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Tim AN Dan

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We didn’t even know it was gay at first, until we got caught by daddy.

We were really young, so when my pisser got stiff, I didn’t know what that was for. Besides pissing, I know that’s a dirty word, but daddy said it. “I have to take a piss,” or something like that, so we started saying it. Mom got upset, and yelled at dad for what we said. It was funny, but that was it.

Stupid kids stuff, like making “Poot” noises, to get a laugh. It was funny, but we got stiffies off, and on, because that’s what they do. You can’t control it, sometimes you’re not even thinking about something sexy, and that’s even after you find out what Sexy is.

I think I was the first one that showed my brother Dan. He’s my brother, but not my little brother, nor my big brother. We’re the exact same age, but other then that, he’s not exactly the same as me. We’re fraternal twins, so he got mom’s eyes, and dad’s nose. That kinda thing, but we had the same birthday, and went to school in the same grade.

We shared a room too, so I guess I knew that he got morning wood, too. It makes it hard to pee until the stiffy went away, but then we took a bath together, and then we got out. Dried off, and went in the bedroom to get dressed for bed. For some reason, that’s when I got a stiffy, and I stuck it out to show him.

“Look what I can do!” I pushed it down with my thumb, and let it go so it sprung back up.

“I can do that too.” He pulled out his pajama bottoms, and looked, but he didn’t have a stiffy yet. “I’ll show you later, but you know what else you can do with it?” He grabbed a hat, and hung it on it.

That’s a joke, grandad liked to tell before he died. “What’s round, hard, and hairy, it sticks out of your pajamas, and you can hang a hat on it?” You’re supposed to think something dirty, because that was his favorite kind of joke. It always sounds like a dirty joke, and then it turns out to be something else. Oh yeah, the answer is your head, even though you don’t wear hats to bed. You don’t stick a hat on your boner either, so you don’t think about that, but neither of us was hairy yet. Except on our heads, of course.

Mine stuck out far enough to hang a hat on it, but it turned out that wasn’t such a good idea. That’s just where Danny got the idea from, but the plastic strap in back was too hard. So it hurt, and I had to take it off before it scraped me even more slipping down. Then, he got a boner, and mine went away, so it was his turn to show off. “Look what I can do!” He pulled his pajama bottoms down, and swung it up and down, so it bounced, and his peenuts swung up under it too.

We called them Peenuts, I’m not sure whether or not Danny believed that pee comes out of your nuts, but I was pretty sure it didn’t. For one thing, when you really have to go, you can feel it in your bladder, and not your nuts. For another, they shrink up, and hang down, but because they get hot, and cold, not because they’re full of pee.

So anyway, we showed off until it was time for bed, and then we went to bed, but under the covers, I kept playing around with them, until I fell asleep. I guess because we both showed off different things we could do with them. So after that, I tried to think up more stuff to show the next night, but I didn’t get any pleasure out of it.

Not right away, because we didn’t know you’re supposed to. In fact, we knew that you weren’t supposed to play with it. “If you shake it more than twice, you’re playing with it,” so Danny only shook them twice. That was enough to see his peenuts swing up under it, pumping his hips in my face.

Oh yeah, and we got down right in each other’s crotch to see better. We took turns showing off, but also getting down where we could see better, and then I started dreaming about it. My brother’s junk, bouncing, flopping, and swinging right in front of me, so they looked huge. Well, compared to mine, way down there where I could barely see them.

Unless I bent way over, or got a mirror to look at them in reflection, but I hadn’t thought of that. I could feel them, and roll them around in my ball bag, while I slowly fell asleep. With my hand in my crotch, holding my peenuts, and waking up with a stiffy to play with.

“Uh,” Danny grunted, and I looked over to see him pitching a tent. Only instead of looking over at me, he had his eyes closed, and he held it up. To move it all around under the covers, and tickle the acorn tip against the sheet.

He didn’t say anything, like “Look what I can do,” he just kept on doing it. So, I got mine out, and copied him. That’s how I found out it tickled, but I didn’t laugh, and he neither. We both knew you can’t tickle yourself, so we tickled each other, but he figured out away to tickle yourself under the covers first.

