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The Twins #10: Decisions

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Erin is narrating:

We fell asleep on the couch after the movie. I was a little hung over from the drinks we had. We both fell asleep on Luke’s chest as we usually do after our get togethers.

Next morning my sister Emma was looking so hot. I never got into same sex stuff but she got me into it. I don’t think I would do it with anyone else. Em’ was just hot as all hell. Her beautiful legs were closed but I could see the top of her beautiful slit.

I spread her legs while she was asleep. She made noises as I spread her lips. There before me was her cute little dot. I wet my finger and touched it. She moaned, “Luke” and smiled.

“Nope! Wrong lover!” , I said and chuckled. I started flicking it with my tongue on her cute little clit. She jumped awake like a fish on a line.

“Erin what the fuck you woke me up!”, she bitched.

“Awwww tooooo baaaadd”, I said mockingly.

She pushed my head into her cunt and held it. I licked and sucked away fingering her. I did Luke’s move and thumbed her pussy and stuck my finger in her asshole rubbing the lining in between. “Aw fuck! Damn! Thought that was his thing!”, she said. “Shhhh mine now!”, I said.

After a couple minutes pushed down harder and clamped her legs around me as she came. “Ahhhh shit! Damn”, she exclaimed!

“Wow! Nice sis! What was that for?”, Emma asked. “What do I need a reason for pleasin’?”, I asked. “Maybe I just love eating out my sister?”

“Should we wake him?”, Emma asked. “Nah let him sleep. He has to work today. You off?”, I asked her. “7p-7a.”, she said. “Still doing the 12 hour shifts. Come on lets shower together. It will be fun!”, she said.

We got into the shower. I think we got more dirty than we did clean if you catch my drift. She grabbed the bar of soap and I used Luke’s body wash. We started lathering each other up.

I caressed her beautiful body as I lathered her. Her tits were so perfect. I had to suck them. I buried my head between them. Her body was that of a goddess. 000It made me want her more and more. She moaned as I lathered up her cute little shaved lips.

She grabbed the handheld shower head and pointed it at my pussy. She changed it to the “jet” setting so one single powerful stream came out. She aimed it at my clit. My eyes rolled back and I had to hold onto Em’s lovely body just to stand. The hot water from the shower head felt so good as it shot up against my clit.”

Em’ laughed, “You never did this in the shower? It is fun!” I do it all the time when I take a shower. “DAMN! I will now!”, I exclaimed. I sucked on her nipples. The shower door opened as Luke caught us. I climaxed and fell into Emma’s arms.

He laughed, “What is going on here?”

“Out!” I said. “Private party!”

He whined like a kid. “Aw come on Erin!”

“Out!”, I said.

He tried peeking through the door. There was a coffee tumbler he left in there and I filled it with water and dumped it over the top of the shower door.

LMAO he screamed “ahhh” like a bitch. “Dammit what the fuck!”, he exclaimed.

Emma and I just giggled like when we were little kids.

“Come on Luke. I want to talk with her about something in private please.”, I asked

He left all disappointed. Even though he gets laid almost every day. He gets privileges most men don’t get, like being able to do things to my sister. I let him fuck her on occasion. But he whines the one time we tell him no. SMH.

“So do you really think our stepmom Diane was sincere about what she said to Luke?”, I asked.

“Yes I honestly think she is okay with it. I think Dad is okay with it just to please her. But if you go and tell them you two are getting married, I am telling you, you better be ready to cut ties all together with Oklahoma. Because you’re going to catch a lot of flack. Especially with Dad. Anyway isn’t that the reason you came out here in the first place? Get away from that shit? Start a new life. You knew what would happen. Luke knows what would happen. I know you love him. But you got to be realistic about this. To society a step brother and step sister marrying is sort of a taboo thing. Here no one knows your step kids. But do you really think our dad is going to go for his daughter marrying her step brother?” She laughed “Shit imagine if he found out about our little three-somes or that Luke took our virginity. He would hang Luke by the balls. Imagine if he found out what you and I do. Oh gosh.”, she said.

I laughed “Now you sound like Luke. Hang him by the balls and that stuff. Dad is not that bad. He’s not violent.”, I said

“I know, but look, my advice to you is if you want to get married then let’s go to Vegas or have a small private ceremony here or somewhere. Don’t tell them. Then later on down the line when you have kids you can tell them. I know for certain they’re not going to reject their grandkids because of that.”, she said.

I joked with her, “What is this WE go to Vegas? Why are you automatically included?”

Em’ said, “If you ever want to eat my pussy or make out with me again. It is WE! Plus the fact we shared our mom’s womb together! SISTER!” She laughed.

Seriously though I agreed with her. That was the most intelligent way of handling this. We got out and dried each other off and the cleaned the water off the floor.

