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My Near House Aunt

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An sex that done between my near house aunt,My sister also have enjooye the sex.We all have enjoyed the sex whole day.

Hi friends, Myself Jhon and i am 22.and this story is going to tell u the sex that happen between me and my near home muslim aunty .Yeah she was an muslim. her name is mumtaj .she has an daughter named teju and she has a son taj and her bloody fucking husband name is ifran.
she was looking little fat and she wear saree outside and she always wear nighty in home.her husband always like to fuck her on sunday night. On every sunday night she moans a loud like(ah..ah…ah…..ah…..).
and he important thing is that they both fuck infront of their childs. her daughter was studing 12th and she was looking little good and a small BOOBS.her son taj was studing 7th.
she has an massive boobs and every one in the street will satre at her.she never weres a BRA and sometimes she will be naked in the house.i used to see sometimes from my house.
on a day this incident happen in my home no one is there and i always watch porn and mastrubates .
but i will close the door but i forget to lock the door.On that day she came to my home to give some vegetables.
i was fuly naked and shacking my 10inchs cock. she silently came inside and suddenly opened the door i was shocked and she saw me what i was doing and i also shocked and i asked her to wait out and i cdressed up and came out. she was standing outside and i got the vegetables and i saw her face she smiled at me .And i told her not to tell what she saw now and then she stared to ask some questions.then she went silently,while she going she told me to countinue. then i started to continue then that day gone good,
afte this incident i always used to see her and give a lusty smile.
again one day she came inside and i was mastrubating and by this time i not stopped i just continued my strokes and she came in and she gave me the vegetabes. i told he myhand is full of sperm so please keep it there ,then she looked at my dick and asked me how many times u mastrubate.i told if i get horny.
she asked me how u get horny .i told by seeing you.she smiled and said can i touch ur cock.i agreed and she touched my dick and i felt embrassed.then she slowly strocked and i said her to continue she also done
she gave me a good blowjob.and i presed her boob.then we started to fuck.i fucked her oraly for 20mins .i grabed her hair and fucked like a slave.i make her to be a item for me.and asked her to bring her daughter to be get fucked by me she also agred and bought her another day .i fucked her daughter by wearing condom.

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    The stories are so sweet

  • Reply Abood ID:4ke9th6ia

    Fuck you mother fucker Muslim girls don’t do that shut

  • Reply Adoro ID:1c25cx7lzrd

    Nice Story!

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    What a great story started to get my cock really hard especially when you started talking about her and her daughter but your story is a little short would love to know more