That felt really good, and I remember thinking that I’m not shaking it. We were playing with them, though, and we knew it. That was bad, but not gay, until we started playing with them together. I had to pee real bad, but I knew that we couldn’t until the stiffies went away, and it was cold that morning. So, we stayed in bed until mom came to tell us to get up.

“It’s time for breakfast, and I made hot chocolate!” It snowed, but it turns out that school wasn’t canceled. Just delayed 2 hours while they cleared the roads for the bus stop. So, we could spend extra time on breakfast, and we both drank lots of hot chocolate. After we got up to piss, and mom even had to make another pot of hot chocolate before we got bundled up, and went out to the bus stop.

There, we had to pee again, so we both wrote our names in the snow, with the pee. Well, he wrote “Dan,” instead of Danny, or Daniel. So, I wrote “Tim” instead of Timmy, or Timothy. Then, the bus came, and we went to school. I forgot all about pissers, and peenuts, but then this girl named Annie kept looking over at me, and giggling.

Just me, Danny had another teacher, but she didn’t tell anyone what was so funny, until after school. She got on the bus with us, because she lived on the same street, but she didn’t sit with us, because we’re brothers, so we always sat together. We never sat with girls before, on the bus.

One of those things, you don’t think about, growing up with a twin brother. We weren’t like “Ew, girls. Gross.” At least Danny never said that, that I remember, we just had each other. So, we didn’t have to worry about other kids, making friends with girls, or playing with them. It turns out a lot of boys were like that, about girls. We just never noticed.

Then, we got off the bus, and right across the street, we went to see where we wrote our names, and sure enough, they were both there. Only under them, there was an “A,” and “N” but those were different. Instead of one big line, 2 or 3, it was a bunch of dotted lines, and foot prints all around them.

Then, Annie giggled behind us, and we turned around. She pointed, “That’s me. I didn’t have enough pee to write the whole thing, so I just put down A. N. for short.”

“Oh,” so then we started talking about, how it was different. The way she wrote it, and we were kind of proud that we could connect the dots. Instead of “Dotted Lines.”

“Well, I can’t see what I’m writing as good in a dress,” and she invited us home, to her house to play. After school, her mom, and dad were home, but she just introduced us. “This is Timmy, and this is Danny.” We shook hands with her mom, and she said “Nice to meet you.” Then, we went to play in her room, until I said “I have to pee.”

Politely, instead of “Piss,” because I knew that was a wordy dird.

“Oh good!” She dropped her doll, and got up to show me where the bathroom was. I just put the seat up, and took a piss until I heard her giggle. I guess she closed the door, and I didn’t look over to see her there. In the bathroom, until she giggled. My face warmed up, and my ears burned, but I pulled my undies out to drop it back in before I got a stiffy.

I forgot to shake it though, so I felt the last drops soak in while I zipped up, and then she pushed me out of the way. “Now I have to go, too.” She dropped her undies, put the seat down, and flopped her dress up to sit down.

I just stood there, looking at the door, and wishing Danny was there too. Listening to her tinkles hit the water, and starting to figure out why. Well, a lot of stuff at once. Not just why she said her dress got in the way, and her footprints were all around the lines she left in the snow. The dotted lines, I couldn’t figure out why it was just drops sprayed around instead of a line yet, but also why mom made us put the toilet seat down.

She didn’t poot, but she pulled out some toilet paper to wipe, and she stuck it down the front before she pulled her undies up, and flushed the toilet. I didn’t know what to say, so I just washed my hands, and felt my boner sticking up in my pants. Not uncomfortably, but it was the first boner I’d gotten for a girl.

Thinking back now, it’s funny how that felt a little gay, when showing off, and playing with ourselves didn’t. Because Danny was my brother, I loved him, and he’d always been there since we’re twins. So, the only difference between playing with ourselves, alone, and doing it with each other was we could get down to see better. I could see his peenuts, and everything, when I could barely see my pisser sticking out, even with it hard.

Well, for one thing, neither of us had much more than a couple inches, even with them hard. Then, we washed, and dried our hands, Danny put down her Unicorn, and we went back home before it got too dark, and mom started to worry. We made it home before dinner, but on the way, I told him all about the weird way she peed.

