Punish mom and my brother part 2

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I return back home. It pay back time. Mom going to have my baby.

I spend 3 year in Pastikan. My Sergeant send me back home. My sister already 17 and mine twins 5 year old. As soon I got home my sister saw me she lost weight from 200 to 120. She was so beautiful. The twin was sleeping. A soon I went in I carry her to my bed and we fuck like animal. We took a shower wake up my twins they don’t know I’m not only they dad but Uncle too. I was 24. I married my sister online and virtual in the computer. We send the twin to our neighbors to baby sit while we we went to a expensive motel for our honeymoon. While eating in the restaurant she told me my other daughter going turn 10. My brother got 4 more childrens. I told her I got a plan. My brother become a lawyer. My mom is his assistant. I told her call our brother to this motel. Bring the bell boy to our room. You start have sex with him and get him drunk. A soon my our brother come tell buy him a lot of drink while he out drunk bring to our room put him naked with the ring boy both naked and take picture. She did that she call our brother then the call the bell boy he was fatty boy fuck him . My brother call my sister that he downstairs. When she went downstairs first thing he said what the fuck you want he didn’t recognize me. My sister said this my new husband and we want invited you to have drinks with us. He was start drinking and we was drinking apple juice acting like we drinking beers. He got so drunk we walk him to our room took his clothes off she jerk him and make him cum the bell boy mouth and the did the same thing to the bell boy make him cum on my brother mouth then she kept jerking both them and make then cum stomach on each other. We turn the heat on and make then sweat. We took pictures. We wait for they to wake up a soon they wake up they saw both naked cum taste on their mouth and dry cum on their body. The bell boy didn’t mine because he was gay but don’t remember nothing. My brother start cursing no no no fuck no. We where sitting there and laughing. He went to the bathroom start vomiting and clean himself. The bell boy don’t remember nothing but was happy he just told us he break up with his fiance. He got dressed tell us to him call him and left. My brother came out from the bathroom and I told him ” you don’t remember me I’m your brother. And now you going pay for what you did and mom too. We got pictures by and show to him. I got copies in my laptop and I could send it to your office and mom and my ex your wife. He crying please don’t it will ruin my career what you want me to do. Call mom bring her here tell her is a office meeting and while I fuck mom you going fuck my wife our sister. He told fuck no that sick you two are fucking sick. I told my sister push the bottom and send those pictures. He said ok ok I do it. He call mom she 55 year old . Mom showed up to the motel. Whoa she got nice curve. Nice ass and huge the tits she recognizes me. First thing she said what the fuck your both doing doing here referring me and my sister. I told mom you going pay for what you did. My brother told mom, mom thisk look nasty but as your boss I order you to fuck him. Mom said fuck no what you thinking. My brother put a sad face and sorry mom if you don’t you fire. I see my mom cry but son don’t make do this. Mom get near me and said let just get this over. She started kissing me I push her to bed remove her clothes I grab that huge tits and sucking them. My sister start sucking my brother cock. He look that he enjoyed. He carry my sister to the bed and kissing her wild. There where two bed in the room. I start eating mom wet pussy. Fingering her with 4 finger. She was moaning ooooooooh oooooh oooooh. Oooooh mom your pussy tasted good delicious juice mmmm. She moaned oooooh please don’t stoooop.

My brother was sucking my sister tits going crazy for her tits. Then he put his cock on her mouth starting sucking him. I took my 12 inch mom open her mouth and started sucking me too. Ooooh shiii mom ooooh yes suck like you suck dad before he died. Mom was sucking faster and faster. I turn mom the other size and told her I’m going fuck your ass. Mom screaming not there not even your dad do that to me. I put all in and she make a scream. OOOOOOOOOUUUCH IT FUCKING HURT!!!!!! Shut up bitch and take it fucking her more harder. She moaned loud Oooooooooooooooh Fuuuuuuck don’t fucking stooop. My brother doing the same to my sister. Then I turn her around tell mom let make a baby. She scream no son no I can still get pregnant. Put a condom. Fuck condom mom you going have my baby. She started fighting me and then my brothe told let him do it mom or you fire while he was fucking my sister harder. My sister was moaning loud. In 30 minute I make a screaming Oooooooh mommy I’m going to cuuuum. And huge load inside her. My brother cum inside my sister too.. I told then punishment is not done yet

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  • Reply Dan

    Also your sister was 15 as she got pregnant. If you’ve been away 3 years your twins couldn’t be 5 and she would be 18.

  • Reply Dan

    Thought Jimmy was your brother, Now the author is jimmy…

  • Reply Anonymous

    Part 3?