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Little Stacy and my sister (G)

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The time on how I fucked both my sister and her best friend named Stacy.

Hi.. my name is Mr.C.. some of you may have read my previous stories and I want to say none of them are bullshit. Today I am going to tell you the day I had a risky 3 some with my sister and her best friend named Stacy

It was a hot day on a Wednesday morning.. weather was good but it was Hot. me and my sister (G) have a relationship that no other siblings have.. most siblings take care of one another and love each other like best friends well… me and my sister do that also but.. we get touchy towards one another..I’ve been fucking her small pussy since she was 8.. she was tight back then and kinda still is.. there are times I would go over to my family’s house for dinner and I would take my Chances to sneak in her room and “play” around with her.

I would tell my family that I am going to hang out with her for the rest of the night to see how she is doing and to help her with her homework. They would buy whenever I would tell them that because the damn girl was smart. I would lock the door and she would just stare and me and give me a smile like she knows what is gonna happen. My sister is quite small for a 14 yr old and I am quite surprised she can take my 6 and a half inch cock. I would fuck her many times in her room putting my hand over her mouth so our parents couldn’t hear their son drilling into their little princess. But that isn’t the story I am going to tell.

My sister has a best friend named Stacy she has blonde hair that is up to her shoulders and she has small perky boobs and a small thick ass, she’s a little taller then my sister I would say an inch taller then her.. but she’s 13 both Stacy and my sister are 8th graders and have some classes together. Stacy was a church girl she’s those girls that save their virginity until marriage. I’ve met stacy a couple of times she is a nice girl she’s like an Angel. She is polite and has manners. I find her attractive but I never really thought of making a move on her since she was too of a good girl.. I would think she would run off to the cops and lock me up.

My sister came over after school to get a quick fuck.. we fucked for an hour. She then tells me she has something important to tell me. And by looking at her face it was like she seened a ghost.. from there I knew something bad has happen. She tells me “ (C) I gotta tell you something” i then say “what is it ? You okay ?” Her words were breaking and were kinda shaken “so I let Stacy use my phone in 4th period and she went to my gallery and saw a video of us fucking..” my heart sunk at that point.. I had told myself this is it… I won’t get to fuck my sisters pussy not fuck any other pussy anymore.. I’m gonna have to suck dick in jail.. but then it came to mind.. whenever I would record us fucking I would only focus on my dick going in and out of her pussy but the video I recorded with her was a video I sent to my friend.. and this one showed my face.

She showed me the video and I say “ What the fuck!! Why the fuck would you have our videos in your gallery where people can see ?! What if our parents saw your shit ?!” She was panicking but she knew what to do.. she then said “ give me a chance to fix things… I’m gonna talk with her and try to convince her to keep her mouth shut” from there I left everything up to her.

Thursday came and my sister send me a text saying “hey me and Stacy are gonna come over.. let’s talk with her so she can stay quiet” I was a little anxious but i had to keep that girl quiet. 20 mins later my door rang and i opened it.. there was my sister and her anxious scared friend.. i welcomed them and told them to go sit at the table.

Instantly as soon as we sit Stacy says “I saw it you know… the things you guys are doing.. it’s unforgivable.. no brother or sister should be doing those kinds of things.. it’s very illegal and it’s a sin” I replied back saying “Look Stacy… I know these types of things aren’t correct especially with siblings but.. it brought our bond together and my sister is fine with it.. she enjoys it.. I enjoy it and we are both happy with it” she then says “ Happy?! She’s 14! We are still kids ! You’re what 20 ? Does your family even know you guys are doing these type of things !?. I say “no.. they wouldn’t accept it.. they would lock me up for it but.. you gotta understand Stacy.. we love this” stacy then says “ I got to clear my mind up.. where’s your bathroom” I tell her it’s upstairs.

Stacy goes to the bathroom leaving me and my sister alone.. we began to plan on how we can shut her up. I was thinking of bribing her but no Christian would take that. So then my sister comes up with a brilliant plan.. she says “how about you rape her ? I mean you raped me and at first I fought you about it but look at us now.. we fuck all the time” Stacy was cute and attractive but it was different. We both agreed to go with the plan.

Stacy walks out the bathroom and my sister calls Stacy from the guest room.. she walks in saying “where’s your brother ? We aren’t done talking about you guys” I walk in and shut the door and lock it.. Stacy turns around in fear and says “ what are you doing ? Leave that door open.. I’m serious” I begin to size her from her legs to her head and say “Stacy.. I can’t have you telling people about me and my sister.. I don’t know how I can convince you to keep your mouth shut” i then unzip my jeans and reveal my cock to her. She then says “ Stop it !! Put that thing away right now ! This is not happening!” She looks over to my sister and says “ (G) ! Say something ! Tell him to stop!” She looks at her and smiles and says “don’t worry Stacy.. he’s been fucking me since I was 8.. trust me.. you’re gonna love it!” She pulls out her phone and begins to dial the cops. I grab her phone and throw it across the room.. I then grab her by the arm and throw her on the bed. My sister then grabs both her arms and whispers to her ear “your gonna be fine.. it’s gonna hurt but only for a while.. your gonna beg for more later” stacy begins to cry and beg both of us to stop that she won’t tell anyone.. but we knew she was full of bullshit.

