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Media Exposure

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This is Lisa Lorrey, not reporting from Harmony Glade condos.

They were all parked in the lot, out front of the trendy building, overlooking a nice wooded area with trails, a pond, and streams, also owned by the property. A gated community, however they also had openings to the real forest surrounding the property. Paved trails for mommy joggers with strollers, and teenagers to come, and go through the “Glade.”

It’s all fake, a development clearcut from a part of a National Forest they’d bought from the county. The sod they planted had grown together into a neatly trimmed carpet of monoculture grass. Nice enough, if you like that sort of thing, but a couple waved on the way past, then the wife whispered to her husband.

“She live here?”

“No,” he didn’t bother lowering his voice, “That’s Lisa Lorrey, from the news?”

He looked up, from the back of my tight skirt, but I had my blazer off, over my shoulder to avoid sweating on my short hike.

It beat talking to security, or arranging for any of my friends, living in the neighborhood to let me in. The rumor mill, I’d been here several times as a friend to gossip, or party, but never officially for a story.

Not much to report, honestly. They like to keep it that way, because for example, a sex scandal could affect their reputation, property values, the families that just want to raise their children safely, and so forth.

I’m not here to do that, so I came alone. The building is a little odd, looks out of place, amongst the surburban American dream homes lined up around circles. Each with trail access, a major selling point of the community.

No Neighborhood Watch signs, but discrete logos of alarm companies, security services on top of the full time guards watching the gate through closed circuit cameras. Normally, I don’t avoid them, but this time, I’m here for me, not to be seen.

Outside of the pool, I can hear, but not see splashes, and squeals from children, cooling off on this hot late summer day. Sticking to the shade, and regretting the navy blue. Dark fabric, cool and breathable enough as it is, but also soaking up the sun instead of my pale shoulders, the broad straps of my blouse covering my bra’s, and shaking the front to work relatively cool air down the low, but professionally modest neckline.

“Whew!” Stepping out of the shade, I waited by the side exit. At least there was a door-way, out of the sun, where I could pull my compact, check my hair, and un-madeup face. I’m blushing, already anticipating what’s to cum, and just remembering the videos. The raunchy stories, and smoking a cigarette next to the teardrop extinguisher by the corner.

Finally, a maid or someone came out, and lit up. Didn’t even say anything, just let me into the back hall. Past the laundry, where complimentary monogrammed towels were being folded for the pool, hot tub, sauna. It was cool, but humid in there, then I looked out through the spa.

The exercise room empty, weights stacked neatly, pilates machines, stationary bike, rower with a big fan for a flywheel, stair stepper, and 2 treadmills side-by side, in case you wanted to go for a run together, overlooking the pool. A waste of money for a place that advertises direct access to hiking trails, and mountain climbing, if you ask me.

I don’t belong here, honestly. I look the part, in my suit, smart pumps, designer bag, but that’s part of my job. I have to look professional, in front of the camera, and act comfortable interviewing celebrities, but honestly. All right, now I’m a local celebrity, that couple by the stream recognized me, though the woman couldn’t remember where from. She just waved, and then thought to ask her husband, but if I showed up with a camera crew, that would give me away immediately.

Instead, I just walked out front, as if I belonged here. The “Club House,” as if this were a golf course, and in some ways, I suppose they were similar. Honestly, I don’t understand the need for all of this. Lifestyle, but there’s the cars. I checked the notes on my phone to make sure, the license numbers matched, because a Jag, Mercedes, and even the Lotus didn’t really stand out, but they were parked together, at the bottom of the stairs.

A little girl stopped, to stare at my shoes. Looking me up, and down puzzled. “What?” I tucked my phone back in my purse.

“You go jogging in a suit?”

“Oh, no. These are just my driving shoes.” I laughed it off, “So, I don’t have to work the pedals in heels.”

“Oh, uh huh?” She looked about 12, and said “You look dif’rent without your glasses,” before she wandered off, boredly. I felt a little embarrassed, as if I’d been caught, or came close to being caught, when I didn’t really owe her an explanation, but I hurried up to the landing. Out front of the apartment, or the side of the building, as the case may be. Their own private entrance, with a bell I hit with my knuckle.

My wedding ring, and engagement set already tucked away in a chain around my neck, down my blouse, I straightened it, and pulled on my jacket, before Bobby answered the door.

