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Becoming Aware – La Joia E La Tragedia – Part 6

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Young autistic girl learns to accept the joys of incest before tragedy strikes again.

Dad found a good doctor and took me and mom to see him to get us on the pill. I waited until the day after my period stopped one month and let Bill inside. It was a rainy winter day and our parents went down to Mexico for a weekend honeymoon with the babies due in about a month. Dad had already bought us a proper king size bed to sleep in and we had been working with some “props,” (think Oscar Meyer) for a while when I told Bill: “It looks like my period is over. This is as good a time as any. I know it is going to hurt but let’s do it.”

And so we spent most of the day in bed. There was lots of kissing and oral sex in advance so we were both prepped for our early afternoon encounter. We decided that I would be on top so I could control the pain until such time as I thought I could handle a real missionary pumping. And so I knelt above his huge dick and slowly tried to lower myself onto it. It took almost a half hour for me to get it about 1/3 of the way in but Bill was so patient and gentle and even said that we could try again later, that I decided to bite the bullet and slam myself down on him. And I did. There was a lot of pain and I didn’t want to move again but I could see that Bill needed me to move at least a little. So I lifted a little, then down again and paused, then lifted a little and down again. The pain was enormous and I really wanted to stop when Bill pushed me up about half way and slammed me down on him as he loudly moaned: “I’m cumming!” I slumped over on top of him and we both slept for a couple of hours. Bill later told me it was the best orgasm he ever had and I was glad that I could give him that with my virginity.

I was sore for almost two weeks and we waited until my period started again before we tried again. This time we did it standing up in the shower. I had a little step that I stood on and Bill kind of squatted to get in a low position so I could move up and down on him. We also oiled up good. It wasn’t as painful as before and there was some blood but after about 2 minutes Bill came in me and told me he loved me so much. We then showered and waited until it appeared to be the last day of my period to do it in the shower again.

The pain was a lot less and I actually enjoyed it a bit. Bill lasted longer too. Then two days later when I was sure there would be no blood, I let him go full missionary on me after a lot of foreplay. I enjoyed most of it even though there was some pain and Bill said it was the best sex he had ever had because he could hold back and make it last! I was happy that I could finally give him almost everything he wanted. I was still unsure about the love thing though.

As the pain grew less and less, we had more and more full intercourse, always with lots of foreplay and kissing. I kept worrying though that I would get pregnant but the pill worked. Sometimes we would sneak over near our parents room and listen to them having sex, then rush back to our room and fuck like bunnies all night. I let Bill put it in my rear once but I did not like it so Bill said it was OK to skip that routine. I got really good at blow jobs and even though Bill could now hold off for 30 minutes or more while we were having our missionary fun, I could always suck him off in less than 5 minutes, sometimes quicker if I just licked under his dick near the head. I didn’t mind him squirting all over me and we even started having long conversations at night after sex.

During that six months, dad sold the house, mom had two beautiful healthy baby girls, we bought a really nice big house above the beach with two master bedrooms. But the big news happened before all that and before we left our home on the hill. Mom and dad got married in a small chapel just for us, no legal papers though.

The babies hardly ever cried and mom was getting better and better at cooking gourmet dinners partially thanks to the incredible grocery market nearby. Dad had gotten a promotion at Disney so money was no problem. Both Bill and I still went to school though although when we were there we pretended not to know each other. We never invited anyone over to our house and did not participate in the normal gossip and social clicks. All in all we were happy and didn’t care about having friends. One night we even caught our parents having sex out on a chase lounge by the pool. We watched and it made us horny so we did the same thing noisily the next night in case they wanted to watch. We never talked about it with them but all of us seemed as happy as we could be.

Then after we were all perfectly comfortable and happy with our new lives and our new home on the bluff above the beach, a huge storm blew in. It raged for days and in the middle of the night, the cliff below our house gave way and we all slid down into the ocean. As fate would have it, I was awakened by the need to pee and rushed toward the door in the living room. The rest of the house vanished and I was the only one to live through the catastrophe. I sat on the couch and watched the storm until the rescuers arrived and took me to the hospital. Now I was 13, homeless, all alone and grieving for the only people I really ever felt close to in my entire life.

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