She begins to say how she wanted to save her virginity for the one she loves but I knew by the end of the day.. I was going to be the one she loved.. I push her skirt up to her waist and remove her white panties revealing her hairy tight pink pussy.. I smell her and she smelled like coconut oil and a small hint of piss.. and then I say “ thank you for this meal” and begin to spread her pussy lips and tongue fuck the inside of her pussy.. the taste was AMAZING. She kept closing her legs to avoid me eating her out and at one point she kneed me on my nose and I began to bleed a little.. I get up and smack her and tell her “ your really gonna get it now Stacy” I pry her legs open and just eat the fuck out of her pussy.. tears and small moans come out of her.

We then switched positions and I get to see my sister go down on her own best friend, she was screaming and the only best way I knew how to shut a person up is by stick a dick down their throat.. so I did.. she was gagging and slobbering all over my cock while tears were streaming down her pretty face. It hurt a little bit.. she was using more of her teeth than her tongue but.. it was still amazing. After minutes of us playing around with her mouth and pussy I then remove all my clothing.. so does my sister, we stare at Stacy as she’s crying and begging us to stop.. my sister at first wanted to stop but it was too late now.. we either win her over or we are done for. I smack my sisters ass and tell her to bring her close to the edge of the bed. She grabs Stacy and pulls her to the edge of the bed.. fighting her to stay still for me. I grab Stacy’s legs and pull them towards me.. I throw her legs over her and make sure she can see what’s about to happen. My sister sits on top of her butt naked to prevent her from moving.. I grab my cock and rub it up and down on Stacy’s pussy.

Stacy in a tired helpless voice says “ please.. stop… I can’t take this anymore.. I swear I won’t tell anyone” my sister then sits on Stacy’s face and puts her pussy on Stacy’s mouth.. grinding all over her face. I then go up to Stacy and give her a kiss on the lips and say “don’t worry honey.. you’re gonna be my little bitch by the end of the day.. watch this Stacy” I tell my sister to suck my cock and she does.. she’s deep throating my junk and spitting on it and jerking it.. Stacy looks at us at disgust and begins to cry even more. I go back to her pussy and tell Stacy “you’re going to be a women now” I slowly push my cock inside her until I hear her scream “ STOP IT HURTS IT HURTS ! PLEASE GOD!!” I ram my whole Cock inside her and the feeling is just amazing.. it’s like dipping into a jacuzzi. I begin to thrust my cock a little faster as I see blood running down my cock.. me and my sister begin to kiss while I continue to fuck the shit out of Stacy. I pull my cock out and my sister sucks it then put back in and pull it back out and again my sister sucks it and it goes on for 6 mins.

I had Stacy on many positions but the one I loved the most was reversed cowgirl.. she wouldn’t comply but I would pick her up and pump her small vagina.. at some point Stacy lost hope and continued to cry out more.. me and my sister let her rest while we laid next to her and talked to her.. saying “Stacy we didn’t mean to hurt you.. I know this is a scary experience but.. trust me I’m not here to hurt you or scare you.. I just want to show you how sex feels and how amazing it is.. please try to understand” my sister then says “ Stacy.. we’ve been best friends since the 6th grade.. I’ve watched your back and you’ve watched mine.. we are like sisters.. I know what me and my brother do is wrong but.. it just feels so good.. give him a chance give ME a chance to show you how good cock feels” Stacy’s stops crying and begins to inhale and exhale. She then says “Your brother raped me (G).. I’m tainted.. I can no longer find a good boy and get married..” i then say “ you can have sex and still get married.. many people do that.. even though if you don’t find a boy to marry you.. I am willing to take responsibility and marry you” Stacy looks at me and says “ you will? After everything you have done to me.. your still willing to love me ? “ i then say “ yea.. who wouldn’t.. your beautiful you got a nice body a nice ass.. of course I would marry you.. but not right now…” she giggles and wipes her tears away and jumps right at me and kisses me and says “ thank you..your scary but your nice” I say back to her “thank you.. now Stacy are you gonna be a good girl and stop crying and continue to have fun with us ?” She looks at my sister and they both giggle.

Stacy grabs my cock and starts to jerk me off with both of her small hands. She’s quite bad at it but in time I know she’ll be a pro.. the crying scared girl that once fought for her virginity was now a slutty 13 yr old girl.. she was now willingly to suck on my cock.. and me and my sister would fuck her in many ways.. at one point I almost came inside Stacy due to how good her pussy was. The day ended both Stacy and my sister left my house with their assholes filled with my cum.

Since then i haven’t just been receiving nudes of my sister but I’ve been receiving nudes and videos of my sister and Stacy getting it on in the girls bathroom.. of them going down on each other and playing with one another while they beg me to go pick them up from school so I can fuck them.

I feel like I am living every mans dream.. I get to fuck 2 hot preteen girls and at the same time i get to suck guys cocks and take it up the ass.. life sure is good.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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      I work, I make good money I go out to party and get to fuck 2 young teenage pussy.. life sure is fucking good.. your just a jealous prick who wishes they can have what I have