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Molesting my little sister growing up she loved it

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Growing up in the sixties and seventies as kids we mostly had to amuse our selves, I still had a lot of fun

My little sister Annie was born in 1965 and I was born in 1961. We grew up in a small town in Connecticut. We would take baths together I never had any sexual thoughts, I didn’t even know about sex until I learned something from the older children in the neighborhood. Sometimes around when I was 9 or 10 I had started to jerk off I didn’t cum it just felt good. Not long after that I ejaculated for the first time. It was probably before then that my sister and I stopped taking baths together.
About the time I was 11 or 12 my mom went back to work 2nd shift and my dad didn’t get home until 6 pm. So after school I was stuck watching her.she usually didn’t bother me too much. I masturbated probably every chance I could get.
I had swiped a playboy magazine from the store. One day after school my sister came in my room and I didn’t hear her right away.
What are you doing she said why is your thingy so big (probably less than 6 inches)
As I tried to cover up and saying nothing, she came over to the bed and grabbed the magazine and started looking through it. I saw her eyes get bigger and expression change. I told her to give it back.
She said no I want to look at it or I’m going to tell. Having no choice but to let her I had to agree.
We could look at it together if you won’t tell I said. Okay she said hopping up on to my bed next to me.
Back then there weren’t any pictures of actual penetration. All you ever saw was naked girls and maybe the back of her head as she gave some guy a blow job.
My sister was several inches shorter, just little mosquito bites for nipples not any curves hardly.
Asking questions about the pictures and what they were doing . Explaining sex and what they were doing with my limited experience except for my right hand was probably not the best.
My dick was soon making a tent under the blanket.
Annie pulled the blanket down and stared at my hard on. As I tried to cover it. She said no let me see it. I’ll show you mine as she stood up and dropped her shorts and little girl panties. Annie stood there for a few moments smiling and giggling with her little bald 8 years old pussy with just a slit between her legs. A couple feet away from my eyes. I pushed my luck and asked if I could touch it as I reached towards her. She jumped away from my hand and sat down next to me, saying only if I can touch yours. Okay I said as we both started to explore each other. I rubbed my fingers tracing her slit along the crack, I could feel a little wetness as she fumbled with my cock. She giggled and squirmed saying that tickles. I took her hand and wrapped it around my cock with mine on top hers and showed her how to jerk me off after a couple of pointers like not so hard.
Knowing little or nothing about female anatomy. Annie took my finger and held it on her tiny nub of a clit. And held it there telling me like that. I could feel her pussy getting wetter. She let out some ooh and ahh moans I was soon shooting my cum on my legs and the bed. She pulled her hand away looking at my cum. Did you just pee she said looking stunned.
No I said thats cum if you lick it up it your boobies will get bigger. Planning out my next step. Why do you think mommies are so big. She took a finger full and tasted it and scrunched up her face, saying that tastes funny. I scooped up a finger of cum and stuck it in my mouth saying no its not, it’s got lots of vitamins in it. Holding up my cock I said go ahead and suck it off your boobies will grow. Annie leaned over as I held up my shrinking cock. And gave it a few licks. I put my hands on the back of her head and told her to suck on it like a popsicle. As I pushed her head down gently not so hard I said ouch watch the teeth.
She only sucked it for a minute or so. Before licking the rest off of my legs and sitting up. Licking her lips she asked when will it make my boobies big.
You have to do it for a while I said can I lick your puss it will make my muscles grow. If you don’t like it I will stop. She thought about it for a few seconds and said okay.
I couldn’t believe it and got between her legs and just started giving her long licks from the bottom of her pussy to the top. She was soon letting out little oohs and ahhs grabbed me and pulled me up and said right there and started humping my face as she pressed me in to her clit. I probably only licked her for a few minutes when I started flicking my tongue back and forth when she grabbed me with both hands and and mashed me hard in to her tiny nub and said thats it right there oh yeah. Her legs started to twitch and she closed her legs on my head moaning as she gush her juices all over my face. I tried to keep licking but she pushed my head away clamping her legs together saying stop. She was panting for a while until she caught her breath and said wait until I tell Cindy that was better than rubbing Tigger there.
I looked at her and said that you can’t tell anyone especially Cindy or mom and dad or we will get grounded and in trouble. And we won’t be able to do this anymore you gotta promise me okay.
Cindy was her best friend and was 10 years old with her nipples starting to poke out when she didn’t have a training bra on. And a small rounded butt.
Looking at me with disappointment on her face she asked can we do it again.I looked at my alarm clock and said dad will be home soon. Stay up and pretend to be sleeping when mom comes home from work and checks on us and then sneak in to my room. Okay she said. We tried to act normally it was a school night did what we usually do until we went to bed. I couldn’t sleep even if I tried. My cock was rock hard just thinking about my sister. I had already jerked off in the bathroom after supper and was hard again. Mom wouldn’t be home for a couple hours yet so I jerked off again. I kept watching the clock until I woke up and realized that my little sister was rubbing up against me. I looked at the clock it was after 12 midnight. Annie whispered in my ear. I waited for you why didn’t you come. I felt her hands on my cock and I was already getting hard on. I turned my head and started kissing her she pecked away a few times until I said open your mouth as I kissed her again and stuck my tongue in her mouth having my first French kiss. We kissed for a while as she jerked me off, sliding my finger along her pussy. She didn’t have any panties on under her night gown and was already wet. When we broke are kiss she said lick me first please. When I got up and turned upside down she said what are you doing. I said get on top of me and you can suck my cock at the same time. I soon had my tongue in her pussy as she put the head of it in her mouth slowly just sucking it. I stopped licking her pussy long enough to tell her to go up and down on it. I pushed her head down and said yeah like that as much as you can, she could only get about half of it in with out gagging. It felt so fucking good way better than my hand. I found her little hole and pushed my tongue into her she slid down and said not there like you did last time as she mashed her clit back and forth across my mouth. As I flicked my tongue back and forth on her clit she was bobbing faster and harder on my cock.I could feel her starting to trembling. I pushed my finger in to her vagina I could feel her hymen. Suddenly she came in my mouth and stopped sucking as she was shaking, don’t stop she said. Not till you keep sucking me I said. Almost instantly she starts with renewed vigor. I could feel my self getting closer to Cumming .I reached up grabbed her head with both hands and shot my load down the back of her throat holding her there till I was done. I could feel a small hole in her hymen and was able to get my finger part way in and she came again. After we had caught our breath I told her to go back to her room. This became are daily after school routine. And often times late at night. We even got caught by our mother sleeping in my bed. Annie lied and said she got scared and our mom believed it. Next time how I finally started fucking her.

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    Brilliant beginning to a young healthy relationship.
    Those two will always be close

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7j3f7d4

    Oh man what a cute story. Things like this happen more so then people realize and is completely natural. Religion is the cock blocker stating this is bad but quite the contrary as it is so natural to make love to the person you love. I guess that is why a lot of daddy’s and daughters end up making love as my daughter and I did. She loves me and I love her so why not embrace the feeling for each other. One night after my wife died my daughter hating seeing me suffer comes in my room and said “Make love to me daddy like you did to used to with mommy”. Most explosive magical night of our lives and to this day we both very much love each other.
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