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Visit With Auntie

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This is a story that I wrote. A fantasy that I have had for a while. I know I’m a really nasty woman. But I wanted to share and see what everyone thought.

~He couldn’t believe what he was hearing and seeing. His wife! How could she do this? What would make her want to do something like that? But he couldn’t look away. ~

Samantha was laying in the bed wearing black yoga pants and a pink tank top. She was a curvy woman with red hair and blue eyes. She had her children early in life and her 40d breasts heaved from the strain they were now under.

As she held the wiggling 1yo to her exposed breast! “That’s it honey” she cooed to Kristen. “Suck aunties nipple please baby girl.”

Kristen was your typical lil princess. She had very short blonde hair and piercing green eyes. She had a tiny belly and her pink nipples were clearly visible against her pale milky skin. She was dressed simply in a diaper that might be to small judging the way it hugged her beautiful perky ass.

Cupping Kristen’s head Samantha guided the young girl to her dark colored nipple. Sighing heavily as the young girl latched on and suckled.

~Continuing to watch from the hall her husband pulls out his phone and starts to record this erotic sight. ~

Samantha seems content to just let Kristen suck her nipple, but as her husband watches more begins to happen…
A manicured hand slowly snakes its way down to those form fitting yoga pants pulling them down slowly.

Her trimmed pussy comes into view. She is soaking wet as her hand starts to touch her clit lightly.

Kristen starts to fuss not getting any milk. Samantha scoops some cunt juice and smears it on her nipple. Switching her niece to the other “leaking” nipple. She groans as It get sucked hard. “Your such a slut Kristen. Ohhh Kristen that feels so good honey!” The moans were getting more frequent and Samantha was rubbing her dripping pussy faster. Oooo yes baby. Suck me like that! Fingers plunging in and out of her pussy…. I need more she moans.

Pulling her niece off her nipple she lays her down onto the bed. She quickly takes off her diaper. Seeing her beautiful niece naked she gasps! Oh honey! Your sooooo sexy! She tenderly kisses her lil one all over her face making her giggle. She kisses her lips and forces her tongue into the baby’s tiny mouth! Kristen whimpers a bit not understanding what’s happening to her.

Samantha kisses down the babes chest to those tiny pink dots.Her tongue flicks over them and she nips them. Eliciting a sharp cry of pain from Kristen. “Oh stop you whining my slut, I’ll give you a reason to cry.” She slaps the tot on her puffy lil bald cunt.
Kristen started to screech and tears run down her face. “Oh stop it you slut,that wasn’t very hard! She leans down kissing and licking the bald slit. She smells the baby-power as she tenderly licks the puffy slit! A moan escapes her as she dives into her slut. Licking and pushing her tongue deeper! Kristen’s cries start to echo around the room. Along with Samantha’s moans! Suddenly Samantha quickly straddles the whining wiggling baby girl!

She plunges her fingers in and out of her dripping hole as Kristen cries! “Yes yes baby slut cry for auntie! “Kristen she groans oh Kristen and then screams!!!!Kristen!!! “ And she squirts ALL over her niece! Oh baby girl she moans! Ooooo auntie loves you so much. As she holds the baby close to her hugging and kissing her.

Her husband is shocked turned on and in a word curious as to how this all came about. He closes down his camera knowing that he will be showing other women the Joys of what his wife discovered.

Again I emphasize that this is my FIRST story. I would welcome any feed back or comments to my email.

[email protected]

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  • Reply No Name ID:2a76t7wtd2

    Love this. Super hot. Nothing better than a little bald pussy. Keep going. I want to hear how things go over time with Kristin and her aunt (:

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1coxofc8pudm

    That was different but exciting

  • Reply Cumgulper ID:muivmg0hm

    Fantasy or fact I loved it. A few years ago I would have thought you were one sick ass person until a young girl taught me otherwise. Now I am a sick perverted person also.
    Thank you very much. Keep it up

    Cumgulper 1 Snapchat

    • Adam f Minnesota ID:vuf1n0hi

      That’s fucking disturbing and you all that are okay with it need a bullet to the head

    • Fo ID:1zgf67y8ra

      You are sick!!! Why would you do that to a poor child?!?

  • Reply Adam Ramsey whoareyou? ID:gmi6px8rd

    You mother fuckers are sick. If you lived near me. I would rob you, then burn your house down. If I were you I would shot myself in the fucking head. I wish all you fuckers the worst of luck. May you rot in hell.🖕🖕

    • Cumgulper ID:muivmg0hm

      Sick,but sweet

    • Demon ID:5s5sz53gd9j

      You sending threats does nothing dude

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    • Wildbill ID:2x0golecm9k

      Your a fucked up freak

  • Reply Shitty Buttocks ID:44zsrtuj6id

    Filthy peadophiles! Burn in hell!

  • Reply Emma ID:4pgnvj944

    This is so hot. I know exactly what you mean. I wish that I started doing this with my daughters at their young ages, but what can you do. Hope to read more stuff like this.

    • DJ ID:4hvsnnyhj

      What do you do with your daughters now?

    • BOSTON619 ID:vuf1mmql

      do u hav any sons

  • Reply HornyAJ ID:8b9g0le49d

    Lovely story love to read stories like . And then rub my self off and shoot spunk all over

  • Reply Maryah ID:28vpa66ij

    It’s such a hot story you should write more

    • HornyAJ ID:8b9g0le49d

      Yes thay should write more made my cock very hard

    • HornyAJ ID:8b9g0le49d

      Very nice story made my cock very hard

  • Reply Jimmy R ID:21yynlenhk

    Pity no comments lol. Must be the unbelievable story or the very bad writing. Oh Well.