“She put the seat back down, so she could sit down, and she even pulled off toilet paper to wipe her pisser.”

“Maybe she had to poop too, and she wiped her butt while she was there.” He guessed, but then we walked past the initials in the snow. On her front lawn, someone came by, and stomped a heart around it, while we’re inside playing. She didn’t have any trucks or guns. Swords, or nothing, just dolls, and stuffed animals. It’s okay, she said that Teddy, and her Unicorn were boys, so we could play with them, but Barbie’s legs couldn’t fit over the unicorn’s back to ride him.

So then, we had to shut up when we got home, and mom asked “Where you been?”

“Oh,” my brother said, “We just went over to a friend’s house to play with Danny.”

I just realized that, Annie’s name rhymed with Danny’s, so I explained. “Not our house, of course. Another Danny at school.”

“Well, wash up for dinner.” We went back to the bathroom to wash our hands, which just reminded me of pissing in front of Annie, and I got another boner, so I got it out, and showed him. We giggled, and he showed me his. “Look, mine’s just as big as your’s” but that was just about all we had time for, before dinner.

So, we put them up, and dried our hands, but that was the first time we touched each other’s stiffies. Together, we held them down, so they stuck straight out, and pushed them both together. My acorn tip squished up against his crotch one one side, and his squished against me on the other, but that was it.

I didn’t really think about that, because I had a bunch of questions about Annie, and a lot I didn’t get to see. For one thing, I didn’t really look at her underwear, because I knew I wasn’t supposed to. You know, how girls are supposed to cross their legs, so you can’t see their panties? We’ll we were taught not to look either, it was dirty, and bad, which made me feel naughty, and left me with a boner that wouldn’t go away, all through dinner.

Finally, we finished desert so we could go get ready for bed, and play with ourselves, in front of each other. We finally got to talk about tickling them under the covers, and then we got in bed to do that. Watching each other, when we could keep our eyes open, because it was intense, but mom knocked to tell us it was time for lights out.

She opened the door to hit the light switch, but we held our stiffies flat so she didn’t catch us playing with them, until she shut the door. Then, we went back to tickling them under the covers, but this time I had Annie to think about, instead of Danny. We kinda already showed each other everything we could think of all ready, anyway.


Annette (g Solo. gb fantasy.)

I missed the bus that morning, even though I had my coat on and everything, because when I got to the front door, the boys were out there. Pissing in the snow, and then they zipped their pants up, but I was scared to go out there. I was lucky mom went back to bed after she found out there was a 2 hour delay, and made a pot of coffee to take to dad in bed.

If not, she would have walked me to the door, but then I waited for the bus to leave. Then went out to see their handywork. I tried to do it too, but it’s not as easy when you’re a girl, so I ran out before I got to the second N. So, then I pulled up my undies, and tell mom “I missed the bus!” Dad sat up, and covered his horn, but mom had to put on some clothes to drive me to school.

Well, it was about time I renamed Sparkly something different. It’s kinda childish, but I had him ever since I was a baby. I didn’t know whether to call him Tim, or Dan at first. They’re twins, even though they look different, but that explains how Dan was in my class with me, and the same teacher last year, but Tim is in my class with me, and a different teacher this year.

He didn’t get held back, they just didn’t put them in the same class together with the same teacher. I don’t know which one I like better, so I decided on Horny. He’s got glitter in his horn, so it’s Sparkly when you hold it up, and turn it in the light. Of course, now it’s dark in here, especially underneath the covers, and I think it’s plastic, like his eyes. It feels like plastic when you tap it with your fingernail, and not glass.

Like Teddy’s nose, and eyes too. I know he’s a boy, it’s short for Theodore, the Rough Rider. “Uh!” You can’t feel the glitter, but it’s cold, and makes me tingle. Warming up like magic, so I can rub it up, and down. Inside the outside, but I found out why they call it horny.

When dad gets horny, I even got to see where he put it in, when mommy and daddy went to bed. “Uh,” in here, “UH!” I held my breath, because it hurt. So, I stopped pushing it in, but that’s why Unicorns only come to Virgins? “Huh!” That makes so much sense!

