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I hated summer school bad enough, but then they got the video-conference set up. So, we could watch the teacher from home.

The first weeks was pretty normal, I guess. Instead of raising your hand, you could just type your answers in the chat, and Mrs Evans could look over to answer it, when she got to a good break in the lesson.

Also, it saved paper, because everything could be done by Email, or the weekly quiz on a survey site they set up, but then she said “Well, that’s it for this week, have a nice weekend,” and before she signed off, her husband said “Honey, it’s Friday,” and she turned away. “You know what that means.”

Then, he came up behind her, and started rubbing her shoulder, felt down her top, but before his hand disappeared under the screen, I could see him stick his fingers in her collar. Now, I never had Mrs. Evans before, but I’d seen her in the halls, last year. She’s pretty busty, but also, I’d started thinking about other teachers I had.

Bending over, and unbuttoning their blouses a little more, so I could see more of their bras, and typical middle school daydreams, I guess. I sure wasn’t the first one to start getting horny in class, or even church, but Mrs. Evans’ husband already had a boner sticking out the front of his pants, even before he pushed it back up, and unzipped his fly.

“Huh!” She didn’t say anything, but she turned around in her chair, so he could flop it out, right in her face, and hold it up for her to suck in her mouth. Why it got hard, feeling her bra, and then went soft again for him to get it out? I don’t know, but it started swelling, and straightening out, right before our eyes, and I looked over at the chat real quick.

Nothing. Just [Brooks. V: Goodbye]

[Allen. G: See you Monday]

But it was still [172 In chat] at the top. That was another thing, about streaming lessons like this. The few teachers with good enough computers could teach a lot more students at once, but nobody typed anything, so I stopped.

[Am I the only one seeing thi]

Then, I realized that if I hit enter, it would make a sound, to tell her to look at Chat, and that’s why nobody else said anything. So, I whipped it out, and started beating it, with the blow-job to look at, but also, I could just imagine the classroom. The other students, especially the girls, and Brooks V. had to be Valerie Brooks, even though she’s not as busty as any of the grown-up faculty, she was coming along nicely, and maybe she left after saying goodbye, but maybe, she was getting turned on by this unplanned after-school sex ed video.

Even though Abstinence Only was the lesson. Basically “Don’t do it until you get married,” but it was okay, because they were husband and wife. We just got this unique chance to look in on how they did it. Apparently, they had a deal for a blowjob, and fondling her breasts on Fridays.

“Huh!” I wasn’t even thinking about what I was doing, so I didn’t feel it getting close, and couldn’t reach the box of tissues in time so i let go too late, and it just twitched in my lap. “Uh!” Shot my wad everywhere, so it got on my shirt, pants, and everything. I even got some on the table, in front of the keyboard, but at least I didn’t have to clean it out of the keys, or anything. That wad dripped down, so I could catch it on my pants, instead of letting it hit the floor, but it was a lot, and it went everywhere, which made me wonder how long it’s been since the last time I woke up with it sticking to my sheets.

“Oh, fuck!” Then, Mrs Evans looked back at the screen, and pushed her husband’s arm out of the way, but bent over like that, I could tell it was between her legs, and he stood up to show his dick drooping, and even dripping a string of cum, so he got off, and I missed it. Then, she signed off.

178 online.

“Huh!” Somebody, or a few somebodies signed back on to see that.

[Nestor, P: Am I the only one seeing this?]

[OMG,] I just followed the messages piling up quick, too quick to see the names.
[Yeah Mrs. Evans!]
[That was so hot!]
[Yeah, I want to marry a man like that.]
I looked back, and read [Brooks, V.] before anybody sent anything else.
[So you can suck him off, while he feels your boobs?]

I typed, [Nestor, P: No, he stuck around to finger her after he’s done.]
[Brooks, V: See? He gets it.]
[Yeah right.]
[We’re all virgins, guys.]
[Not me!]
[Besides, with a name like P. Nestor.]
[Nestor, P: Guys.]
[Peter. LOL.]
[Nestor, P: Quit it!]

Then, Mrs. Evans came on, “I’m sorry, anyone had to see that,” and the chat started scrolling too fast to follow, but there was a lot of [It’s OK]s and [We won’t tell.]

