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Black Mans Paradise

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Breeding white bitches is my new thing. Find suburban soccer moms and ravaging their pussies and making them addicted to black cock. Breaking homes.

The times have changed and we Niggers have more power than white people. No one wants to call cops on us, as they are afraid of being called racist. Yes, we can now get away with a lot of things in plain sight.

I saw this change when I was in New York. I saw black people just stealing shit and hitting people and getting away with it. Even if caught they were released the same day no charges. I thought that was cool.

Soon the society changed and I was able to grope white bitches ass and boobs in the subway and no one protested. So I started sliding my hands in their panties too. I saw that some black couple was beating a white bitch late night in one of the subway cars so I joined them too. We beat the shit of this 30 something white bitch and left her naked in the corner. Apparently that lady refused to give the the black woman her top, and bra. So she snatched it off her.

Soon news spread and white people knew the danger so they started to comply way more easily. Now black woman just opened white trashes purse and take the money without any revolt.
Black men just groped, kissed and licked white woman and no one said anything.

I lifted a white momma’s skirt and pulled her panties down infront of her teenage daughter. I sniffed her panties while mauling the teens perky C cups.
I told the mom, either you bend over or I will rape your daughter.
She complied. She ben over and lifted her skirt up. I pulled my 10 inch big black hard dick and shoved it up her pink pussy without even spitting on it. I wanted to hurt her bad.
But soon she started to get wet, as I was fucking her hard while sucking on her daughter’s tits. She was enjoying getting fucked in front of like 8 strangers on a moving train. So I pulled my dick out and started to fuck her ass. She let out a shrill noise to oppose my actions but in vein. I was biting on her daughters nipples while digging deep in moma’s ass. I was about to cum so I shifted back to her pussy and deposited my thick load in her.

Soon I started to follow thick white moms to their homes. I used to see if they are alone when their kids are at school and husband at work. I used to enter and rape these bitches. I didn’t used to leave after that, I used to stay and say that cops aren’t going to do anything since I’m black so just be nice and make me some food. Slowly these women started to comply to me. Soon these rapes became affairs. I used to try and fuck each women for at least a month, almost everyday. I made them stop taking birth control pills. I wanted to breed them. They were so addicted to my dick that they started to comply. Once I was fucking this thick slut when her pre teen kids walked in from school. I was fucking her for 3 time that day and she lost track of time. She was about to orgasm again, so she didn’t try to hide or asked me to stop, she just kept saying fuck me harder. harder. So I did and came inside her, while her kids sat next to me, while I fucked their mommy doggy style. I left after that, not sure what she told her kids.

Once hey started to get preganat with my kid, I used to leave that area and go repeat some place else. These white soccer mom’s were so addicted to black cock that they used to do anything I asked them to do. Rimjob was just a start. I used to spit on them, pee on them, cum in them, bring some friends sometimes and these bitches were ok with it. Some were so dickmatized that they even used to offer their daughters. Of course I used to breed them as well. It’s better they get used to black dicks and black babies early on in their lifes. I even these moms suck their son’s tiny dicks. Corrupting the whole family, forever.
Sometimes used to take these momas to the hood for awesome gangbangs.

These semi white kids of mine made sure that these families broke into half. These white bitches deserve to die alone under black dicks.

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  • Reply A ID:7ylren2qrd

    And you wonder why white people hate blacks, cuz they are fucking heathens and deserve what they have coming. They stink as does the black woman’s pussies. just plain nasty. You rob, steal and pilfer businesses during riots and should be shot on the spot.
    I would enjoy putting the bullet between those eyes of yours.

  • Reply alex ID:7z8aybtqri

    No way your a real black man if you called your selves niggers, I have never called us or heard others speak of each others as “niggers” only “niggas”