I wonder if either one of them wants to kiss me? That would break the tie, if one of them decides to kiss me, then that’s the one I’ll marry. I hope it’s Timmy. Danny, and Annie is just confusing, but Timmy, and Annie is just like it says Tim AN Dan out front. Only, I had to put the AN down between their names, but that just means the heart fit around all three perfectly.

“Oh, uh!” There it is again. “Uh oh.” I better be careful, not to hit it too hard. It might break, when I’m not paying attention, but I want to save it for them. Or which ever one wants to kiss me, I hope it’s Timmy. “Yeah,” I like the sound of that. “Timmy, and Annie, sitting in a tree. K. I. S. S. I. N. G. Ihnhnhmn!”

I better keep it down, before somebody hears me, and gets up to see what I’m talking about. Before I even know what one, but we’ll have to wait for spring at least, to do that. So the leaves grow out, and we can hide up in a tree, but if his brother’s there. Which ever one wants to climb up, and kiss me in the tree, I bet the other one will be there too to help me up.

“Yeah,” that would be great. One can climb up first, then reach down to pull me up. While the other one squats down, to step in his hands, and lift me up. “Huh, yeah. It’s okay, you can look. Nhmhmhmhn!”

Of course it’s not good to let a boy look up under my skirt. It’s bad, but if he doesn’t get to kiss me. At least he gets to look up under my skirt, and in between my legs. “Uh, huh?” Right here. “UH, OH.”

I think, something broke? “Huh, no. It’s okay.” I can feel it with my fingers, once Horny got his horn out of there. It’s still there, but if that’s not it, what broke? Something twitching too, but it’s not that, I don’t think. Whatever it is must be inside making it twitch like an ear drum in reverse? I think I feel something beating in there like a heart.

It doesn’t hurt at all. In fact, it feels good! “So good, huh!”

Just like mommy said. “Oh, you’re so good.” When daddy got horny, and took off his clothes, to stick it between her legs. “Oh so good.” I didn’t want to fall asleep, and miss a second of the great feelings all over my body, but I couldn’t help it. So, I thought about the boys all night, and dreamed they had their wieners out. Sticking straight out like horns, and glittering with magic sparkles, but not twisted up in spirals, like a unicorn horn.


Danny (bbM)

Daddy was mad, but he made us “Put some pants on,” before he spanked us.

“What the fuck is going on in here?” Mommy came in, and it’s okay if she says that. It’s a 4 letter word, but she’s a grownup.

“You know what those little faggots were doing in here?”

“No, that’s why I asked what was going on in here. Calm down, and let them go.” Timmy, and me rubbed out butts, and backed up against the wall.

“Don’t tell me to calm down, I don’t want any cock sucking butt fucking faggots in my house.”

“Is that what you’re doing?” We shook our heads.

“No mom, I don’t even know what all those words mean.”

“Yeah, and Daddy must be in big big trouble.” Timmy said, “For yelling them out loud, so loud I bet even the neighbors heard it.”

“Dad, daddy? What does Faggot mean?”

“Don’t say that!”

“Well, how am I supposed to ask, if I don’t even know it’s a dirty word, and that sounds like more then 4 letters. It’s got 2 syllables, and I can’t say the F word, because you all ready said it.”

“Dad too,” Timmy even laughed and pointed, “He said Effin, butt Effin.”

“You little shit.”

“Mom, mom! Stop him, stop it let me go you’re hurting me!”

“I’ll show you you little.”

“WARREN!” Mom yelled and grabbed his hand, in both hands. “Stop, stop it. We’re never going to get to the bottom of this with you flying off the handle every five seconds. So, why don’t you go out, and cool off? Get some fresh air, or something, Jesus!”

“All right!” He left, the door open, “But make sure they know what they did is wrong, and sinful, and they’ll burn in hell, if they’re not put to death for abomination.”

“Only if you LEAVE so I can talk to them without shouting over you, just GO!”

“ALL RIGHT!” He slammed the door.

“Mom, mommy.” Timmy said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you fight.”

