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Wife Pays for Husband’s Shortcomings – Chapter 5

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Chapter 4… Jane was nervously standing on an unfamiliar street. All the buttons of her sheer white blouse were undone with the shirttails tied just below her naked breasts. Her button-down black skirt was being held together by a single button at her waist. She was standing on a public street, trying desperately to keep her breasts and pussy covered. Next to her were Mr. Jones, Mr. Tschakami, and the chauffer. Jane had been sexually abused by the two executives in the back of the limo and had a belly and pussy full of their sperm. She didn’t have to look behind her to know that, while sitting in the limo after getting fucked, Mr. Tschakami’s sperm had leaked from her pussy and left a wet spot on the back of her black skirt. The confused woman didn’t know where she was or why she was there.

When Mr. Tschakami walked briskly towards the building, Mr. Jones grabbed Jane by the wrist and pulled her along, following the small, old man. Jane was startled when she heard the limo door close behind her, but she was too consumed with trying to keep her flapping skirt together and her breasts from popping out of the open blouse to worry about what was happening behind her.

When they entered the building Jane was surprised to hear music. But she stopped in shock when they walked into a large room with party decorations. Many Japanese men were spread throughout the room, a few dancing and others talking. There were some women present as well; Japanese in Geisha outfits and Westerners dressed elegantly in evening attire.

When Mr. Tschakami shouted something in Japanese the music and talking immediately ceased. Jane watched in awe as all the men, and the Geishas, bowed. Mr. Tschakami returned the bow. Then he continued speaking in Japanese. Suddenly, Mr. Tschakami grabbed Jane by the arm and pulled her into the open. She vainly tried to keep her clothes together but, by the expression on the men’s faces and their gasps, knew she was failing. When Mr. Tschakami lifted Jane’s arm into the air like a victorious prizefighter, after saying something in Japanese, the men in the room cheered. The sudden movement caused one of Jane’s boobs to pop out of her blouse, but she didn’t think that’s why the men were cheering.

Mr. Tschakami turned to Jane and told her that this was a celebration and she was, as he said it, “to be good entertainment.” Then Mr. Tschakami walked towards the middle of the room where he was swarmed by his admiring employees.

Jane turned to Mr. Jones in confusion.

“They have a very interesting way of rewarding their employees,” Mr. Jones told her. “You are here to be…” Mr. Jones hesitated, then snickered before continuing, “a fringe benefit.” When Jane still looked confused Mr. Jones said blatantly, “You will be available for sex, or anything else, for any of the men who want you.”

Jane’s eyes got real big and then she scanned the room, mentally trying to count the number of men. She began pleading with Mr. Jones not to make her do this. She said it would kill her. He reminded her, again, that she kept saying that but she was still alive, proving herself wrong.

“But there are too many,” Jane said, once again scanning the room.

“You’ll be surprised what you can do,” Mr. Jones said, but his voice didn’t sound as confident as his words. “I have to leave.” Jane looked at him in panic. “Sorry, but as much as I’d like to see what happens, this is a company only party. No outsiders… not even me. I’m warning you though. If I get any complaints from Mr. Tschakami… any at all… our deal is off. If you blow this, then I will act on your husband’s theft immediately. There will be no more negotiating. You have to understand how serious I am about this. Is that 100% clear?”

Jane looked around the room again and then cast her eyes to the ground. She hesitated, then said very softly, “Yes, I understand.”

“Now go join the party. Don’t worry, after it’s over it will all be forgotten. You can live through anything.”

Mr. Jones put a reassuring hand on Jane’s arm. She looked up at him with pleading eyes, but saw there was no hope. His gesture, however, seemed to indicate the man did have some compassion. Suddenly, Mr. Jones walked briskly out of the room. Jane had never felt so alone as she did just then. Even though she hated Mr. Jones she wished he had not left.

Jane stood near the doorway, frozen to the spot. People were dancing and talking throughout the room, but Jane stood motionless, by herself, clutching her blouse and skirt together. She didn’t even see the young Japanese man approach her, but jumped when he pulled her by the arm into the crowded room.

Jane realized her skirt was flapping open as she hurried to keep up with the man. She knew her pussy was visible to anyone who took the time to look, and many did. By the time she was in the middle of the room both breasts had fallen out of her open blouse. She was about to put them back in when the man twirled her around. It was so unexpected that Jane almost lost her balance.