“Hey, uh.” He looked nervous, and paranoid.

“Who is it?” Somebody called over video games playing inside, behind the door.

Bobby looked out, left, and right, then pushed past me to look down the stairs. “That lady from the news.”

“Lisa,” I offered my hand, “But I’m not here professionally.”

The other too came around to look out. I felt like I wanted to throw up, but I was just as nervous as I had been onstage, for my first talent show.

“Huhah!” I recognized that grunty chuckle. “Lisa Lorrey,” Jonas looked down at my shoes, for the second time in 10 minutes, when nobody looks at your shoes, if Andy Dufresne is to be believed. “What brings you to our humble home?”

“Yeah,” still paranoid, Bobby patted my back, and felt around through my jacket, and top. “You wearing a wire?”

“Search me,” I almost giggled at my own joke, but managed to keep a straight face. It was so exciting, just to be here, “But we better go inside first.”

Right in the door, I looked back, and dropped my jacket right away. Took a deep breath of the air conditioning, blasting from an exposed duct overhead.

“So,” Bobby, “What are you here for?”

“Well, I heard you guys do gangbangs.” I just cut to the chase, but honestly, I didn’t have to cut through the back way. I had friends in the neighborhood, and I could have gotten a pass through security easily, but I liked sneaking through yards. I always had, ever since the first time I caught a couple getting naked, and dirty through their bedroom window.

“Who told you that?”

I just laughed, it felt good to let it out, and pulling up my top, I just let it fall from my arms. “See?” I spun around in nothing but my bra, skirt, and sneakers.

“Huh, yeah. Huhah!” I never knew for sure, who laughed like that, because it was always off camera. Focused as it was on the girls, but it turned out to be Jonas. “She’s here for the treatment!”

“Come on, guys. Seriously, think about it.”

I turned around, “No, you think about it, Bobby. Seriously, you’re scared of me coming here, and recording you for what? Exposing you for making porn, when you film each other doing gangbangs all the time?” I felt his shirt, up his bulging short sleeves, then across his broad firm chest, down his rippling abs, and then pulled up his shirt to see the taut tanned musculature with my own eyes.

“Huh, honestly, I’m a big fan.” The other guys were already helping me out of my bra, finding the zipper on my hip, and guiding the open skirt down over the thong.

“You like porn?”

I nodded, but finally Bobby shrugged, and started kissing me. Feeling me, but it was hard to tell who’s hands were where, only that there were 6 of them. All over my body, and mine feeling the buckle on Bobby’s belt. I don’t have a favorite, in fact it’s hard to tell who’s body is who’s, because they barely showed their faces, but I felt the letters [PE] in bas relief. Perry Ellis, not bad, but it’s like the sports cars out front. The trendy gated community, and industrial chic condominium.

“Huh!” I went down, taking his pants and shorts with me, and he seized his chubby dick to pull it hard with a couple strokes.

“Smooch!” I looked back, surprised to hear the other 2, kissing. undressing each other, but running their hands over muscular abs, tanned hips, and tight buttocks.

“Huh, you’re bisexual?”

“Yeah, you’re so hot. You know, you two especially.” Dave grinned, “You look hot together.”

“It’s not gay or anything.” Bobby looked around nervously, “You’re not out to out us, or anything.”

“Huh!” I stood up, “Just shut up, and stop worrying about it.” I kissed him, “I’m not here to expose you, I just. Huh, I saw some of your videos, and talked to some of the, women you’ve done, and none of them said anything about you being bisexual, either.”

“Well, most guys in porn are.” Of course, they just don’t want to alienate most of their viewers, who’re probably straight.

“At least.” Behind me, it’s hard to tell their voices apart, “But you don’t mind if we go get the camera?”

“Oh,” I shook my head, looking back, but holding onto Bobby, and feeling up under his shirt.

“Huh, no. Go right ahead. Sorry, I just.” Bobby still looked sweetly unsure, in a way I never expected, after seeing how confident he always looked on camera. I should have, seeing as I have to do the exact same thing, every time I feel nervous, and have to push past it, but not this time. I’m thrilled, and ready to go!

“Don’t be sorry, just kiss me.”

“This’s gonna be the best video ever!” The other 2 came back. With the camera, a Sony HXR, and a tripod, they looked brand new.

