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Author: Jimmy

Best friends went to far

All through school I was friends with Johnathan. Even though I knew he was gay . I was not but I was this small nurd of a guy , tryed me best to find girl friends but who wants a nurd... # #

363 words | 2 |4.38

Amy and Abby 2

I am 14. Amy and Abby are 7. I am lying asleep in bed. My dad tells me he and mom are leaving for work and I am in charge. My door opens suddenly bursts open and I hear their battle... # # # #

1061 words | 6 |4.34

Amy and Abby

When I was 14, my twin 7yo step sisters Amy and Abby and I were playing together. “Lets do the rollercoaster.”, one said. I found the Youtube video and sat Abby on my lap and bounced... # # # #

998 words | 17 |4.70