“My husband could get in a lot of trouble for exposing himself to you, and.” She was already blushing, without any makeup on, she didn’t even bother doing her hair, and this one day, she came on late with it messed up in her bath robe, but she stopped to read the chat for a little while, and I noticed she changed her shirt.

To a regular shirt, like a teeshirt instead of a button down blouse, and I didn’t really notice if he got any on that when he blew his wad.

“Huh, while I’m glad, I can’t ask you, any of you to keep a secret like this.”

[It’s okay.]
[Yeah, we’re totally not going to tell.]
[No way.]

“Well.” She thought, and got up. “I have to make plans for, damage control. In case this does get out, so bye.” She just clicked the mouse, and signed off, but the chat was still busy, even as the number of students online dropped, I shook my head, and got up.

Then, my phone buzzed.

[Val wants to be your friend. Accept?]

[Okay] [Decline]

[Val wants to video chat.]

“Hello?” I held out the phone, and she smiled.

“Hey, uh.” She giggled, “That was, something else, huh?”


“I appreciate what you said about, you know. A guy sticking around, after he. ‘S done.” She looked away, and paused a couple times, trying to find the right words, but somehow, I wasn’t nervous, like I would be if I had to talk to her face-to-face, in person.

“Yeah? Thanks!” I was proud, but then she held her pone out, and lay back, on a pillow.

“Huh!” In her bra, but the straps slipped down one arm, and the other pulled out, so she could hold the phone. “You ever finger a girl before?”

“No,” I figured, the truth was the way to go. no, I didn’t even think about lying to her, but at the same time, I could barely even believe she wanted to cam with me, and all because of my quick thinking, when she said she wanted a husband like that.

Mr. Evans, because he got a blowjob, and stuck around to finger her, until she saw that she forgot to sign off.

“Huh, you finished without me?”

I looked sown at my shirt, and switched over to the camera view, to see the cum stain on my shoulder.

“Yeah, uh. It was pretty,” I remembered, “Intense, like you said.”

“Huh, too bad, I guess it’ll be a little while before you recover, huh?”

“Oh, no.” I felt my underwear, through my still open fly. Standing there, with my back to the computer. “Just a sec.” I turned back, careful to keep my hip in front of the webcam, just in case anyone was watching. I set down the phone, and turned it away, then I started signing off of the video-conference.

They really should have just 1 button, or keystroke to kill the connection, but I didn’t want to get down under the table to pull the plug, or find the switch on the back of the computer.


“I’m here, let me take you in the other room.”

“Your bedroom?” I switched her off of speaker phone, in the hall, and held it up to my ear.

“Uh huh!”

“I’ve never felt so horny in my life. Look.” I held the phone out, so see her legs spread, and her fingers. She spread them wide open, then felt down.

I grabbed my doorknob, and said “Get out. I’ve got homework.” Holding the phone up to my chest, so he would see. He ran out, and slammed the door. “My little brother.”

“Huh, you see how wet I am?”


“As soon as you get hard for me.”

“Oh yeah.” I pulled it out, but it was already swelling. Like Mrs. Evans’ husband’s, in her mouth. “See?”

“Yeah, I wish I could suck it hard.”

“Well, I wish I could go out, and meet you. Hug you, and kiss you, maybe take you someplace romantic.”

“Huh, yeah. By the water, where we could watch the sunset together. Maybe when we’re a little older, and one of us can borrow the car, to be alone together in the back seat?

She must have put the phone down, to use both hands, but then her hand covered it, and it flipped around. I saw her face, as red as I’d ever seen anyone, and it was down her neck. her bra was down, and her nipple looked really pink, and hot. Almost brown.

“Oh, my. God!”


“Show me that again.”

“Okay,” I tilted it down, and held my dick out.

“Is that. You didn’t use any camera tricks to make it looks so huge?”

“No, it’s not huge, is it?” It just looked normal to me.

“Bigger then Mr. Evans'” I guess i didn’t get to see it fully erect. “How big is it?”

“I don’t know, in inches?” I got up, “Let me find the measuring tape, or something.” I had a ruler in my bag, from last year, when we actually needed that, a protractor, and compass for math.

“You mean you’ve been walking around with that in your pants, and you had no idea it was.”

“8 inches. No, maybe 8 and a quarter.”

“Uph, hah!”

“Don’t laugh.”

“And you thought that was normal?”

