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The “Doctor” is IN πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

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Dad’s physical was due and I enjoyed giving him the “once over”……πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

As an incestuous threesome family, we try to keep our sexcapades fresh and exciting. We engaged in role playing about once a month or so. We each have “acted” out in different catagories. Today, is dad’s annual physical.

The “exam room” was set up in our garage. I’m the “Doctor”, mom is the “Nurse” and dad is well, dad. I’m wearing scrubs, mom is in Nurses scrubs and they are about two sizes too small and dad is sitting on the exam table in a hospital gown.

I walk in to begin the exam. “Good Afternoon, Sir. How are you doing?” “Just fine Doc. Time for my annual check up.” “Fantastic. Let’s get started, shall we?” While saying this, I sat on a stool and I was eye level looking at dad’s cock. Mom’s nipples were rock hard and my cock was getting stiff. When I leaned over to get a good look at dads ball, he had touched mom’s pussy and the fucker was soaking wet.

I had dad lay back so I could check him out. I touched his neck, chest, nipples, stomach and pubic area. I took my time touching all around his pubic hair, cock and balls. I had him lye on his stomach and I checked his back, thighs and calves. This was done slowly and methodically. Mom stood by dad’s face so he could sniff her pussy and ass.

I spread dad’s ass cheeks apart. I gently caressed his ass. I leaned in and licked at his asshole. I rimmed his ass as I fondled his balls. I told him to stand so I could check for a hernia. He stood up, pulled his shorts down and I took hold of his hairy balls. I held them firmly, as my cock stood straight up. Dad’s cock was throbbing, by this time.

I sat on the stool and lifted dads balls to my mouth. I kissed his balls and licked them, then worked my way up his thick cockshaft to his fucking head. I licked around his head as I jacked myself off. Mom squeezed her tits as she french kissed dad, which caused his cock to grow harder.

Mom moved up on the exam table taking her scrub top off freeing and exposing her perky tits. As dad sucked her big nipples, she pulled her scrub pants down and dad pushed two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. I continued to suck dads cock and gave him a through oral exam. Dad’s cock tasted good. I was still beating off, not too fast. I did not want to cum just yet.

Mom straddled dads face and he pleasured her pussy with his tongue. I stood up and took hold of both of our cocks, in one hand and jacked us both off. I sucked dad’s hard nipples, then started to lick mom’s hot ass. I licked between her ass cheeks until I reached her puckered asshole. I tongue fucked her ass and dad did the same to her cunt.

I then stood up and slipped my stiff cock into dad’s mouth. He sucked my cock hard as mom feverishly licked my tight balls. I wanted dad’s cock inside me. I lowered my ass over his cock and he moved his head around until we could squeeze it into my asshole. He fucked me while I ate mom’s pussy. Mom moaned with delight and moved her twat up and down my tongue. I wanted to fuck her badly!

Dad pulled his cock from my ass and mom sucked him off, then he lye back on the table. Mom got on top and put his cock in her pussy as she rode his cock, I licked her ass, the bottom of her fucking pussy, the base of dad’s cock and his balls. Their fuck juice tasted pretty good. They were laying flat as I lubed my cockhead and mom’s asshole.

I pushed my manhood up mom’s ass and I could feel me and dad’s balls fucking each other, too. I said to dad, ” This is supposed to be your exam.” He said, ” Do I pass?” I said, “Not yet.” As I felt my cock move deeper into mom’s asshole. Mom tightened her “K” muscle and it felt good on dad’s cock. I wanted to give dad an anal exam and told him so.

I kissed mom’s back and said that it was time to continue with the sexam. Mom slowed to a stop with dad’s juicy cock still inside of her pussy. I withdrew from mom’s ass as dad pulled out of her cunt. Me and mom wrapped our mouths around dad’s cock and balls. Dad held my cock and caressed my hairy balls. I kissed his balls and licked them top to bottom. They were wet and sweaty, but tasted fucking good!

I french kissed mom on dads cockhead and then had dad roll over and get up on all fours. When he did, I stood In front of him and had him suck my cock. An oral exam of sorts. He gobbled up my pre-cum and flicked his tongue at my balls. Mom rubbed her pussy on his ass crack as if she had a cock to stick up his ass. Then she crawled underneath him to a 69. As she sucked dad’s cock, dad ate her pussy.

I got behind dad and slurped up his ass juice. I made sure his asshole was good and wet. I then got up and inserted my stiff cock into dad’s ass. I pushed in until my pubic hair pressed against his hairy ass and my balls were up against him, too. Mom would lick the base of my cock and part of my cockshaft as I slid in and out of dad’s ass. Dad stuffed hid tongue into mom’s pussy. And popped a finger into her asshole.

I wanted to cum. I felt the walls of dad’s ass caressing my cock, as if I was masturbating to an orgasm. Mom moaned as her pussy exploded in dad’s mouth. Dad’s cock was stiff as board. His balls were aching and mom would get the brunt of his hot, creamy load. I held dad’s hips as I bucked and fucked him as I would fuck mom.

Mom must have sensed that I wanted to cum, because she was licking my balls and sucking them into her mouth. When she popped them out, the second time, that was it! I started to cum! I came like a fucking geyser. La Buffadora! I filled dad’s ass with my hot fucking goo and it ran down my cockshaft over dads balls into moms waiting mouth!

As I came, so too did dad. Deep in mom’s fucking mouth. Sucking his cock for all it was worth. I couldn’t wait to wrap my lips around his throbbing member, spewing his hot cum down her throat! I pulled out of dads cum filled ass and licked his big fucking cock. I could feel his cockshaft pulsating as every ounce of cum left his body.

I grabbed his manhood and pulled it from mom’s mouth, in order to put it in mine. I got to taste some of his cum, but mom got the bulk of his load. In the past, I’ve had my share if dad’s cum load in my mouth and ass, shot all over me actually, but that will happen again.

As we got up and started to get dressed, dad asked, “So Doc. Did I pass my physical?” I said, “Indeed you did, kind Sir, but I feel you should return A.S.A.P. for a “follow up exam.” Dad smiled put his cock back in his shorts and said, “The pleasure will be all ours.” πŸ˜‰πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

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    This was hot

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      Thank you. πŸ†. I really enjoy my dad’s cock. I never thought I would want his cock as much as I do. Don’t get me wrong. My mom’s pussy is fucking hot! I have the best of both fuck mates. Fucking my mom & sucking my dad’s cock at the sametime. Priceless. The shit we do is fucking amazing! Sucking the cum out of my dad’s balls while I cum inside my moms pussy, is the best! Watching them both suck my cock until I cum in their mouths, unbelievable! πŸ˜‰πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†