When Jane came around 360 degrees she found herself pressed against the man. Unlike the old CEO, this Japanese man was large. Jane’s face was pressed into his chest as he led her in a slow dance. Jane felt some security in the man’s arms, especially since her exposed body was now shielded by his. She looked around at the other women dancing, the other white women and the Geishas. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and it all seemed normal. In fact, except for the way she was dressed and that she was a married woman dancing in a stranger’s arms, there didn’t seem to be anything to fret over.

Jane’s mind changed when she felt the man’s hand slide down her back onto her buttocks. He must have bent at the knees a little because, when he pulled Jane tighter against him, he was able to grind his groin into hers. Her skirt had parted and her naked pussy was rubbing on his slacks. She felt his cock slowly grow and when it was hard the man stopped dancing and put his hands on Jane’s shoulders, pushing her to her knees.

“Blowjob,” the Japanese man said.

Jane looked at the bulge in his pants and listened to his words. She was frozen again. But the slap across her cheek brought her back to reality. Jane knew she couldn’t protest so her fingers sought and found the man’s zipper and pulled it down. She fished inside his pants and pulled his hard cock out. Without hesitating, Jane wrapped her lips around the stranger’s cock and began using the skill she had recently learned. Jane’s eyes were closed, trying to block out what she was doing. When she opened them, Jane saw people standing on both sides watching her on her knees in the middle of a large room sucking a cock.

Most of what Jane heard was in Japanese so she didn’t understand what was said. But occasionally recognizable words such as “slut,” “cocksucker,” and even “married” were spoken. Jane tried to block them out, but she couldn’t. How could she? She was married and had become a cock sucking slut… and in her own mind much worse. Not that long ago, although to Jane it seemed like a lifetime ago, she had been a respectable mother and wife who had refused to put her husband’s dick into her mouth because she thought it was disgusting and demeaning. But now she was on her knees in a large room sucking a stranger’s cock with many people watching. Jane kept sucking and licking the Japanese man’s cock until his hands grabbed her head. Jane was now experienced enough to know what that meant. She readied herself, and then swallowed the sperm as it flooded her mouth.

When the man stopped cumming, he pulled away from Jane and stuffed his cock into his pants. A pair of hands lifted Jane to her feet. She was surprised another man didn’t step up for a blowjob, so she willingly stood up. Jane looked down at the dark skinned hands untying the shirttails of her blouse, and automatically crossed her arms over her chest. But when someone wrenched her blouse from behind, her arms were pulled behind her as the garment was yanked off. Her arms again covered her breasts, but this time she was naked from the waist up.

The man who had untied her blouse pulled her to him and began a slow dance. But only a minute into the dance the music changed to a fast beat. The Japanese man released Jane’s body and stepped back a foot or so and began dancing to the new beat, flaying his arms and jerking his body. When Jane stood motionless with her arms across her chest, the man motioned for her to dance. Jane tried to dance with her arms over her breasts, but someone yanked them down. Jane knew what was expected of her and began dancing. She felt her naked tits bouncing and jiggling, but there was nothing she could do to stop it. She also felt the cool air on her pussy and knew her tits weren’t the only thing the people could see. Then Jane noticed the flashes. People were taking pictures of her.

The next dance was a slow one. Jane stopped dancing and was about to cover up when someone grabbed her arm from behind and swung her around. She ended up in the arms of yet another Japanese man. He didn’t even pretend to dance. Right there on the dance floor in front of all the people, the man cupped Jane’s ass with his right hand and lowered his mouth to her right breast. His other hand covered Jane’s left tit and he positioned Jane’s hip against his crotch and ground into her. Then the hand on her tit dropped to her crotch and easily found her pussy through the parted skirt. The man sunk a finger, and then two, into Jane’s pussy. And that’s how they “danced.”

Another set of hands were on Jane’s belly fumbling with the only button holding her skirt on. The man got impatient and Jane felt her skirt ripped apart. She didn’t see it, but knew the button went flying onto the floor. Her befuddled brain wondered how she would ever find it. Then the skirt was pulled off her. Jane was now naked, except for her high heel shoes, in front of a large group of strangers while a man sucked her tit, squeezed her now naked ass, and fingered her pussy while grinding his hard cock into her thigh.

Jane’s dance partner backed away a little and removed his hands, but his mouth remained locked on her breast. Jane just stood there, embarrassed to be naked in front of everyone, but at least grateful to have the man’s hands off her. What she didn’t see was the man pulling his hard cock out of his pants.

