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Making babies part 2

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The first few days pretty much went the same after i first fucked my 13year old little sister Maddie. During the day we would pretend like nothing happened and at night i would sneak into her room and fuck her young pussy and fill her with cum.

One day Maddie and Katie were out playing in the fields like they always do during the day. The house was quiet. Mom was in her room doing who knows what and i was sitting in my room bored. When I’m bored I usually pass the time bu jerking off. However, this time i decided not to knowing I was gonna fuck a tight 13year old pussy later that night.

So i got up from my room and decided to go get a snack from the kitchen. On my way to the kitchen i passed by mom’s room and something caught my eye. Her bedroom door was slightly open and she was on her bed naked.

I got closer to take a look and the sight of her naked body was so unreal. My mom was on the bed naked, legs spread apart and she was fingering her hairy pussy and moaning softly.

Immediately i was super hard and my dick stood up to full length. I watched my mom play with her tits and finger her pussy for a few moments before i got the bright idea of taking pictures. I slowly opend her bedroom door wider and got inside, with her eyes shut she didn’t notice me. I took out my phone and snapped a picture.

To my worst nightmares the flash on the camera went on and the sound too. So my mom heard the camera sound and noticed the flash. And she got up to see me standing there with a phone camera in my hand. I was scared to getting caught I didn’t know what to do, so i just stood there.

She got up from the bed and asked me what i was doing. I was so embarrassed i couldn’t say anything, i just stood there and awaited my punishment. I just stood there a she was yelling at me. However she was still naked in front of me, and she was scolding me, her huge tits were bouncing around.

All i was fixated on was mom’s huge tits and hairy pussy. In a few moments i went from embarrassed to super horny. My 11″ dick was hard in my shorts, it made a big tent. Mom suddenly became quite when she saw me take off my shirt and shorts. I was now completely naked infront of her with my steel hard cock pointing at her.

She suddenly became quiet and asked me what i was doing. I didn’t say anything i walked towards her and pulled her closer to me and kissed her deeply. She tried to push me back but it was no use.

After a few moments of making out and her trying to resist i pushed her on the bed. She lay there on the bed, and asked what the hell i think i was doing. I simply told her that i was going to fuck her whether she liked or not, so i suggest you stay calm. She tried to get up from the bed but i pinned her down by her shoulders and i started sucking her tits.

She began moaning softly while she tried to resist saying no. All i could hear was her moaning the words “no” in the most erotic way possible . I got up from sucking her tits and looked her straight in the eyes and told her she was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

She said please stop I’m your mother you can’t do this. I said it’s because you’re my mother that i want to fuck you so bad, so please let me just fuck you. I then told her you can just let me fuck you nicely or you can resist and I’ll just fuck you by force .

She then tried to escape from me but i just pinned her down and she was trying to force her way out, but she was powerless under me. I just looked at her and said, i guess I’ll just have to fuck you by force then. I couldn’t wait anymore so i positioned my cock in frony of her pussy entrance and slowly pushed it in. She started crying and telling me to stop. But i told her there was no way i could stop now, i had to finish.

I started pounding her hard and fast. And she started moaning louder and louder. She still resisted moaning the words no. For about fifteen minutes straight i fucked my mom’s tight wet pussy and she came twice. I felt cum building up in my balls and after a few hard thrusts i let loose inside my mom’s vagina filling her with my baby making juices. Then i collapsed on top of her.

We were both exhausted and we both took a little nap. When i woke up my dick was still in her pussy and i became hard instantly. When she felt my hard dick in her pussy mom woke up from her nap. This time she didn’t fight me.

So i pulled my dick out lf her pussy, and put it in her mouth and told her to suck it. She didn’t say anything and took my cum covered dick in her mouth and started sucking. A few minutes i let loose in her mouth and she swallowed all of it.

The i left to take a shower and told her from now on she should always be ready for me.

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    Make part 3

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    You make any babies with sisters or mom

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    Mom I like to fuck