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My 35 yo white gf got turned out by 18 yo bc, and wants it alot, and I’m happy

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This actually happened, and I’m glad it did, as it finally put out all my true fantasies out to my gf. 2 years ago we met, she was 34, rented a room in a large house, that had several roommates. Me n her hit it off quick. Her name’s Dana. She is 6ft tall,165,curvy,ling Auburn hair. Beautiful. Well a few weeks in we started sexually. I was nervous bc she’s fine, and knew she had to have some big dick at some point. My dick is small, I’ve been told by many girl. At first I’d be mad, but it actually turned me on. A black girl was the first to tell me. I worked w her, we went out, had sex. I’m slipping out and trying. On the way home she’s like I’m sorry but you have a tiny dick. I acted upset, but was turned on, n hoped she’d tell other girls. Well I had several other gfs since. Some cheated, some left me, but almost all agreed I had a tiny dick. The girl I dated in ga never said it till we broke up, n I said something bout it, n she goes I didn’t want to hurt yr feelings but since you seem to like it ,u had the smallest dick I’ve ever seen and I rarely felt u in me. I laughed when you’d wear my panties, cause you had camel toe. I did tell my sister and friends to. She put pics online on a sex site. I was excited. Idk why I want a gf, but I guess it’s cause I want to be cuckolded. I also like wearing panties and sucking dick too. Well back to my gf, she climbed on my n laid there, I think she was trying to size me up. I was afraid to pull it out. Finally a week later I did, she didn’t say a thing but knew she was disappointed, esp when she asked me to use toys on her. Well her roommate, who was a bit older, had her grandson staying for a few months. He was18,thin,. Good looking, mixed race. He had a few cute white gfs over all the time. Well after a few weeks I asked my gf if she’s tried a BBC, cause she loved homemade interracial porn. She said no, she wouldn’t, but liked to watch. Everytime we went out black guys hit on her. My gf in ga went for BBC after I asked her too, she asked if I was sure, I said yes. It was great, and I wanted Dana to do it. I had an idea she had. Well a few weeks in I come over n she says her roomies grandson,Kevin,asked were to get some good head. I was suprised, like he asked his gmas older hot roomie this. I go wow odd, I go did u? She snaps no. Well in the next few weeks, I came over to her driving him around, washing his clothes,making him food, and his shorts laying in her room, which she said was a laundry mix up. By this point she had gotten to like humiliating n punishing me, I used toys on her, n she fucked a few other guys. I asked her to put me in Chasity, she said yes, n we picked a cage. She said won’t it hurt, I said no, she goes I heard it shrinks yr cock, n yr small already, u sure? I said yes. I’d actually like to have a super tiny dick. She’d laugh ,n say it was different but she liked the idea of her shrinking a grown man dick to newborn size. I was bout 4 inches hard and thick as toilet paper roll. She threw my boxers in a box n put them up, n all I could wear is panties. She started getting into this, but I asked if her n Kev were,no no no. Then one day we smoked some pot n took pills, I’d been cged bout 4 months,she took it off, I also starting using a estrogen cream n estrogen pills to shrink it. She gasped OMG! I am so sorry, it did shrink it, I barely was over 2 inches n half the thickness. She got me hard and I literally couldn’t get past her lips. She was laughing n said well I guess yr never getting laid again! I asked her ,that’s why I asked bout Kev,I’m not mad, I see the girls who are w him, I know he’s got to have. A big dick n know yr curious. She pulls out her phone n shows pics of her sucking this beautiful mocha colored 8 n 1/2 inch super thick cock. I said I’m happy, y’all been fucking, she said yes, sometimes 2-3times a day, n his gma knew n was ok w it. Dana had told her I had a tiny dick. She was happy her gson turned Dana out. Well I asked bout watching , n she asked u sure? I said yes, I want this. I want u to humiliate me bad. Well she gets him n brings him down to her room. We smoke n take a few pills. She drops down ,pulls his dick out n sucks it. Fills her mouth up, her eyes are watering from it, well they take off clothes n she tells me to take my shorts n panties off. She