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Dad watches me banging my new bride…

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My dad had been watching our apt while we were out of town. Not knowing we came home early he walked in on us having sex with a friend & his grandson.

When my wife and I got married at 18 we held off going on our honeymoon for a few months and in the meantime lots of things had changed in our sex life. My shy, conservative preacher’s daughter wife had turned into an avid exhibitionist and had found out she was bi. We’d gotten into the swinger lifestyle as well. It had started with MFM threesomes with a close friend and soon we were not only having threesomes but had got into wife swapping where Lynn learned she was bi. We’d also had a couple of small gang bangs with strangers in adult theaters and she got to where she loved going to ABS with glory holes and going from booth to booth naked. And all of this had happened within the first six months of our marriage.

While we were gone my dad had been coming by checking on our apartment, bringing in mail etc. Due to bad weather we decided to come home early. We tried calling my dad to let him know we were back but he wasn’t home and it was well before cell phones. She’d put on one of her sexy black garter belts and stocking and a pair of heels. She never wore make-up or anything the least bit sexy around town. So when she painted her nails and put on her whorish looking red lipstick and dark eye-liner and let her long red hair down she looked like a totally different person. And she loved the way guys looked at her when she looked slutty. But due to our situation she had to reserve that for when we were out of town or behind closed doors. People in our small christian, ultra conservative town would freak out if they saw her like that.

Lynn had gotten to where she loved getting 2 cocks at once so we’d called a friend named John to come over. We’d started really going at it and I was behind her fucking her in the ass while she was sucking my friend off. Just as she’d told us when we were ready to cum she wanted us both to shoot off on her face & tits something caught my eye off to the side. I looked and there stood my father and one of his friends and his friends 13-yo grandson. All three of them were kind of frozen as they saw my hot 5-8, 120-lb 36DD-24-35, redheaded wife deep-throating a guys 8″ cock while I’m pounding my thick 9″ cock balls deep in her nice firm round ass. My father had always seen her dressed very conservative with her hair pulled up wearing glasses looking like a conservative school teacher. Now he was seeing her bare ass naked except for a garter belt & stockings and heels, her big tits bouncing around as she’s telling both me and another guy she wants us to shoot off on her face & tits.

Just as I was about to say something she stops sucking John off just long enough to say ” fuck my ass, I want you to go balls deep in my ass with your big dick”. Instead I pulled my cock out and not being able to control it I shot a huge load of cum all over her ass and back. Just as I get ready to say something John saw them and he says oh shit I didn’t see you guys come in. Lynn looks over and says ” Hi ” not knowing what to say. They started explaining that they’d gone out to dinner and came by to check the mail and my father was going to show them how nice we’d fixed the place up. Try as they might they couldn’t take their eyes off of my wife’s big tits & fiery red bush. And she was making no attempt at covering up. With the red lipstick & dark eye-liner she looked sexy as hell in a slutty sort of way. It was like they knew they should go but they couldn’t stop looking at her sexy young body.

Finally Lynn got off the bed and had to squeeze past them with my cum dripping off of her ass onto the floor. I couldn’t believe it when she came back she’d put something on but it was just a totally see-thru bed jacket that didn’t even come down to her waist and the front was wide open. So her big tits were still totally exposed. Her hard nipples poking out about a half an inch and her huge puffy aereolas on display And she brought 2 wash cloths for John and I making it clear she’d done this before. Finally they left and I thought it was funny when they thought we couldn’t hear them the grandson said did you see how big her tits were and his grandfather said of course I did and started telling the grandson he couldn’t let his mother know what he’d seen. A little while later my father called to tell me how sorry he was they had come in like that. And I was expecting him to be raising hell at how I was living my life. But instead he was telling me that he had no idea Lynn had a body like that and told me I was lucky to have such an open minded wife.

There was no more mention of what had happened but it was obvious there was some tension between us and my dad. But what caught our attention was it turned out the 13-yo who’d been there lived fairly close to us and he started riding his bike over to our house pretty regularly. He’d offer to help do yard work and stuff like that. But we knew he was hoping to see more. So I’d be outside with him and Lynn would call us in saying she’d fixed us something to drink and she would have undressed and be in a see-through housecoat that was open in front and she’d say she was going to take a shower. Once she was in the shower as expected he’d start talking about her saying how hot she was and what big tits she had. Then he surprised me when he confided in me that he secretly would watch his older sister when she was in the shower. And said she had nice tits but not as big as Lynn’s. So I asked if he ever jerked off thinking about his sister? He was nervous at first and I told him I’d jerked off thinking of my sister after seeing her naked. So that opened him up.

He told me he thought about sucking on her tits or her sucking him off while he jerked off. Then I asked if after seeing Lynn that night taking 2 cocks at once if he’d jerked off thinking about her? He got a big grin and said he had and said he hoped I wasn’t mad. I told him I wasn’t, that I was glad he liked what he saw. Then asked what he’d liked most and he nervously said watching her suck that guy off. Then he surprised me when he said, and her big tits and your big cock. I said yea she does have some nice tits and he said yea and you’ve got a really nice cock. Then shocked me when he asked if he asked me something would I promise not to get mad? I said sure and he nervously said he liked girls, but that him and a friend of his had sucked each other off. Then after a pause he finally burst out and asked if I’d get mad if he asked if he could suck my cock? I said I wouldn’t get mad, but that I could get in a lot of trouble. And he said he wouldn’t tell anyone because he didn’t want anyone to know he liked to do that. Lynn had been saying how she’d like to see me getting sucked off by a guy. Because I’d had offers and had always said no.

I went in & talked to her and once she put her slutty make-up on and had put on a garter belt & stockings she asked us to come to the bedroom. She asked if he wanted to feel her tits? After he played with them for a minute she told him to suck on them. As he sucked on them she started to undress him. And I got undressed. She had him sit on the edge of the bed and started sucking him off. I moved up beside him and guided his head over. He got a big smile then took my cock in his mouth. I was surprised at how much of my thick cock he could take and that he seemed to know what he was doing. He went down and sucked on my balls and licked around the head and was stroking it as he sucked it. His hand was so small it didn’t fit around it. But when I shot off he swallowed every drop of my hot cum. Then licked all around wanting all my cum. Then he paid more attention to Lynn sucking him off and he started groping her big tits and then put his hands on her head and started fucking her mouth until he was ready to cum. Remembering what he’d seen he pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot off on her face & tits.

We had a few more experiences with him and our 12-yo paperboy. And a few months later we had a threesome with my father where she sucked us both off and then he fucked her in the ass while I fucked her pussy. And after that a few times she sucked us both off and we shot off on her face & tits. My dad had never done that and really liked it.

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    This ass hole jacked off good to his own bull shit story.he jacks off to the comments you dummies put on here also.

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      Und du dummes Arschloch hast dir ein lesen einen runter gehollt

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    A 13yr old boy sucking your dick. Fuck, does anything beat this?!