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My 12 and 13 year old sisters- Part 3

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Going shopping and fun in the trial room… 😉 Read part 1 and part 2 to understand


After we were done getting cleaned up, I thought that it would be a great idea of going shopping and buy undergarments and new clothes for Amy and Jessie (since I tore their favorite bra) and also have lunch in a restaurant. I told them the plan, they were really excited. We decided to go in my car.
We went to a nearby mall and then we decided to go to Jockey. I told Amy and Jessie to go choose what they wanted. They came back holding 10 full set of undergarments each. I could afford them but I did not know why they needed so many and not proper clothes. I did not question them and told them to try all of them.

They pulled me into a trial room and shut the door. I was scared that people would have seen me entering the women’s trial room.

ME (Whispering): “Why did you bring me here what if I was caught entering the women’s trial room.” All 3 of us were in one room. It was really tiny.

Amy: “We want that you see how we look.”

I did not care much and agreed. I made sure I did not make any noise. So they became naked and started trying the undergarments. They looked really sexy and hot in those bikinis
Every time they tried a new one I got hornier and hornier.

I couldn’t control myself anymore. I pulled jessie towards me and whispered

ME: “I cant control myself anymore. Since I already fucked you back at the gym I will fuck Amy now, so just guard the door.” Jessie agreed and near the door.

Amy wasn’t paying attention and was changing into a new bikini. I pulled my pants down grabbed Amy removed her panties and then lifted her, pushed her against the wall and inserted my dick into her hole.

She started moaning loudly. ” AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH OMG NOT HERE-”

I put my hand around her mouth to make her stop shouting and fucked her rapidly. Me and Jessie could here her moans but people outside could not.


Hearing Amy’s moans Jessie couldn’t control herself. She made sure the door was shut and went closer to Amy. She removed her bra and started sucking her nipples.

I told Jessie to sleep on the ground, I then placed Amy on the ground so that Amy’s mouth was right next to Jessie’s pussy. Amy removed Jessies panties and started licking her pussy. Jessie moaned really loudly but covered her mouth with her hands.


Then I fucked Amy so fast that the sound that was made when my thighs hit her ass kept on becoming louder. Amy moaned a lot more but did not take her mouth off jessie’s pussy.
I finally was about to cum. Luckily there was a dustbin full of bills and other paper in the trial room.
So as soon I was about to cum I removed my dick from Amy’s hole and pointed it into the dustbin. After I was done I saw that Jessie was about to cum as well since Amy did not stop sucking her pussy.

So I went ahead and placed my mouth near her pussy and Jessie came in Amy and my both, she moaned

I took all the juice in and drank it and Amy did the same.
We were all completely exhausted.
We all slowly got up and wore our clothes. Amy and Jessie went out and made sure nobody was around and then I came out as well.
We ended up buying all those bikinis.

We then went back to my car to go to a restaurant. Amy and Jessie were upset though for some reason. I asked them why they were upset.

Amy: “We are upset because you released your sum in a dustbin, we wanted to drink it.”

ME: “Yesterday morning you guys did not know anything about porn/sex. You guys are getting way too much into it. Its better I teach you different things about porn than you learn from the internet. If I teach you it will be more fun. So from now stop watching porn.”

Both of them understood what I was saying and agreed that they would not watch porn.

We went to a restaurant had lunch and went back home.


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    Mmm fucking hot

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    Damn ..i want to experience it (3some) add me on my snapchat(avrilwhite20) for more

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    I know what your saying I seen my little sister naked frum age of 4 years old to 10 years old and loved it and I got naked to 8 years old to 14 years old. I touched her soft butt one time and I seen her vagina I watched her go from a flat chested to a bra size of 34C.

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    I have masturbated 3 times till now and all 3 times has been reading this series if stories… AMAING DUDE..

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  • Reply Bruh Nick ID:5xrlmj9d2

    I can’t wait till part 4

    • Ryan ID:tnxw07zk

      I am sorry man, I did promise a part 4 but nothing interesting happened. Well all 3 of us went to the beach the next day and again had sex… that’s it.. Pls make up your own story with that

    • Ryan ID:2wp3st9lqrk

      Well I thought about it again and part 4 is out you can read it….

    • Annie White ID:7lxwjy1d9a

      Ryan your sisters are lucky my brother only smells my pussy & leaves me high & dry . Once he fingered my pyssy , clitoris sniffed his fingers & left the room to fuck his wife the next door & I could hear it all ….

  • Reply Makayla ID:etyy01942

    Hey Ryan I read all 3 parts… I actually love how you bought emotion and naughtiness into the story..
    I absolutely loved it…

    I happen to have a similar story (which is real) with my father, I will be taking your story in account and kind of write it in the same way getting emotions…

    • Ryan ID:etyy01942

      I am glad that it helps you out.. I will definitely read your story once it is out…
      Nice knowing you Makayla

    • Makayla ID:etyy01942

      It is already out Ryan.. It is called “My dad deserves my underaged hot body”…

    • Makayla ID:etyy01942

      Yup I just read it… It was amazing

    • Harsh ID:1ejar9t9xpjt

      Please also send me

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    What a great story I love part one part two and part three what I would really like to know is are you fucking your mother as well have you got either one of your sister is pregnant or maybe all three I need to know everything

    • Mr.die ID:1b3zls588rd

      Leave u pedo

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      Timothy for real how many times do i have to say get your 40 year old pedofile Dick out of here

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      Mr.die, Atlas…
      We are on a website which is not restricting fictional child porn.. There are pedophiles in this website and there is no point in you guys wasting energy to type and telling them to leave… They won’t