says that’s what I told u about, he is like that’s the tiniest dick I’ve ever seen, I mean 4 yo black boots are bigger, she makes me put on her wet panties. She takes a pic of our dicks hard side by side. His 4x bigger length wise n bout 5x thicker. He bends her over n she got it all. Her moans we’re deep n she came n came, was soaking wet, they switched positions several times, she said that’s why white girls are going black,bc they can make a white pussy cum. I understand now. I said I’m so glad u have. I love it, she goes I know, n I’m going to give u what u love, she had me ly down, n she got on top, 69 style. Kev comes from behind, she’s like look how big a real man dick is,yr just a sissy. Yr dick never grew, I’m going to show a bunch of girls ,I’m going to out u. I said I want u to..she’s moaning, he pulls out n sticks his dick n my mouth letting me taste her. She measured my tiny hard dick, it was under 2 inches hard. So he finally cums in her,she’s on birth control,but I’d really like her to breed. I’d stay w her I said take credit of them n fully admit my dick is too tiny to I’m pregnant u. She said not now, but he got up, she leaned up n drained her pussy in my mouth n face. I love drinking cum. I mean I literally love it. Dana wtched me suck 5 dicks in one night once. We went to our local sissy bar ,n I was plastered n her n friends kept encouraging me. Well she kisses him, he leaves ,she says try n fuck me. I tried n couldn’t get it in. He def stretched her out. I said I’m proud of u taking it all. She said the first time I came so hard, he felt so good. She asked if I was sure I was okay, I said yes. Well she got in trouble n got locked up for a year n half. My dick is one n a half inches hard n thin as my middle finger, soft I have nothing. I’ve got pics on FetLife.com/danassissy, u can see how tiny. I’ve been told I’ve got a baby’s dick, one girl said she didn’t know a grown man could have such a tiny dick, ..alot of it’s beyond small,it’s tiny tiny. One black lady said her 7 yo son was 2x the size of me when he’s soft n mines hard. I really am hoping I get under an inch. My Dr n therapist both say it’s an odd desire, but my therapist has helped me get product to do this. Well when she got out a month ago, when we finally got to play, she couldn’t believe how much smaller it had become. There’s an estrogen cream I use, plus I roll it up tight in my sack n wear tight panties. I told her that I have a “bf” whose black. I dress as a girl when I see him. The first time I blew him, he had me in panties,garter belt, panty hose, pink socks n pink nikes, n my black bra, n wig. Makeup on. I asked him to choke me w his dick n tape it, he did, n put it on the net w my whole name , I was literally outed then. So many girls I know seen it, men too. Well he blows the biggest load of cum in my face, n hands me my skirt, jacket n purse n puts me out work being able to clean up. He lives n the hood,but alot of tranny’s in area. I got cheered n laughed at. I loved it. Dana was like really? Wow. I knew when we met that I kinda thought you were gay or more into guys. I said yeah, I like girls cuse I wish I was one. She asked if I gave it up, I said yeah. I pretty much just have them pull my panties just off my ass. My balls n dick are tiny..so I cum from getting it, like a girl I guess. It turned me on to admit this to her. I told her I had sucked alot of dick. Mostly black. Had pics of my tiny dick nxt to there’ss. She asked what was the most I did? Did I break my record? I said yes, I put an did on Craigslist for white sissy needing BBC. That weekend I blew bout 25 guys. Like I’d drive from ones house to another
I loved it. I swallowed all I could. My bf calls me Samantha now. She has since helped me w makeup, n we both got queen of spades tats on our ankles. She got my a shirt that said this sissy is BBC owned. She has met a black guy n he has been by. He is okay w me being her “bf” as in I take credit of her. He is like 5 6 , light skinned, but his dick is enourmoys. Like p inches. Mine hard shrinks literally when his was near. I don’t know if it can get smaller, I am trying. I heard it can. If you’d like to see go to FetLife.com or email me at [email protected] I’m always looking to be humiliated n outed

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    I could get past first paragraph.

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    poorly written, and very confusing to read, but the storyline is attractive.