“We just woke up with stiffies.”

“And we had to pee, but you can’t pee with stiffies.”

“Yeah, and.” Thank god we got away with it long enough to get our stories straight, “We weren’t playing with them. We had to figure out a way to make it go away, so we could go pee.”

“Huh!” Timmy shivered, and his pant legs went dark. “And I wet myself.”

“Huh!” While she was looking down at him, I let it go, and felt it run down my legs warm, and wet. “Yeah, me too. So, we better go get a bath before dad comes back in.”

We just figured if he was in trouble for cursing then we could get away with playing with ourselves, and he couldn’t beat us for it, without getting in trouble again. “Wow, he was really mad.”

“Yeah, I know.” He started up the water, and felt it warm up with his hand. While I got naked. “Quick thinking.” I pointed out the wet spot, when I got my pants off.

He nodded, “Thanks,” so he didn’t have to say he pissed himself on purpose, where mom could hear him.

“How’s the water,” I pushed past him, and got in. So, I could stop shivering, and he could take off his wet pajamas too. “Ah, nice and warm.” It took a while to calm down enough to relax, but the hot water helped. The last thing we wanted to do was touch each other until we got hard again. So, we just washed up, dried off, got out, and got dressed.

Then, dad was finally calm enough to tell us why it’s evil to be homos. He got the bible out, and red the part about Abomination. Surely we will be put to death, and burn in hell for lying together, but we’re not men yet, so maybe Jesus will forgive us? Then, he had to look up Sodom and Gommorah, to read why it’s called Sodomy, but he couldn’t find that part. Just some lady turning into a pillar of salt because she looked back.

So, we had to cool it for a while, but even knowing that. We could be put to death if we got caught again, and burn in hell for sodomy, we couldn’t help it.

It felt too good to be bad.


Tim (bb Incest)

Well, that backfired. Just telling us what we couldn’t do told us what we could do, if we didn’t get caught. Cock sucking butt fucking faggots. It’s funny, it even rhymes like a song. If you sing it in your head, instead of yelling it at the top of your lungs, because your mad, and dad. So you get to yell that stuff at the top of your lungs.

Mom got to explain what Homo was, before dad got back. Faggot is just a bad word for boys that love boys, but of course we loved each other. More than anyone else, until I got to know Annie a little better. I didn’t get to ask her about girls, why they pee sitting down, and wear skirts, if we’re not supposed to look at their underwear, then why don’t they wear pants?

You have to think, that it would be easier to cover up your underpants if you wore pants, instead of skirts and dresses. Especially in winter, how do they keep from freezing their balls off in skirts when there’s snow on the ground?

I didn’t get a chance to ask her until recess. At school, we didn’t get to go out, and play, so we went to the art room with Mrs. Borlind. She giggled, “We don’t have nuts, silly.” In the hall, and all the kids laughed, or so it seemed. Mrs. Borlind didn’t hear it, she just turned back and said “Class, settle down,” then unlocked the art room.

I sat next to her, so I could ask, “What do you have, then?”

She just shook her head, and buttoned her lip, until Mrs. Borlind finished getting out the block of clay, and cutting it with the wire. Then, she got out a bunch of pictures to put up on the screen, and started talking about Rodin while the kids up front passed back lumps of clay to tear off, and hand the rest back.

Somebody laughed, and pointed out, “She’s naked!”

“All right, these are nudes, but it’s just the human body. This is Reclining Nude by Rhodan.” She said it like that, “Rhodan,” even though it was spelled Rodin in the picture. She rolled the R like a Mexican and everything. So, I guess Rodin was Spanish?

“What’s reclining mean?” A girl raised her hand, but the boys kept laughing, and making fun.

“Laying down,” but she’s not laying down, she’s curled up on a rock, or in it?

“You can’t see in the picture,” Annie finished rolling clay up, and stuck them together, “But it looks like this.” Then, she pulled the ends apart that weren’t stuck together, and bent them in to make a heart. Well, I guess it is red clay, so it makes sense that a girl would make that, after showing me what her privates looked like.

“Then where’s the pee come out?” I poked the pointy end with a pencil, “There?”

