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My first experience with my cousin

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So we were at my grandmas house for 2 nights. The first day my grandma had to go into town for 8 hours to go to work. She left at 10am we were stood at the front door waving at her saying good bye. 30 minutes passed we were watching youtube on our phones until I turned around and said I heard your were into wrestling I was wondering if you’d like to go upstairs and wrestle on our grandmas bed and then I can see how good you are. She replied I bet I am better than you although I was 13 she thought she could beat me. We went upstairs and on the bed she took of jumper so I took of my jumper. She was wearing tight almost see through leggings and a crop top wow she looked sexy that day. After 10 minutes of wrestling we got into a position where her ass was in my face and my dick was near her face. So I decided to put my nose up to her ass and sniff her sweaty ass. She was on the bottom of me so I kept her down on the bed so she could not move I continued to sniff her ass for 3 minutes then pulled her leggings down and discovered that she already wears thongs so I pulled them to the side and started the eat her sweaty little ass. She screamed and moaned loudly so continued. After a few minutes I told her she could get up as long as she stays in the room so I let her Her get up and I asked her if she liked it she loved it. I told her to take of her cloths if she wants more and she did. I told her to get down on all 4s and bend over and I told her to get ready I put it in her pussy and she moaned the loudest she ever had I pounded her and she told me to keep going although she was tight as fuck I cummed in her and she asked what it was on her lips of her pussy I told her it’s special liquid that makes you nice and warm inside. I later told her to get downstairs fully naked and go into the garden and go onto the dubs in the garden I came downstairs to see if she done what I told her and she had. I came over to her fully naked and told her to roll over in the dubs so she did she also needed to shit so I told her to shit in her hands and put in on her chest and face. I spat I her and pissed on her and slapped her hard she loved the rough play. I. Told her to get inside on the living room floor since we had 6 hours until our grandma comes home. She layed on the laminate flooring in the living room with her shit, mud and my piss on her I told her to open your legs so I could lick the shit out of her pussy and legs before you knew it I was licking her pussy I told her to get cleaned up and I will clean the floor it took 30 minutes to get cleaned up. I asked her if she was tired of it yet and she said no so it was lunch time so I had to make her lunch so I cummed and put it in a cup with my spit and gave her that as a drink she loved it she said she was full after that. When my grandma left she gave us 2 rules it was not to leave the House and not to go into her walk in wardrobe so we decided to go in the walk in wardrobe we found her sexy suits and her sex toys I thought it would be a great idea if I went to the cloths shop next to the house and get her thigh high and a short skirt. I came back as quick as possible I told her to put them on but don’t put panties on with her crop top. She came downstairs and I told her to let me see what it looks like when you show your ass and it was amazing so we went upstairs and put one of my grandmas but plugs in her ass and off we went to the park filled with teenaged boys so I told her to go over there with my cum on your face and talk to the boys in a sexy tone and flash at them so she did and the boys ran over to her and walked with her down the ally way and they all had a shot filling her up soon we had to go back home to do one more thing. I cummed in her mouth and we kissed and spat into each others mouths we were kissing passionately for 10 minutes then she put her pussy every where and all the forks, knives and spoons had her pissy juice on it

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    Welp the shotgun looks better then this

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    This was rubbish

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    what kind of stupid shit full story was this??

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      Probably written by someone who has -100 IQ

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