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Amy Tale/s – Alumni Party

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I said, it is not an insinuation, if you want to try sex with a guy, I can hook you up, that is what you want to hear, right? Chris said, yes…

The next week was homecoming week, and Zoey made the court and was in the running for queen. Paige was qualified, but the voting killed her. Paige has actually made more enemies than friends. She has stolen girl’s boyfriends, then humiliated them with little pecker rumors among her other sex antics with girls, and this was their way of popularly shutting her out. The whole week has events and rallies leading up to the game.

I will be skipping past Friday following this tale because after the game was a student dance, and I left. We lost the game, and another girl was crowned homecoming queen, but Zoey had the honor of being in the court. One event before Friday on Thursday night was an alumni party. Jim is an actual alumnus of the school, but teachers were the bulk of the attendees. I went as Jim’s date. Of course, Beatrice and Wendell, Britney and Chris, Michelle and Steve, Sarah and Heather, and Sophia and Eric were there. Sophia has been fucking Eric and Troy every now and then because they are gay butt buddies now, and Sophia loves watching guys have sex together.

Wendell and Beatrice greet me, and I say, hi Wendell, you keeping this firecracker happy in the bedroom? Beatrice looks at me, sexy like, she no longer cares if I tease her, she has accepted that I am going to be me. Wendell laughs and says, how is Mrs. Janet? I say, probably doing something naughty right now. Wendell is Max and Janet’s attorney, and he represented them when a cuckold husband got mad when his wife went wild at one of Janet’s parties. Wendell is at least aware of Janet’s promiscuousness enough to get the joke.

I am not going to draw out the socializing at the party much more than what I wrote above. The party served for one interesting conversation I had with Chris (Britney’s husband), and he is the 12th grade economics teacher and head football coach (who will be 1-4 after losing the homecoming game tomorrow). It is his first year as the head football coach. Britney has described him as being under stress from the win/lose record, but that he has shifted to focus on the JV team’s practice integration into the varsity. Britney says he is building for next year.

Anyway, Chris isolated me when I was coming out of the bathroom. He obviously wanted to talk to me in private. Chris wanted to know what relation I had with Allen (his tight end…and mine, ha-ha). I said, well, I don’t think I have to explain myself, but he has been seeing Paige some (which was not true, but I wanted to see what Chris was up to). The first thing that bothered me about Chris’s interest, was not that Allen was a student possibly mixed up sexually with an adult, but that Chris failed to ask about Zoey and Miranda who were there too. At first, I thought maybe he was just concerned about his football player, but then Chris said; did you know Allen is gay?

This was stepping over the line curiosity in my mind, and it did not pass the smell test of concern for Allen. Talking about Allen’s sexual orientation would be personal, and something Chris should not talk about to others. I said, well, as a matter of fact, Allen is bisexual, and why is it of concern to you, Chris? Chris could tell I was defending Allen, and he was now worried about the line he just crossed. Chris said, I just wanted to know if you knew? I said, I do know, but why are you interested, are you bisexual? Chris says, no, I am married. I said, well, if you are curious about being bisexual, I can hook you up in private. I calmed Chris by touching his chest.

Chris hesitates, like he was digging a deep hole looking for buried treasure, and he hits the treasure chest, and he looks around to see if anyone noticed. Chris says, no, I said I was married, but you have hooked Allen up with male dates? I say, yes, in fact, most of my boyfriends are bisexual. I can see it in Chris gestures, his eye flutters, his nervous condition, he is scared to reveal his kink. I have seen this happen, people fantasize about something, and then they want to do it. For Chris, I am the only person he knows personally and by reputation that is open sexually, but his inhibitions are preventing him from being open.

I reach into my purse and get a card and write my cell number on it, and I hold it out, and I say, if you are curious, give me a call when you have free time. Chris stares at my hand and looks around to see if possibly his wife sees us, and she is in a conversation with someone else. Chris takes the card, and now I know his curiosity has boiled to the point of actual experimentation.

We finish our party night and I leave and follow Jim home and spend the night, and he eats my pussy and I fuck his thick 10” big black cock. I snuggle up to my 6’ 1” black hunk and he holds me. I love sleeping with him. Now that we have been seen again together twice publicly, I feel I have recovered something that was once fun, until Janet ruined it. I have also refreshed my wardrobe at his place, and when my jacuzzi and shower is done, this is going to be a sweet getaway spot for me again. I went to work Friday, and to the game Friday night, and came back to Jim’s afterwards, and it was just me and him. I loved it, it was a change from the group focused sex, and I could be a blonde white milf, with a hunk big cock black man alone.

Saturday morning at 7am they were knocking on the door, and I just went bedroom hair and naked and opened and let Dave and three of his workers in. They were taking out the windows and setting the tub. I stood there naked talking to Dave, and his guys stared and tried to start work. The jacuzzi had a built-in heater to maintain temperature, but Dave was asking about the hot water heater. Jim’s current hot water heater was like 40 gallons, and it was getting old. Dave was under the impression that I could shuck out more money for a bigger heater and just replace Jim’s. Dave was going to install an additional 50-gallon for the new shower and jacuzzi, but this was a six-person jacuzzi. Shit, I spent as much on the new 200-gallon hot water heater than the jacuzzi and shower installation.

Dave told me it would not fill the jacuzzi, but it would fill half of it, and the gas hot water heater would recover fast. I ended up buying it and when it was all finished, I had endless hot water in the whole house. I also had to help Jim (on his teacher’s salary) keep up his utility bills. Pay from my work was virtually expendable anyway. Ken kept me in high cotton.

Dave left the guys working and the two Mexicans where the same two, but the other guy was a white guy in his mid-30s. They were staring and I moved my knees around and shook my tits and said, do you like what you see boys? They laughed and said, oh yes. I said, well do a good job, and maybe I will go find you some lemonade and bring it to you later, and I went back inside. Beatrice did not show up today, and I laid back in the bed with Jim and tried to avoid exhibitions that would draw out Harold or Molly. The workers worked and I eventually got up and left.

I got home, and around 4pm, Chris called and wanted to know more about what I was insinuating at the alumni party. I said, it is not an insinuation, if you want to try sex with a guy, I can hook you up, that is what you want to hear, right? Chris said, yes, but I do not want Britney to know. I said, well, I won’t tell her (but I might show her, ha-ha). I was fucking his wife Britney without his knowledge, and now he wants to fuck one of my boyfriends without her knowledge. That is too good to pass up, Janet would orgasm watching that meeting. There was a teacher workday coming this Tuesday, and he could finish early, and meet. I said, I will call you with the specifics.

I needed to first establish that Chris was bisexual and would not just freak after trying it and never want to do it again. Chris had to like it and want to keep doing it. Britney accepted lesbian sex, and she had fucked most of Ethan’s big black cock. There were a lot of kinks in this mix, and I didn’t want to involve Janet until I knew for sure Chris was bisexual. See Amy Tale/s – Two’s Gay Tuesday for what happens next.

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