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The lotto changed our lives

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Dad wins the lottery and now mum regrets telling dad its over and trys to fix things.

Money made my dad turn into a monster,
Everything started when I was about 13.
At home was myself, my twin brother ( not identical ), my mum and dad.
Going back to when it started mum and dad were arguing alot, me and Tommy  heard yet another argument one night, mum was telling dad its over she dont love him anymore and when Xmas and the newyear is over with she is leaving with us kids. We could hear dad crying and begging but mum was adamant. We noticed dad was sleeping on the sofa every night and how sad he had got but things changed massively one evening when we were all sitting in the front room watching TV and dad turned on the lotto and pulled a ticket out if his pocket, we all heard mum murmer somthing along the lines of still wasting money when dad shot back that well its now his money to waste and will do what he wants with it.
Then the numbers were called, me and Tommy were looking at dad, mum had her face glued  to her phone. Dad stood up folded his ticket up and headed to the kitchen. He walked back in with a cuppa and told me and Tommy he needed to talk to us and said to mum its time to tell them.
Its was the same old its nothing we have done and so on, dad was visibly upset during the explaining mum seemed not to care, when dad got his ticket out and gave it to me and Tommy and said double check that incase I got somthing wrong. We all heard a slight dig when mum was like haha dads won a tenner and cant even check that right.
He had matched all the numbers, we all sat there in shock staring at dad then at the TV he had just won 127 million. Mum sat next to dad to look at the ticket and her eyes lit up and she throw her arms round dad looking so happy. To say we struggled with money was a understatement. He immediately pushed mum away saying yeah I have won not you so get off me.
He looked at us saying get yourselfs to bed and smiled saying your guys life is never going to be the same again. He looked at the wife and said you can keep this house and ill start looking for somewhere big tomorrow. With that mum ran off to her room crying. We couldn’t sleep myself amd Tommy shear a room we were most of the night saying all the things we were going to buy a few hours later we heard some noise down stairs myself and Tommy looked at each other, there arguing again we thought, but they wasn’t arguing we sneaked to the top of the stairs looking over and there was our mum naked sitting on dads lap who was also naked. There having sex my brother said. Part of my felt good as tho they still love eachother and things are gonna be good, I then notice Tommy standing awkwardly and see he has a boner, I tell him that’s disgusting and we go to bed, I could here Tommy masterbating in his bed the other side of the room but I just drifted off to sleep.

The next few weeks things had done a compleat u turn, dad was mega happy and mum was so sad.

The day the money went into dads account we had a small party and after everyone had left mum told us to get to bed she needed to speak to dad for a little while alone, we didn’t go to bed we hid upstairs listening, it was pretty sad really as mum was begging dad to take her back.
We heard dad say I wanna know everything and maybe we can get over this and start again together.
So mum told dad everything we had no idea what had been going on, she had been sleeping with some guy she works with, it was a 16yo boys first job after school and they started having a affair. She told dad its over now and she is so sorry. Thats when dad changed for good he said we can all stay together and start again on the condition that you do what I want when I want and in exchange you will never want for nothing. Then we heard dad say come here and suck my cock while i think of what I want then we can talk more, me amd Tommy look at each other then I see Tommy is hard again, we go off to bed as id seen enough of mum on her knees doing that. Another night hearing Tommy wanking untill he cums then we fall asleep.

The next morning me and Tommy were up early dad wasn’t down stairs about 1hr later mum and dad come walking out of the bedroom, dad looks happy and mum looks sad but trying to act happy.
They explain to us there going to buy a new car today so will be out for a few hours but put 5 hundred pound on each of our cards to spend for the day.
Tommy loaded up his computer straight away bying the games he wanted. I was in mums room on the pc when I see a piece of paper dads side of the bed. I noticed it was a kind on list. It read 10million pound contract….

I Steve will pay my wife 10 million pound on completion of this list.
1. We are back in bed together every night
2. Sex and anything sexual as and when I want.
3. Threesome with another girl
4. Watch you getting fucked by another guy
5. Bring me home a creampie from a stranger
6. I wanna fuck your younger sister
7. Your to have sex with your dad
8. Your to take tommys virginity
9. Watch me take tillys virginity
10. Do everything I say and 25th of December I will transfer 10 million to your account to do what you want with.
The bottom was signed with my mums signature.
I felt sick knowing mum had agreed to all this. I went to our room were Tommy look up at me as i walked in asking whats up I say nothing and lay on my bed my head a mess with what I’d just read and must of fell asleep.

The rest of the week as kinda normal so I thought it was just a kinda sick joke. The only difference was everynight we heard mum and dad having sex, mum was loud and im sure it was on purpose for us to hear.
Monday morning mum amd dad told us a old friend of dads called Anne is coming over for a catch up and we are to go to bed tonight and stay in bed as its adult time, mum looked like she had been crying but agreed with dad thats what we got to do.
9 o’clock in our room I start chatting with Tommy. I ask him if I can ask a private question he says yeah. I asked him if he was still a virgin which he tells me he is then i ask if he thinks our mum is hot, he gets a bit nervey and says kinda but asks why, I just say I thought so as he has a boner all the time and I hear him masterbating every night when we can hear mum and dad doing it. He goes red and changes the subject thats when mum opens our bedroom  door telling us dads friend Anne is nearly here and to stay in our rooms.
We hear them walking down the stairs and mum say why a prostitute she could have anything, dad just said shut up and do as I say or the contract will be ripped up and ill sell the house and take the kids leaving you with nothing.
Tommy starts to put his shoes on and when I ask him what he is doing he says come on let’s roof watch….
Thats what we call our little game where we climbe out our bedroom window and onto our conservatory roof were we can see the whole front room but can’t be seen. Many nights we had sat there on one blanket with another over us spying on mum and dad, normally arguing or we would sit there watching what they had on TV.
We were sat out there felt kind of awkward as the view was intense and again there was mum on her knees sucking on dads cock, it looked soo big, then the door knocked and mum and dad left and walked back in with a small young blonde woman, dad handed her some money amd sat on the chair and directed them both to get naked. There was my mum and a pretty woman both naked kissing while my dad sat there with his cock in his hand. I felt movement next to me and realised what Tommy was doing. He was masterbating, can’t you do that later and not when we are so close, he tells me he can’t he has to do it now as its soo hard it hurts.
We watch as mum lays back legs open hands covering her face and the woman with her head between mums legs and dad taking her from behind. I felt a funny feeling inside knowing now I was getting turned on.
Curiosity got the better on me and I slid my hand over and just grabbed tommys cock, he didn’t say a word just let go of it and froze, it was the first time ever feeling one and it felt hot and soft but hard, wired to explain, then both our eyes on mum she removes her hands from her eyes looks up at the window and looks me amd Tommy straight in the eye then covers her eyes again. Thinking we were rumbled we quickly scrambled to our room.
Back in our room Tommy asked why I did that and I just told him I’d never felt one before and just wanted to know how it felt. Then he asked if he could look at me as he has never seen one in real life before. I just laid back pulled my panties down gave him about 5 seconds coverd my self back up and got in to bed and again fell asleep to Tommy masterbating and sounded like he was going harder then usual.

Please forgive the spelling and punctuation im no author.
Part 2 if anyone is interested.

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