The man’s head popped up and he looked at Jane. She saw his face for the first time and realized he wasn’t bad looking. Suddenly, the man lifted Jane into the air and pulled her against his body. Afraid of falling, Jane instinctively wrapped her legs around him. The man held her in place by her ass, and then guided his dick into her pussy. Jane let out a squeal from the shock of a cock suddenly entering her. Once embedded inside her, the man grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her towards him. Jane grunted when his cock sunk all the way in.

The man fucking Jane was obviously very strong. Not only did he hold her up, but was able to lift her and then pull her back down onto his cock. Jane’s legs and arms were wrapped around the man while he moved her up and down on his cock. Jane felt other hands on her body, but it was the cock inside her that was what she felt most. Her pussy had moistened when she was finger-fucked, and now got even wetter. Jane felt an orgasm approaching and held the man tighter with her head on his shoulder, but before she climaxed Jane felt the man’s sperm jettison into her pussy. While the man held her still, Jane’s hips shamelessly moved on their own, but before she reached a climax the man lowered her to the ground. On the way down Jane felt his cock bend and then slip out, rubbing against her clit on the way.

When the man who had just fucked Jane backed away, someone pushed her from behind until she was on her hand and knees. She felt an arm around her waist and then a cock pushing against her pussy from behind. It easily slipped into her sperm-filled pussy and, on all fours like a dog, Jane got fucked hard.

The continuous camera flashes caused Jane to look around at the people watching her. Even some of the women were standing around, all fully clothed. Jane realized that the other women were there as hostesses — for dancing, servicing (as in food and drinks), and socializing — and she was the “entertainment” which was Mr. Tschakami’s euphemism for whore.

While Jane was figuring it all out, another man sat in front of her. His cock was already out of his pants and he pulled Jane’s face to it. She obediently opened her mouth and took his cock into it. This caused her ass to lift up which allowed the man fucking her to penetrate deeper. Jane was now servicing two Japanese men at the same time while being watched by fully clothed men and women. It seemed like every Japanese man had a digital camera in his pocket as the volume of flashes increased. Images of Jane fucking and sucking like a slut would be recorded for others to see. While Jane worried about that, the man fucking her came and pulled out, but Jane kept sucking the other man.

A new man stepped behind Jane and shoved his dick into her pussy. It felt a lot different so Jane pulled off the cock in her mouth and looked over her shoulder. She saw a very thin, small Japanese man. Jane realized that his dick must also be thin and small and she hardly felt it in her well used, sperm-filled pussy. Jane turned back and put the other man’s cock back into her mouth as if it was something she did every day.

Jane felt the man fucking her pull out. She wondered if he had climaxed already. She didn’t feel him shoot, but didn’t feel his cock much anyway. But his hand was still on her hip so she knew he hadn’t left. Then she felt his cock again. Jane almost giggled thinking he had fallen out when she felt his cock press against her anus. She stopped sucking, waiting for the man to correct his aim, but instead she felt a pressure back there. Before Jane could react, the thin slimy cock slipped into her asshole.

“No!” Jane cried out, looking over her shoulder after pulling off the cock that had been in her mouth.

Jane’s head was pulled around by her hair and her face pressed against the abandoned cock. She stayed like that while the man behind her slowly moved his cock in and out of her ass. Never had Jane ever contemplated having something in her ass, let alone a cock. But the man ass-fucked her and there was nothing Jane could do about it. The other man got impatient and tugged on Jane’s hair. After squealing in pain, Jane opened her mouth and began sucking his cock again. Jane was giving a stranger a blowjob and being fucked in the ass. The frequency of the camera flashes seemed to increase with the level of depravity. Now there was a barrage of them. The man came in her mouth and then the other filled her ass with his semen. When the two men backed away, Jane crumbled to the dirty floor.

Jane lay defeated on the floor expecting another man, or two, to use her body, but instead she heard a familiar voice. Mr. Tschakami was talking in Japanese so Jane didn’t understand him, but it sounded like he was barking orders. The next thing Jane saw was one of the Geisha women offering her hand and helping Jane to her feet. Not even attempting to cover her nudity, Jane stood and followed the Geisha. Jane walked awkwardly, uncomfortable from being fucked in the ass for the first time. The Japanese woman led Jane to a table covered with food and drinks.