Luke was on the couch kind of pouting. “Oh wipe that look off your face!”, I said, “You get laid by me at least once daily and we include Em’ when she is here, now your pouting because we said no.”

“Not pouting” he said.

“Em’?”, I said. “Oh yeah definitely pouting.”, she said and laughed.

“One cure for that.”, I said. We started making out in front of him. We both reached in and rubbed each other down under.

“What is that Erin? That bulge was not there before.” She said.

“Hmmm we may have to investigate.” I said. “Wait” Emma comes and whispers in my ear. Luke asks “what is going on?” I whispered in her ear “Laugh it will drive him nuts!” We did. “Come on! What is going on!” We laughed again.

“Em’ wants to know if you will fuck her in the ass Luke.”, I said

Emma’s mouth dropped open in shock that I put it so bluntly.

Luke jumped up excited. Emma said, “What the fuck? Is that all it takes to get you to move?” Lmao

“Well that cured the pouts too Em’!” I said.

Luke said, “So I got a little excited.”

“A little?” Emma and I said in unison

“Lube nurse.”, I said. Emma handed to me. I rubbed it over his nice cock.

I laid down and Emma got on top of me as Luke got behind her. Emma went down on me and started licking my clit. I waited for Luke to enter into her. His nut sack hovering above my head as I rubbed Emma.

“Damn Luke do a girl a favor and wash your sack once in a while! Phew!”, I said. Emma and Luke laughed.


Emma made a grunt as Luke stuck his cock in her. He was doing her slowly. He asked us “uh by the way speaking of that what were you two talking about in the shower?” We giggled. He rammed his dick into Emma. She let out an “oh ahhh”. “Huh? Did not hear that. What were you talking about?”, he rammed her again. “Fuck Luke quit teasing and fuck me hard!”, Emma said. I laughed. “Your plan backfired there BOY!”, I said.

“Yeah smell my sack. Smells wonderful don’t it?”, he said.

He started ramming Emma hard in the ass. He grabbed her hips and was pounding back and forth into her virgin ass. I know Emma never took it in the back before. Emma was looking like she was going to puke as she just took his dick pounding her insides. I wanted the fuck out there so bad as his ball sack waved above my face. Fuck they stunk. Lol. Luke’s head went back and he unloaded his smelly ass nuts into her.

Emma collapsed forward as she came as I was rubbing her. She stood up and could barely walk at first. Because he rammed her so hard. It was funny.

“Let me get my girl.” Luke said to Emma and started eating me out. He stuck his thumb in me and his index finger up my ass. Luke was the best at oral sex. It wasn’t long after that until I came. My pussy juice was all over his face as I kissed him and told him how much I adored him.

We relaxed on the couch. “What were you talking about in the shower?” “Oh nothing really”, I said “How does Las Vegas sound to you?”

“Vegas? For what?”, he said.

“Well that is where people go for quickie weddings!”, I said.

“Erin I don’t want a quickie wedding. Come on let’s do something romantic. Go somewhere romantic. How about a cruise? I know you can get cruises cheap. One of these Nerds I work with took his wife on a cruise and they spent less than $1,000 for both of them. We could go to the Bahamas or anywhere in the Caribbean you want to go. Think about it. I might even let you take her if you say yes.”, he said and laughed.

“Ha ha asshole. See if you ever get this asshole again. Jerk!”, Emma said jokingly.

“You could barely walk after this time. I don’t want to cripple my kid step sister!”, Luke said.

“Oh don’t flatter yourself! It was my first time. I got a little discombobulated.”, she said

“You two done?”, I asked. “Cruise ship does sound fun! Would we get married on the ship?”

“I don’t know. Lets start planning and see what we can do. I got to start getting ready for work.”, Luke said.

“Wash your fucking balls this time!”, I said and laughed as he flipped me off heading into the bathroom. Lol

“We got some alone time.” Emma said. “Any clue what you want to do?”

I said, “I can think of a few things.” As we sat back on the couch and made out.


10 stories in. I didn’t expect this thing to last this long. Not that I’m quitting or anything but I just want to say thanks for all the positive feedback and star ratings. It made me feel good and inspired me to write more of these. I am glad people are enjoying this.

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    My friend was staying at our house for a couple of days and my wife would come downstairs before she went to bed which she never usually did she had on a pair of panties and a t shirt after the first night I didn’t think anything of it and she came down to say good night after we were just relaxing she came down in the t shirt but wasn’t wearing panties she walked in the kitchen and back out into the living room and her shirt was pulled up and her pussy was showing she walked in the bathroom and when she came back she had taken her shirt off and was naked

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    Brother, you are inside my head. It is good to know someone who can fantasize like me.
    Your head world is an awesome place!

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    Writing machine! I just found you and you have 10+ parts! Definitely my fav writer on this site.