“I guess, I never really thought about it.”

“And you never saw, any of the other boys your age, with their pants down?”

“No, not really, I mean yeah. They had to take a leak, every now and again, but you don’t look.”

“Well, I don’t know if you ever look at porn.”

“Of course, you?”

“Sometimes, but. God, you’d be really good at that. You’re definitely large enough.”

“Huh, thanks.” She’s not just saying that, I mean I believe her, but still. She’s right, I never thought to measure either, but. “I guess I never realized that, they hire only the guys that are well endowed.”

“You’re 13, too?”

“Almost,” I’d get my birthday in a month and a half, “14.” I tried to sound older, but my voice cracked, when I haven’t squawked like that in, a couple years at least.

“I had no idea, you don’t have big hands, or big feet, and I guess with your thumb there, it looks a little bigger too, but don’t just stand there.”

“Oh yeah,” I finished kicking off my pants, and underwear so I could get back on the bed.

“Take your shirt off.” She rolled over, and held the phone up sideways. So she could reach back, and unhook her bra, but it was already hanging down so her boobs jiggled when she moved around. “Now, beat off. Beat off for me, I want to see it shoot, it shoots far, huh?”

“I don’t know, pretty far.” it did hit my collarbone, through my shirt.

“Can you shoot it in your face?”

“You want me to give my self a facial?”

“Hm, yeah. If you don’t think that would be too gay.”

“Oh, no.” I bet she just wanted to imagine that it was her face, so I rolled over, so I could put my butt up on the wall, and hang my dick over my face.

“You think you could suck it?”

“Uh!” I tried, I even pulled my pegs, as hard as I could, but then I couldn’t breathe, so I relaxed. “No, not quite.”

“Huh, okay, but you go ahead, and beat off. If you can in that position.”

“I don’t know, it’s not easy holding the phone like this, but.” I looked up. “Hang on.” I pulled my feet down on the wall, so I could hold it between my knees, and stick my free hand between my legs, to feel my balls, and rub the spot on my taint. Then, I picked it up, so it stood straight out, and grunted. “Feel your tits.”

“Oh yeah.” She leaned back, “like this?”

“Yeah, one tit, so I can see the other.” And she had to hold the phone too, but I didn’t think of that, and besides, this was better. With one bare one, and the other in her hand. Squishing with her fingers, and her thumb pinching the nipple against the side of her knuckle.

“Nghm, keep talking dirty.”

“Yeah, jerk it. Jerk it off.”

“Say dick, or cock.”

She giggled, but then she said “Yeah, jerk that dick.”

“Uh!” I just let go. “Hhuh!” Tried to hold still, with the phone clamped between my knees, and digging in behind my knee caps, so it didn’t shake too much, but then I felt it run up under my fingertips, and my balls twitch. The hot sticky splash on my cheek, and imagined her looking up.

Smiling, and closing her eyes before the next one hit the side of her forehead. “Uh, huh! That’s so fuckin hot, yeah.”

Licking her lips, then blinking, and looking up. When I tasted cum, and it made my teeth feel weird, too. Like I just ate a banana, only without the banana flavor.

“Huh!” I dropped the phone on my chest, then I had to wipe the screen with my thumb when I picked it up, which switched back to the Message bar, with the empty chat. We didn’t bother texting anything, just [Accept?] at the top.

“See you later?”

She smiled, but before I wiped it off, and swiped back, I saw her face. With my jizz on the screen over it, for a moment.

“Huh, yeah.”

“Next time you get hard, I want to see it. Even if I can’t answer the phone right away, you can take a video, and send it?”

“Huh, yeah.” I hit the camera icon, to snap a pic of her smiling, wide eyed, red cheeked, and even her mouth was open to say.

“Okay, bye.”

So next time, I could beat off on the screen, so it looks like I’m giving her a facial.

“Yeah, bye.” She blew a kiss, and signed off. So, I guess, that’s how we started, and I don’t know when we’re officially boyfriend, and girlfriend, but as soon as this curfew lifted, I was going to go see her, feel her tits in my own hands, my dick in her mouth, and shoot my load ll over her face for real.

Until then, I guess we had our video chats…

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    Mmmm~ hot, I wish I could sext someone my age…kinda hard to find a horny 14-23 year old girlw willing to sext a 16 yo guy