Jane saw the Geisha staring at her and then, as politely as possible, the Japanese woman pointed to the corner of her mouth. Jane licked that area and tasted sperm, making a disgusted face. The Geisha produced a hanky and gently dabbed Jane’s face clean. Jane looked at the Japanese woman as if to say thank you, but the Geisha averted her eyes. Jane knew the Japanese woman was making an effort to be polite but looked upon Jane with contempt. When the Geisha waved her hand over the table covered with refreshments, Jane filled a glass with punch and was happy to drink it. Then, standing naked with sperm leaking from her pussy and asshole, Jane munched on some carrots and celery.

All too soon, Jane felt her arm being grabbed and she was turned around to see Mr. Tschakami. Jane followed him to an area where people were gathered. When Mr. Tschakami approached, the people parted like the Red Sea. Mr. Tschakami led Jane through the mass of people. In the front were three Japanese men standing shoulder to shoulder.

Mr. Tschakami dropped Jane’s hand and stood next to the three men. Jane felt overly self-conscious that she was standing close to so many fully dressed people. She tried not to call attention to herself, but Jane moved her hands and arms strategically over the front of her body in an attempt to cover as much of her nudity as possible.

Mr. Tschakami began speaking. Jane knew he was giving some sort of speech, but she didn’t understand Japanese so she had no idea he was praising his top three performers. Jane knew the CEO was talking about the three men because he kept pointing to one or the other, causing an outburst of cheers from the crowd. Then everyone became silent as Mr. Tschakami continued. Jane felt uneasy because from time to time the entire group would look her way.

Jane was surprised to see the three men remove their shoes, pants and underwear. They looked ridiculous standing in their shirts and black socks with their dicks dangling for all to see. Mr. Tschakami crooked his finger at Jane and motioned for her to come to him. Begrudgingly, and with a great deal of apprehension, Jane took the few steps.

Pointing to the man at one end, Mr. Tschakami said to Jane, “You suck.”

Jane walked to the Japanese man naked from the waist down and dropped to her knees. She felt everyone’s eyes on her as she leaned forward and lifted the man’s dick, then wrapped her lips around it. The man got hard and Jane sucked his cock to the best of her ability, swirling her tongue around it and bobbing her head. When she felt a tap on her shoulder Jane released the cock and looked back at Mr. Tschakami. Then Jane saw the man she had been sucking move and followed him with her eyes. Jane noticed for the first time a mat on the floor in front of the horseshoe of people. The man lied down on his back on the mat.

Mr. Tschakami pushed Jane’s shoulder. She looked up at him and saw him nodding towards the second man. “Suck too,” was all he said.

Jane shifted to her right and put the second man’s cock into her mouth. She sucked until he got hard and then Jane felt the tapping on her shoulder again. This time when she turned around Mr. Tschakami motioned for her to stand up. He then led Jane to the man lying on the mat who was gently fisting his cock, keeping it hard.

“You fuck him,” Mr. Tschakami said.

Jane looked at the eyes of the audience. That’s what they were, an audience. Jane was going to put on a show for them. An obscene show. Jane straddled the prone body and lowered herself to the man’s crotch. She reached between her legs and found his hard cock. Jane shifted to get into position and pushed the head of the cock into her pussy. She sat down, sinking the cock into her. Jane began an up and down movement, getting her pussy acclimated to the cock.

Jane felt the hand on her shoulder again and knew it was Mr. Tschakami. She stopped fucking the man and looked up. Then she felt the man behind her before she saw him. Looking over her shoulder, Jane recognized the second man she had sucked. He was prying her ass-cheeks apart and then she felt the tip of his cock push against her anus.

“No, please no,” Jane whispered to Mr. Tschakami.

She knew not to make a scene or embarrass the CEO in front of his employees, but she pleaded for him not to make her do this. But the only response Jane got was for the cock behind her to be slowly pushed into her asshole. Since she had just sucked the cock she knew it was a lot bigger than the little, thin one that had taken her anal virginity. But the fact that she had recently been fucked there, and the sperm that was still inside her, made her asshole somewhat receptive to the onslaught. The second man kept pushing until Jane felt his thighs against her buttocks. He was fully inside her ass. Jane also realized that when he pushed into her, her body moved down onto the cock in her pussy. She had two cocks completely inside her at the same time.

The prim and proper wife and mother of two was traumatized that such a thing was happening to her body. But Jane knew what was about to happen and waited for the two to begin fucking her, but they remained still. She was confused until Mr. Tschakami brought the third man over. He faced Jane, straddling the prone man.

“You suck,” Mr. Tschakami said.