“Yeah, huhah!” So, that must have been Dave, practically giggling like a middle school virgin seeing his first boob, but then I ignored it. All of it, and for a little while, it was just me, and Bobby.

“Smooch!” He ran his hands down my sides, and hips. “I hardly believe it myself.” He smiled down at me, and I could smell his breath. His sweat, and the musk of his arousal. His thumbs ran over my pubeless mons veneris, as the strings rolled down my hips in his fingers, but I’d just gotten a full body wax yesterday. “You’re even more incredible in person.”

All natural, I have to say, with some pride. I never even needed so much as braces, let alone a nose job, hair bleach, breast implants… Nothing, I was a small town beauty queen, then a spokes-model to pay my way through college, I got a journalism degree, and if I keep working hard, I may be be the Anchor some day, but I just got out of a, bad relationship.

With my producer, and I tried to ignore the signs that he was using me, showing up with me as an accessory, to look good. For sex, well he could use me for sex, I never minded that, but he couldn’t even make it good sex, and then we got to the point where my suspicions were confirmed. He never married, because he didn’t want the commitment, he was a serial monogamist, and he just dated for as long as it was interesting, but I didn’t want to believe all the women of the month, until I found out what it was like for myself.

In a word? Boring, if you scratch the surface, there’s nothing underneath. Just a wallet, a pay check, and while I never minded feeling like a whore, now that I’m free, I can can do this for myself. For fun, for sex with 3 hot guys that really know what they’re doing.

“Let me,” Bobby let go, and turned around. Waddling so his pants fell down around his Italian leather shoes, I got a couple handfuls of taut tanned tush. “Get the lights.” He fiddled with them, looking back over his shoulder, then the other guys were all. “Where do you want to do this?”

“Huh, the sectional?” I looked around, but that’s where the lighting was best. Jonas went over to pull the blinds, which diffused the sunlight pouring in from the balcony, and Bobby aimed the spots overhead on remote.

“Huh!” I was impressed, instead of anything so normal as a light switch, or even a bunch of dimmers, he had a touch screen, and complete control over the lights. On a bit of a gantry overhead, vaulted ceiling, looked like 2 huge pieces of angle iron butted together to make an up-side down T.

I kicked off my sneakers, and pulled my legs out of my skirt, underwear, and naked, I just sat back while Jonas, and Dave came in. Naked, hard, clean shaven, and deeply tanned. “Ooh!” They almost touched heads, but then I stopped looking back, and forth. trying to chose, and realizing that I could put them both in my mouth. “Oomph! Snh!” Smell their hot sweat mingling, I realized that they had to be. Bisexual, just based on the many straight threesomes I’d had before.

This was different, because they weren’t afraid to touch each other, cross swords, or even look at each other, because that might make them gay. I guess the girls never mentioned it, because it was so obvious, I just didn’t think about it, because the focus was always on her. The girl, and the point of view was always one of the guys.

This time, Bobby walking around, to get a good angle. Naked, and flaccid, so the foreskin stuck out, and wrinkled over the tip, but I didn’t mind. I had to guys right here, their soft firm strong fingers skillfully fondling my tits. Gently rubbing my nipples, and 2 hands slipping up my thighs. Fingers prying my sex open together, while Bobby got down, for a closeup.

“She’s so wet.”

“Swuip! Pah!” I licked dick sweat off my lips. “Yeah, and hot. Would somebody just go ahead, and fuck me?”

So then, a short break for our sponsor, Durex.

“This your first porn?” Bobby set down the camera, and screwed it into the tripod with a twist of the knob.

“Well, no. Not professionally, but.” I was already hot faced, so I hoped the blush didn’t show, “Uh, you got a monitor, or something?”

“Sure,” he wagged his tail over the the flat screen, shut off the game machine, and picked up the remote to switch over to the wireless feed.

“Just private home movies, for my lovers that wanted proof. You know, I had them sign NDAs so we could sue them, if they ever got leaked, but now I. I suppose it’s time I gave up, I want the exposure. Really.” I had to sign a non-nudity agreement for the network, to protect their family friendly image.

The other two came down from the loft quietly, so I didn’t hear them. “Huhah! Yeah, it’ll be great for your career?”

