting her nipples and lick it and she moan more. I put my large tongue and lick and eat her tiny pussy. Suddenly she cum and squirt my face. It was so tasty. She got scare saying I’m sorry I pee on you. I told her sweet heart don’t worry you did good. I licked her all her body from top to bottom and her small butt and back. My salivas all over her. I took my 11 inch out tell her to jerk it and lick it. She said Daddy what is that. Is your toy sweetheart play with it. She touched and jerk it with her small hand and lick it o couldn’t hold it I told open her mouth and huge load her face and mouth. I told her to swallowed and she did. I told her not to tell this to adoption people they will take me to jail and take you away from me and go back to adoption. She say she won’t tell. I being doing that to her for long time. When she turn 12. She got her period. My sister explain everything to her and not worry be about it. One day I was waiting for her come from school. I have the paper boy with me he 16 and black. She came in I told her we got guest and I ask her what we do to our male guest. She remove her uniform and got naked. The paper boy was already removing his pant. I told let make a deal. I want her get pregnant by me I let you blew her cherry but I’m the one who going cum inside her and when she get pregnant you tell the doctors is your baby and the adoption center too he agree.
I told her remember you ask me where baby come from. She say yes. We going show you. The paper boy start sucking her pussy as I start playing and licking her small tits. She was moaning so loud. ” Ooooooooooooh yeesssssss. I frech kiss her my tongue all over her mouth. Then I gave her a hickey on her small tits. Then paper boy start kissing her too as I start eating her pussy be too. Then the paper boy took his 7 inch force her to her mouth. Whoa she was sucking him good like the movie I show her. Then he start fucking her mouth. She can’t put mine in there it was to big for her but his it was perfect. He told her now I’m going take your cherry. The paper boy wasn’t virgin because he fuck other like 10 mom’s including his mom and 6 twenties old girls for that person not to pay for the paper.. He let 6 moms pregnanted and 4 twenties age girls pregnants and the 14 old. He then put his 9 inch in her pussy be starting fucking her harder and harder she start screaming OOOOuchhhh it hurt take out. I told sweetie he can’t now just take it you going liked. In a minute she stated love it. She started screaming Ooooooooooooh doooont stoooop. He start fucking her harder and harder calling her a slut. He got condom on. In minutes he cum.and he fell asleep. Now my turn sweetie I put mine 11 inch inside her and start fucking her she screaming
OOOOOOOOOOOOH Fuuuuuuck it huge daddyu I cannot take it but I keeping fucking more harder and she start a organism. Oooooooooooooooh daaaaaaady I’m cumming oooooooh . I was sweating and told cum for dadddy. She cumm and couple minute I cum inside her. We took her to the tub and pee all over her. Tell take a shower hoe. In couple of weeks the school call me the my daughter is sick and a boy admit he probably pregnanted her. But it wasn’t him it was me. My sister took her to the doctor and she was pregnanted In 9 months she got a baby girl. Because she got a baby adoption center make me sign a paper that she is my daughter now and no more adoption visiting. A soon we got home we put the baby to sleep went to our room and fuck again. I bend her doggy style and fuck her harder and cum inside her again. In another 9 month she have another baby girl. Tamina my first daughter turn 1 and the same day we got our second baby Cheng at age 13 she already have two babies. My sister baby sit my kids while I work and she go to school. I pick her from school I park in a abandoned parking of abandoned supermarket in the back where my sister Maribel was waiting with her white muscular bald husband he paid me 2000 thousand dollar to fuck my girl and I fuck my sister. My girl didn’t want have sex with him I’m put her in hand cuffs and let him rape her. I was watching with my sister no one come. The car was shaking hard. All I hear is him screaming at her TAKE THAT BITCH FOR YOUR PEOPlE KILLING MY PEOPLE. I put a camera inside the car and see what happening the window was to fog. I see that he was fucking her hard she was crying and force swallowed his spit and then car stop shaking he cum inside her. He came sweaty out of the car put his pant out and told me a deal is a deal here the money but my sister didn’t know I was going fuck her too. The guy slap my sister like 4 times strip her out her clothes push her inside his truck and told me have fun with your sister. I force her a nice french kiss start playing with her big tits. She couldn’t fight me I was to big for her. I force her to suck me fuck that was a greatest blowjob ever I fuck for a hour inside the truck and cum inside her. My sister husband went back to my car and fuck my girl again. When I went to my car she was out and cum on her face. In 9 month she got a baby boy my brother in-law is the dad and my sister got a baby girl Im the father. My sister Maribel was very upset for having my baby. My girl was mad I let that guy fuck her and have his baby. At age 14 already with 3 kids. Tamina 2 year old Cheng a year old and Tobby Jr name by his real father my brother in-law. At age 15 my girl have another boy we call him David. Age 16 another baby a girl we call her my sister name Jenny. At age 17 we got married I have a nice families but my sister told the police what I did to her and my wife. I was arrested for 25 year in prison. My wife left me and when with my brothers in-law and he divorce my sister and married my wife. In 25 year in prison I find out that my ex brother in law have 3 more childrens with her and then sold her to a trucker. He kept my childrens.Tamina already 20 have 6 children with him. He start fucking her at age 14 and my other daughter Cheng she 19 now have 4 children with him and my youngest 14 have 2 with him. All 3 have one on the way with him and all 3 is married with him. My two son he send them to a military school. My sister going pay. My sister have my baby she now 17. Have a 14 year old and a 12 old girl and one boy . I did my 25 now she going pay. I call my sister Jenny to pick me up from prison. We went to her house and I ask her where our sister Maribel live. She told me fuck me first and then I told you. We fuck for hours. ( Part 2 is Pay back)

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  • Reply Bruh Nick ID:5xrlmj9d2

    Damn, da fuck, but nice story, i have 6 kids with all different moms, and im only 17

  • Reply Jenn ID:fx7itbeqj

    Nice I wish you can punish me

    • John ID:5te7dr520d

      I have. My real life story

    • Vlad ID:2kye84kghi

      If you can take my 11 inch, I will punish you really good. How old are you?

    • Vlad ID:2kye84kghi

      How old?