“No, there’s another hole on the inside, but I’ll show you later.” She lowered her voice, and whispered, ‘here comes teacher.’

I looked up, and she just kept walking, looking back and forth between the tables, and showing us how to make arms, and legs. “Don’t worry about making it just like Rhodan’s. Just roll the clay between your palms, like Annie.” She kept making ropes, and held her hands up to show the rest of the class. “You can pinch the ends to make feet, and bend them up, or tuck them under.”

“Oh, so that’s why she’s curled up like that, to hide the hard parts to make?” I guessed. I didn’t want to say her privates, since the boys were already getting obnoxious. Well, the other boys, but I didn’t want to get obnoxious. Not with Annie right here, this was interesting. I had no idea that they were so different in their underwear.

I barely even glanced at her underwear when she pulled them down, before I realized that I was looking at her underwear, and thought to stop.

Then, she stuck her finger nail in the end of the roll, and turned it around. To mold another crease in the end so it looked like a heart, and picked up a pencil to poke the end. I looked back, and Mrs. Borlind came around behind the last table behind us. ‘teacher coming,’ I mashed it flat with my hand before she saw that she was making a pisser.

She giggled. “Well, that’s not a very good base.” She mashed the heart she made out of her pisser flat, and added it to the smear on the table. “Uh,” she looked up, “Does it have to be a rock? She doesn’t look very comfortable, curled up on a rock like that.”

“It can be whatever you imagine.”

“So, I’ll make a bed.” She felt my arm under the table, and grabbed my hand. “That’s a lot more comfy to lay down on.”

“Yes, of course.” When teacher turned back, to the other table, and bent over. Annie pulled my hand over, and put it on her leg. Pushed her skirt up off her knee, and let go, to keep making her bed. For her sculpture, I looked around to see if everyone was making 1 together, or one for each?

Some worked together, and some made 2 different ones, right next to each other. “Uhm, Miss?” The same girl raised her hand again.

“Yes, Elise?”

“How come he made her nakum. Nude?” She nodded.

“Well, there’s lots of reasons,” she took the picture down, and flipped the pages back. “This is Davinchi’s Vetruvian Man.” She put another one up. “He did this as a study of proportion, to learn how to draw the human figure better. With sculpture, you can start with the body, and add clothes later, with more layers of clay.” She switched to another one, but then Annie felt down my arm again, and moved my hand up her leg again.

So, I looked at her, and she looked at me, very serious. “I think I’ll cross her legs,” she nodded, “So, you can’t see between them.” Then, she spread her legs even wider, and pushed my hand deep up under her skirt. So, I didn’t have to See between them, I could Feel her underwear. She smiled, and went back to making her bed on the table…

“So, Rodin forgot to make clothes for her in the first one?” Somebody asked, but I was too busy to see who said it.

The teacher laughed, “No, this one is sculpted out of marble. So it was too late to make clothes for her.”

“Oh, so that’s why she’s curled up on a rock.” Annie snapped her legs together, so I had to pull my hand out, but Elise laughed, and covered up her mouth. Looking up from under the table, but she didn’t say anything about what she saw. To anybody else, but after class. I guess there’s no reason to keep the secret from us.


Elise (ggb talk)

“Ooh!” I ran up to Timmy, and Annie. “You let him touch you there!”

“Don’t tell anybody!” She grabbed me and pulled me off. “Timmy, come on!”

“Where we going?” he caught up.

“Well, we can’t take him in the girl’s room.” Where we usually go to talk about boys, but not around boys, of course.

“Well, nobody’s outside.”

“That’s because it’s freezing cold, and sleeting out there?”

“Well, maybe it stopped sleeting, let’s see.” She said, and sure enough, it stopped. She giggled, “Look, it’s so sparkly like glitter.”

“Yeah, or Magic.” She showed me her unicorn, Sparkles before. She’s her favorite.

“Over here!” Timmy waved between the buildings, then went back to where there was steam coming out, from a grate in back. “How can you girls wear skirts, and dresses when there’s snow on the ground, don’t you get cold?” well, now the snow was covered in ice, and seleet, so your boots crunched when you stomped through it.

