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Watching wife

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Watched wife get fucked by friend while I spied on her

I had been asking my wife to let me watch her and another guy fucking and she kept saying no. It had been months and we had a friend that had split up with his wife and would come around just about every weekend . Sometimes he would stay over on a Saturday nite as he had to much to drink. Every time he stayed over I would ask Tegan if she would like to let him fuck her. Every time she would say no. One Saturday nite we were having a BBQ and a swim. After we had dinner and plenty to drink a suggested we go skinny dipping. Tegan said she would clean up and maybe come in later. Pete and I took our shorts off and got into the pool. We swam for a while until Tegan came out when Pete said he had to go to the bathroom. As he got out he had half a hard on and walked straight at Tegan and into the house. Tegan had a smile and I asker to join me in the pool which she did. She had a one piece on and as we cuddled I started to slip it off. Tegan stopped me and I asked her did she see his cock which she replied – how could I not see. I then asked if she would like it and she said no. As we cuddled I kept lowering her swimmers until they were down below her crouch. I managed to get them all the way off and threw them out of the pool. It was not long and Pete came back out and joined us in the pool. Pete and I finished out drink and I asked if he would like another. He said Yes so I got out and went back into the house. I came up with a plan so I went into the back room and found my cam cord which had charge in it and moved the curtains a bit so i could see the pool area. I then went to the back door and said to Pete we had no more beer and I was going to get some more. I asked Tegan if she wanted anything and she said no. She also gave me a cranky look. I got dressed , said my goodbye and went to the front door. I opened and closed the door to give them the idea i had left. It was a short walk to the bottle shop so I did not have to drive. I stripped off and went back into the back room. I could hear the conversation and peeped out the back window. All of a sudden Pete got out of the pool and sat on the edge. I could see Tegan looking at his cock. She slowly moved over to the shallow end and got about three feet from Pete. I then heard Pete aske Tegan if she would like to touch his cock. He then said he had not been with another female since he split from his wife. Tegan said she was married and did not do that. All the time she was looking at his cock. Pete was disappointed and started to cry a bit, Tegan stood up and went over to Pete and gave him a cuddle. I grabbed to camera and started to film. They started to kiss and I saw Tegan reach down and play with his cock. I saw Pete drop one of his hands and put it on her pussy. After a while Tegan stopped kissing him and said we had to stop and Pete kept fingering her and she was getting turned on. He got her up onto the edge of the pool and he got back in, dropped down and put his face into her crouch. He was licking her clit and it was not long before she cum. I was so turned on and was stroking my cock. When he stood up he had a massive hard on. Tegan took hold of it, laid back a bit and fed it into her pussy. It did not take long and he had it all the way in. Tegan was moving back and forward as Pete pulled in and out. I was in heaven watching, my fantasies had come true. It was not long before Pete cum as well. He left his cock inside her for a bit until Tegan asked him to take it out. They both got back into the pool and started to swim around. I stopped using the camera , went back to the door , opened and closed it so they thought I had come back, got two bears out of the fringe and went back outside. I gave Pete a beer and I got back into the pool. Tegan swam over to me and gave me a kiss, said she was getting out and going to bed. After we finished our beer we both got out of the pool and went to bed. As we laid in bed Tegan looked at me and asked me. Did you like what you saw, I looked at her and she said she saw me at the back window. I did not know what to saw and when I did I told her I loved it. She then told me it turned her on as well. She then said she would do it again.

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  • Reply Tom

    I like watching my wife getting fucked hard.
    We were on vacation with our 13 year old daughter.
    My wife set our daughter up with a guy.
    My wife and I watched our daughter lose her virginity.
    My wife turned to me and said she understood me watching her .
    The sex that night was so hot

  • Reply Aljackstone

    Hot story mate! Hope she gets bred.