“No, not really, but I’m ready to leave the station. Honestly, my career has gone as far as I want to, I have a nice place.” I looked around, “Not as nice as this, but between the three of you.”

“Yeah,” Dave, “Huh. If they had any idea where we got the money when we signed up.”

“Of course they knew from the start, dipshit.” Bobby shook his head, and even squeezed his temples with his thumb, and longest finger. His fuck you finger.

“Uh, this is all fascinating guys, but I’m really horny as fuck now, so you want to get on with it?”

“Oh yeah.” Bobby reached over, and hit a button on the camera. Then, he looked over, back lit by the screen, and his buddy’s dicks clothed with fresh rubber closing in behind him. He mouthed ‘action,’ silently, so I got up. On my knees, and bent over the end of the chaise lounge. To suck Dave, while Jonas fucked me from behind with his thick hard circumcised dick.

“Ah, aghl ugh guk guk guk gack!” As soon as he started pushing my into Dave’s clean shaven, if not fresh waxed crotch, he took my head, and started throat fucking me good and hard. “CAHK! Huh, get my ass. Huh, I want to get fucked in the ass, too.”

“Yeah?” Jonas pulled out, and sniffed behind me. Bent over, and holding my cheeks open with his thumbs, he went down, and started exploring with his tongue.

“Huh, yeah. 3 dicks for three holes. Why don’t you cum over her,e and join us, too?” I out my elbow up on the end of the couch so I could inch my finger. Then, I pulled down Dave’s rubbery cock to get face fucked again, while Bobby’s hands started feeling over my body again, and Jonas loosened my pucker with his wet wriggling tongue.

It kept getting better, and better!


Hubby (Cuck Anon)

My wife got home, and pulled the tiny chain out of her palm. Slipped her rings back on her finger, as soon as she draped the chain over her jewelry tree.

I put the Late Show on [Mute] while she took out her ear rings. “I saw your exposé on gas price fixing. Good work.”

“Thanks,” she set down her ear rings, and close the case, then pulled her phone out, and dropped her jacket. “You want to switch to HDMI one?” I hit [Input] then switched over, while she plugged into the adapter, and tapped the screen.

“What’s this?”

“A surprise,” she piked up one foot, unbuckled the pump at the ankle, then the other on her way to the sofa. Setting them on the coffee table, I glanced up when the black screen lit up.

[Celebrity Leaks Proudly Present:]

“Huh!” I recognized them, immediately. Well, 2 of them, at least. Moving next to her, on either side on the white leatherette sectional. Also, the outfit she’d worn a couple days ago, so I didn’t have to ask when this was.

[Lisa Lowrey!] They spelled her name wrong. Across the bottom of the screen. [With: Dave Bronner, Bobby Cochraine, and Jonas Mackintosh.] Lucretia Sheenan, but of course, she’d changed her name. Legally, her parents were more than a little Goth in the 80s, so they named her after a Sisters of Mercy song. Then again, the guys had names like Bobby Cochraine, and Jonas Mackintosh? What kinda porn star name is that, he looks Jewish, not Scottish. Circumcised, too.

“Celebrity leaks?” She cuddled up next to my, rubbing my shirt up my tummy, and stopping to play with my belly button. Wiggling in her pinky, she smeared blush, and eye makeup on my shoulder, kissing my neck. Her hair still hard, and crackly against my ear from the makeup lady.

“Huh, we decided to release it through them. Once they heard about my Non Nudity Clause, they didn’t want to get sued by the network.”

“Smart,” I nodded, even as their clothes started coming off, she turned to watch, her hand slipping down to my fly, even as she went for their crotches on either side of her.

“Huh!” She sighed, rubbing me hard through the crotch.

“How was it?”

“You’d think, that I could come up with some way to describe it, huh?”

“Better than you imagined?” I shrugged, “I know, it’s cliche, but.”

“It took forever.” She nodded, “It never ceases to amaze me how much work goes into something so simple.”

“Huh, if you call a 3 way gangbang simple.” I wouldn’t know, I’ve never really been in a gangbang, but I like to watch. “Why me?”

“Oh,” she turned over, and slipped her fingers back out of my open fly. “You know.”

“Yeah,” I grinned, “But I never get tired of hearing you say it.”

“Huh!” She rolled her eyes, and went back to unbuttoning my pants. So, my belly dropped out, and she could pull down my waistband.