“Oh,” that’s what they were talking about in the halls before Art. “No, I guess.” I felt her dress, “Is this wool?”

“Wool blend, but yeah.” She nodded, “It’s warmer then you think!”

I bet, after he stuck his hand up there, in class. If I hadn’t looked back to tell her, that’s why she’s curled up naked on a rock, I wouldn’t see it myself. “Annie’s got a boyfriend!” I giggled.

“Yeah, Timmy and Annie, kissing in a tree.”

“Uh, it’s sitting in a tree.” I shook my head, and looked over at Timmy. He blushed, but he looked away. Up at the tree branches hanging outside the alley? Yeah, I think it’s an alley, even though it only goes back to the grate from the boiler room. That explains the seam coming out, but it wasn’t hot enough to scald you. It kind of wet my pants, but not like I peed in them. More like they got sweaty, then cold on the way back.

“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Danny in the baby carriage!”

“Woah, woah wait. Wait, there’s no way you’ll get Danny to dress up in diapers, and suck his thumb in a stroller. Besides, he’s way too big for that.”

“No, but if we have a boy, we can call him Danny after his uncle, Danny.”

“Ooh, and if you have a girl, can you call her Elisabeth after me?”

“Sure I guess, but it’s a little too soon to pick out baby names before we can even climb up a tree, and Kiss.”

“Well, how come we have to climb up a tree to kiss?”

“We don’t,” she grinned, and puckered up, so he would kiss her. Which is weird, if you ask me. I mean sticking your hand up a girl’s skirt, in class, before you even ask if you can kiss her? Did he even ask to feel her up, or just do it, in the middle of the art class?

And what was Ms. Borlind even thinking? Letting them sit together, and then showing pictures of naked ladies. It’s bad enough the boys just told dirty jokes the whole time, but we had to make 2 statues. Since we’re up front, we already started making one for each of us, before anybody asked if it was okay to make one together.

I guess they didn’t have as much clay to work with all the way in back, but too late now. They’re already drying on the shelf for Kiln day next week. That’ll really heat up the art room, I bet. Those things can get all the way up to. Um, I forget, how much, or if it’s in celcius, or farenheight, but it’s a lot. Thousands, I think.

“Huh,” well I didn’t want to just stand there watching them make out, so I went back around to the cafeteria doors. That’s when my pants got cold, and felt damp, but not wet. Just moist, but mostly on the outside. Not on the inside yet, but I skipped lunch.

It’s not fair that she got a steady boyfriend before me though, when she doesn’t even have boobies! I had to take off my top all the way to take off my training bra, in the bathroom stall. Away from the cafeteria girl’s room, because with lunch on, there’s a line out the door, and the girls are crowded up around the mirrors to talk about boys, and other stuff you can only really talk about in the girl’s room.

You know, grosser stuff like periods, if they’re even old enough to have them, but most of them haven’t yet, in 4th grade. Except the 5th, and 6 graders, who don’t want to talk to you, just tease you, and treat you like a little girl.

Most of them don’t even have all their teeth back, like Annie. Okay, so I’m jealous, big deal. At least I have some boobies, and hair on my muff to play with. I just wish I had a boy to play with too, or better yet. That man, I forget what he’s called, some kind of. Groovy Mann?

Like Groovy Mann from My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, only standing up in a box, and circle, with 4 arms, and 4 legs. So he can turn them, hold them straight out, and you can draw them 4 different ways, without them looking all messed up, and retarded like Picasso.

At least there’s nobody up here, in the upstairs girl’s room, so I can have it all to myself…



Whelp, it looks like I better start over with Chapter II. Adding more characters sure isn’t making it any shorter, but of course they’re going slow. Honestly, supernaturally fast for kids so young, but sometimes a story takes on a life of it’s own…

Also, before anyone gets out the Red Pen: I mispeled Farenheit because she’s in 4th grade, and they haven’t covered proof-reading yet. Not to mention she forgot how hot the Kiln got, what Vitruvian Man was called, and had a bad case of ants in her pants. She’s lucky she remembered to call it a Kiln, because they just got out of Art class, and she was actually paying attention when the teacher told them that.

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