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Doggie daycare

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I just graduated with a Master in Veterinary studies and couldn’t get a job. I decided to use my second degree in entrepreneurship, so I opened a dog day care.
The first of it’s kind in my area and it was one of a kind. I started with three staff members and six male dogs for day service. This was a 24 hour run organization, so we take dogs for overnight.
As a vet, I have seen all sort of animal dick, dogs were my favorite. Even without touching a dog, they could sense my love for them and how sex starved I was.
Mr James has two huge dogs black and brown, he was going to be off for the weekend and required 24 hours. I decided to stay there for the weekend, no staff, so I can save cost.
As I sat that Friday night watching movies, the dogs at my feet, as I went to shower they followed me, I always fuck myself before showering.
The dogs seem to know my horniness, as I stripped, they were at my pussy licking it out, up to my asshole, I tried to get out of there way, only to see the two dogs, dick escaping it’s sheath.
I was jumped on, I fell to the floor as blackie took my pussy the other stood in front of me, paws on my shoulder, I had to suck him. He was now fucking my mouth while the other worked his big stick in me, I knew he was about to knot, the sensation was great and I was enjoying and coming all over the knott.
The one in my mouth was rapid, stroke after stroke, I could tell these dogs was used to fucking human pussy.I had warm dog cum in my pussy and mouth.
After that, the next two nights had more fucking, on the seat, I spread my pussy for more licks.Then fast deep stroke of the dogs dick that speed no man can do me like my customer dog.
The last day, I was so involved in giving the dog their final treat, shampoo,massage, all three of us were in the bath.
Getting fucked by all 3 dogs in all holes with rapid speed. I didn’t hear Mr Jones, he caught me with the dogs dick stuck inside me, sweet nasty pain I moan in pain and pleasure, as he rimmed my ass, I was crying out in pain.
Well well…I heard as Mr Jones cleared his throat. Looks like I made the right choice he said and start stepping out of his clothes, stroking his big hard cock, while taking cum
from the jerking doggie cock rubbing into his to lube it up. Then proceeded to fuck the dog who had his knot in my ass,and he rammed his into the dog asshole.
I was in cloud nine, sending spasms of pleasure, moaning and groaning, he was talking and telling his dog how he missed them, and he bet my pussy was good, as he fucked that dog, he ordered me to suck his dogs cock until I had the other knot in my mouth.
Mr Jones and his dogs became my best customers at the doggie day care.

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    Is this real life

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