Karen gets what she deserves

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Karen gets publicly humiliates by some real rednecks. She thought the whole parking space was hers to enjoy.

Well, It was a fine Saturday. I(F26) was completing my shopping at target. I had a cart full of stuff and was trying to load it in car. I saw a white woman, in like her late 30’s standing and grumbling in front of a ford truck along with, I guess, her daughter, maybe 13-14yr. I love drama so I was trying to listen her mumbling while taking my time loading my car.

She was chubby woman around 200 pounds, height around 5’5″, and had a blue hair highlights. She was wearing a blue sleeveless shirt and a cargo shorts. Her daughter was chubby too. She too was mumbling with her mom in anger. 150 pounds at 5′. She was wearing a pink sleeveless frock.

Mind you the huge parking lot was mostly empty with like 10-20 cars. So I was excited when I saw another huge woman, like 5’10”, 200 pounds, coming this way. I knew the ford was her car as there were no other cars in that direction. She was pushing two carts. She looked like she was in her late 40’s, and her daughter was following, busy in her phone chewing gum. She looked like in her early 20’s, slim and fit with perky breast. Mother was wearing a tank top and a plaid shirt on top of it, with jeans and boots, and of course a cap. Her daughter was wearing only a white tank top and a short blue jeans with boots.

I was like, let the game begin.
“Excuse me, is this your truck?” Karen said.
“Hell yeah it is.” The farm mom said.
“Well you see, your gas gosling mammoth of a truck is crossing the line into my space.”
“What do you mean it is crossing into your line? When I came this whole lot was empty. If you thought it was crossing the line, you could have parked somewhere else.” She just started to chug the items onto the truck bed.
“That’s not the point. You should have not come over this line. If you do not know to drive you should bought a smaller car that you can control.”
Now this caught the attention of the farm momma. So far she was ignoring this Karen.
She spit her gum out and walked up to Karen and stood close to her face. “Listen you cum gobbling, city whore. Here we need trucks like this to haul around farm stuff, and we cannot use you punny electric cars. You had a lot of space to park your car around but you choose to park it next to mine, so I’m assuming you woke up today to be in a fight. But let me tell you bitch.” She started to point her finger on her chest and poking her. “You are messing with a wrong person, I will tear you in half and drag you to my farm and feed your parts to my pigs. You got it.”
Then she turned around and started to walk back, to the driver side of the truck.
“Oh my god…Oh my god.. help..help.. she attacked me…” Karen started to roll on the floor and started to yell. By this time I was back in my car and watching this unfold through my side mirrors.
I was covering my mouth and laughing so hard.
The farm daughter just jumped over the Karen and tried to climb the truck. Seeing no reaction, Karen sat down and took a detergent bottle and threw at the farm daughter. It hit her on the back of her head.
She just sat down on the floor to inspect herself.
Farm mom came up running towards Karen. It was like watching a moma bear chasing a walrus, because Karen was running backward keeping her hands in front.
“Wait.. wait… Police.. police.” Karen shouted. She knew what was coming.
Farm mom pushed her to the floor and started to hit her left and right on her face. I had to switch from left to right mirror to follow the action. Karen’s daughter climbed over Farm mom and started to pull her shirt. Farm mom just elbowed her and she fell down. She continued hitting her. Karen was holding Farm mom’s hair and pulling. And also her tank top, trying to open it up. So Farm mom too started to rip Karen’s clothes off. And since she was strong, she succeeded. Then she stood up. She thought this was enough. She said “Bitch” and started to walk to her car to check on her daughter.
She was ok and already on her feet. Karen with all her rage, ran towards Farm girl. With her bare boobs jiggling she pushed farm girl against the door. This time the farm girl stood on her feet and turned around and smacked a good right punch. Karen fell down. Farm mom again came out and started to boot Karen. Karen’s daughter started to hit farm girl, to which she pushed the little bitch to the floor and started to kick her ass. Then she joined her mom and started to kick Karen. They bent down and tore her remaining clothes as well. And left her stark naked. Of boy, that was a site to see. A pale white, late thirties women being beat down naked in Target parking lot.
I have seen everything now, I can die in peace. I just drove away as Karen and her daughter were gathering themselves from the brutal humiliation.

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