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Making Daddy Feel Good – Part 2

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Kylie and Kassie give daddy their first blowjob.

Read the previous part if you haven’t already, will make a lot more sense.

The girls and I dried up quickly and I watched them run into the bedroom and jump onto my bed. Seeing my completely naked 10 year olds sitting there waiting for me to join them turned me on beyond belief. In my head I was debating whether I wanted to fuck them straight away or take things a little slowly. As much as I wanted otherwise, I decided that I’d take things slowly and take it one step at a time, after all these are my daughters and I didn’t want to rush into anything.

While Kylie and Kassie sat eagerly waiting for me, I set up a porn playlist on the bedroom tv, mainly things consisting of threesomes and daddy/daughter scenes. I joined the girls on the bed sitting them down one on each side of me.

“Daddy, do we need to make you feel good again to make it go small?” asked Kassie as I settled in.
“Yes baby,” I answered as both girls almost instantly placed their hands on my cock. “This time I want you guys do try something a little different, something that’ll make daddy feel even better.”

“What’s that daddy?” asked Kassie.
“This time you’re gonna do something called a blowjob,” I explained. “It’s like what you did before with your hands but this time you’re also going to use your mouth, ok?”
They both still looked quite clueless and so I played the first video and let them watch. Neither spoke and they both watched quite intently as the man and woman begun their foreplay.

“Now just like that, I want you two to do that to daddy’s penis ok?” I said. “Just like before but this time using your mouths, and remember, no biting, just licking and sucking, kind of like a lollipop.”
Both Kylie and Kassie readjusted themselves and brought their faces onto my hard on.
“Will it taste bad like before daddy?” questioned Kylie as she began touching my shaft.
“No darling, daddy’s penis… doesn’t really have a taste,” I explained.

Not wanting to be beaten, Kassie went for it first, placing her soft, young lips on my shaft. My cock twitched and I felt the tingles run up my leg and I threw my head back feeling my daughters lips gently rubbing against my cock.
“Oh yes baby, just like that, that makes daddy feel so good,” I moaned.
Kylie, not wanting to be left behind joined in from the top, placing her mouth over my tip and taking it into her small mouth just like how the woman on screen had been doing it.

I closed my eyes and just took in the full sensations of this double blowjob, something I had never experienced and to think that I was finally getting it from my two 10 year old girls was just unreal. The girls didn’t talk, they both worked my shaft, occasionally looking to the tv to see what the woman was doing. They copied her efforts, spitting on my cock and getting it slick and even 1 or 2 deepthroat attempts where they gagged and soon gave up.

I was surprised how quickly they picked up on the different things, they were quick learners and before long both were stroking, licking, kissing, and sucking on me from both sides. If it hadn’t had been for the hand job in the tub, I would’ve surely exploded in a matter of minutes, if not seconds maybe. Having those preteen mouths work my dick like that felt heavenly.

I watched the pair work their side of my dick, their tongues gliding smoothly along my length. They both took turns sucking my tip, fitting as much as they comfortably could in their little mouths. I felt the sensation grow until eventually, my dick was screaming to release. I moaned and this time around the girls knew what was happening.

They didn’t stop and kept going and I felt my dick throb as it released another thick load. Most of it went all over my stomach once more but this time, little ropes managed to land on both their faces. Both Kassie and Kylie were just about to start scooping up my creamy mess, but I stopped them right on time.

“Girls, I want you to do something a little different, it’ll make daddy very happy.” I said. “Kylie, I want you to scoop some of my cum up and put it in your mouth, but don’t swallow it ok? Just keep it in your mouth.”

Kassie watched patiently as her sister scooped up a good portion of the mess on my stomach and lick it right off her finger. She winced as the cum hit her tastebuds.
“Good girl, now Kassie,” I said as I looked to her, “I want you to open your mouth up for Kylie so she can put my cum into yours.”

At this point I was expecting Kassie to be disgusted by what I just said but no, she did as she was asked and opened her mouth wide for Kylie. I looked to Kylie. “Baby, now carefully spit my cum into your sister mouth, just little by little, ok?”

I watched Kylie lean over, bringing her head over Kassie’s face and then pucker her lips. What happened next is something I’ll never forget. I watched my cum drool out of Kylie’s mouth and into Kassie’s. Kassie also winced as she tasted the saltiness of my cum mixed with her sisters drool. No sooner had Kylie emptied my load into Kassie’s mouth she wanted to try it too.

“My turn, my turn!” she squealed. Kylie placed her mouth under Kassie’s now and Kassie puckered and began drooling cum into her sister’s mouth. I hadn’t even said anything and now I was watching my girls swapping my cum between their mouths. They laughed and giggled as they shared my load, which had become a thick mix of spit and cum by this point.

It didn’t matter that I had already cum twice, my dick was rock hard again watching this happen. Eventually the girls swallowed the load and cleaned the remaining ropes from my stomach. I brought them to my sides and kissed the pair like lovers would. Tasting the tanginess of my own cum off the mouths and tongues of my two 10 year olds.

I then watched the pair kiss each other as well, rather amateurishly but hot, nonetheless.
“Daddy it’s still big, are you not happy?” asked Kassie pointing to my still erect cock.
“Haha daddy is very happy,” I said smiling still trying to process what I had done with my two girls. “You guys did amazing today but daddy still has many things to teach you.”

We lay cuddled up on my bed as I gently groped their underdeveloped tits and dry humped both their cute, little butts, feeling their soft cheeks rubbing against my cock which didn’t seem to ever go down. It hurt but I could not care.

Part 3 coming soon…

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    Hopefully one of the thing you teach them is what it feels like to have daddy’s baby in their bellies

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