“You can get any man you want.”

“Of course, but I don’t love them. I love you. Awlh!” Her hot mouth, greasy lipstick, I cracked my eyes to see her face, in closeup. 2 rubbery dicks, fighting over her mouth, but then I noticed her freckles.

Not for the first time, the light dusting of tannish spots across her nose, and around her eyes. Usually covered up with foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and shadow.

“Smuip!” She let it slip out, long enough to get her fingers wet, and slick it further down the shaft, then kissed it right on the head, swirling her tongue around it before going back down to envelop it in her warm greasy lips.

“Huh!” I love her makeup, not that she needs it. She’s even better without it, to cover her freckles, but the way it feels on my skin. “Huh, honey. Stop, slow down huh!”

“Smuip!” She slicked it back down, and started stroking again, slow enough to keep me hard, but not fast enough to finish me off.

“Huh, how long is this, anyway?”

“Huh, I don’t know, I haven’t watched it with the edit but. It took a couple days to shoot it.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Huh, yeah. Why do you care so much about the behind the scenes stuff, anyway?”

“I don’t know,” It’s mostly just a distraction, when she’s trying her damnedest to suck me off. “It’s your world, but I just love to hear you talk about it.”

“You’re weird.” She laughed.

“I know, that’s why you love me.” She said, among other things, but honestly. She sounds so bored, and frustrated by all the delays, she hates to wait, and when she starts getting upset, impatient, her grip gets tighter, and she starts jerking harder. Faster, “Huh, honey, hugmh!”

She let go, and I tried to hold back, but there was just a twitch from my clenching my butthole.

“You want to hear a secret?” She distracted me, changing the subject.

“Huh, yeah. Uh.” So close.

She got up, and whispered in my ear. ‘they’re all bisexual.’ She gripped it, then sucked my ear lobe in, squeezing it hard to keep it from going soft.

“Really?” Her lipstick smeared on my earlobe when it slipped out of her tightly pinched teeth. That famous smile, with the whitening strips, but that beauty mark smeared to a blurry spot next to her nose.

“Huh, of course. Most guys in porn are. That’s what they had to take breaks for, besides the usual change of rubbers, and fresh lube.”

I swallowed, “Thanks. Huh, that was close.” I want to watch the whole thing, then pound her, but it’s not staking my claim. I don’t have anything to prove, because she already proved it, when she walked through that door.

Again, night after night. It’s true, she could have any man that she wants, even big boned bisexual porn stars, and she did, but she always came back. To me, she used men for sex, but not me. She loves me, and me alone, even though I’m losing my hair, and gaining more pounds every year. I’m getting older while she’s.

For professional reasons, I can’t tell you how old she is, but old enough that it could affect her career. She’s a professional face, smiling, and nodding to the camera, telling us all how serious this human interest story is, but it’s a professional mask.

Nobody knows her, like I do. “Huh? Honey, wh, what?”

She stopped. “Huh, for instance, this was actually first.” Dave buried up to his nose in her buttocks. “I came back to reshoot the opening scene on the couch, with our clothes on, and a change of shoes.”

“Oh, huh!” Not so close this time. “So, that’s why this doesn’t look as amateur, as most of the leaks on that site.”

“Exactly. Now, shut up, and let me suck you off.”

“Oh, huh! Honey uh! You know how your dirty mouth. Uh, huh! Honey, uh! Fuck!”

“Ng,” She swallowed, “Snh! Ngh, snh ngh, snh ngh!” Rubbing the side with her tongue between spurts, she swallowed every drop, and sniffed in breaths through her nose. “Huh, huh!” She sat back, “Huhhhhh!” Wiping the wisp of hair that got loose away from her eyes.

“You know I can’t hold it, when you talk dirty.” I caught my breath.

“Huh, sorry.” She got up. “Let me go take my face off.” Letting her hair down, and slipping out of her top, on her way down the hall.

“Okay,” I wiped the greasy pink mix of lipstick, spit, and jizz with my shirt, but I watched the rest of the gangbang, and as I hoped, I got it up for a second cumming.

By then she was ready for bed, so I kicked my pants off, and joined her. I’m not going to bother with the blow by blow. If you want to see it, you can download it yourself. That’s CelebrityLeaks.Com…

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