Jane couldn’t move, so she just opened her mouth wide. The man took little steps until his cock bumped into Jane’s face. Her hands were supporting her weight so Jane just opened her mouth wider, looking up at the man. He understood and grabbed his soft cock and guided it to Jane’s mouth. She clamped her lips around the cock and began sucking and licking it. It stiffened and grew in her mouth which allowed Jane to bob her head.

When the man behind Jane saw his coworker was hard, he began rocking his hips back and forth. Jane was sucking a cock and getting fucked in the ass. But it didn’t end there. The man underneath Jane felt the other man’s cock moving through the thin membrane separating Jane’s two holes and he began thrusting upwards. Jane had three cocks moving in and out of her three openings… and she knew dozens of people were watching.

The camera flashes were almost continuous as Jane serviced three men at the same time. She again wondered what would become of the photographs as her eyes glanced towards the onlookers. Jane was horrified when she saw the video cameras. She was on her hands and knees like a dog, sitting on a cock, sucking another, while a third sawed in and out of her ass. Jane wasn’t moving. She remained immobile like a fuck-doll while three hard cocks were being rammed in and out of her body. She gagged occasionally when the cock in her mouth went down her throat, and she grunted when the one in her ass pounded into her sore hole too violently. The man on the floor grabbed Jane’s hanging tits and squeezed, pulling on her long nipples. Now she felt like a cow — on all fours being milked. But no cow, or even a dog, ever endured the abuse and humiliation she was.

The man fucking Jane’s ass began humping faster and then she felt his fingernails dig into her skin. He yelled something in Japanese that sounded like “bonsai” and then she felt his hot sperm shoot into her ass. The crowd yelled “bonsai” in unison. The man fucking her face grabbed Jane’s head and really rammed his cock in and out of her throat. Once again she found herself choking, not being able to breathe. When he yelled “bonsai” Jane welcomed it, and then his sperm filled her mouth before she swallowed. The audience yelled “bonsai” as well. Jane was left on top of the prone man. She now had the freedom to move and wanted it to be over with as soon as possible so she straightened up and began bouncing up and down on his cock. Some of the excess sperm in her mouth spilled over her bottom lip and chin onto her breasts. Jane must have looked like a sex starved nymphomaniac as her hair flapped around and her breasts bounced. The cameras captured it all. Finally, the man under Jane cried out, “Oh shit. Bonsai!” which was followed by a loud “bonsai” from the crowd and then applause. Jane waited for the man’s dick to stop spurting and then climbed off him. She collapsed onto the floor exhausted.

People gathered all around Jane, slapping the three men on the backs and congratulating them in Japanese. Jane just lay there, ashamed and sore. When the commotion subsided, men all around Jane began shedding their clothes. One grabbed her legs and lifted them until her knees were pressed against her chest. The man then leaned on the backs of her legs to hold her locked that way, and then pushed his cock into her ass. Jane cried out when the much larger cock than the others entered her asshole.

Jane had a hard time breathing. First, she was doubled over and a lot of pressure was placed on her diaphragm. But the cock inside her ass added to her difficulty. It felt so full in her that she had trouble sucking air into her lungs. Jane looked up at the man’s face through her legs. The strain on his face, and the sweat dripping from it, attested to the effort he was exerting. The man was really pounding into Jane’s ass. So hard, in fact, that the slapping of his thighs on her ass-cheeks was heard above the other people talking.

Although Jane knew she wasn’t supposed to object to anything, getting ass-fucked in this position by a large cock was too much for her. But every time she opened her mouth to ask the man to stop, he thrust into her which resulted in the air being knocked out of her. The only thing that saved Jane was the intensity of the fuck. The man was ramming his cock in and out of her ass so fast that he didn’t last long. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to Jane, but was no more than 10 minutes, the man filled her ass with his sperm.

After the man pulled out and moved away, Jane’s legs fell to the floor like sawed down trees. She was just catching her breath when she felt her legs being raised and pushed back again, lifting her ass off the floor. But this time someone behind her lifted her head and pushed it so that her chin dug into her chest. Her legs were pulled apart and Jane saw the man kneeling, just before the camera flash temporarily blinded her. Someone had taken a picture of her — of her asshole, widened from the recent fuck and oozing sperm, and her face looking through her legs.

Before the white sparkling lights in Jane’s eyesight stopped twinkling, another man pushed his cock into Jane’s pussy. By now Jane was out of it, just laying there while the man fucked her. She tried to see his face, but it wasn’t in focus. The gangbang was having an effect on Jane. Her head fell to the side where she saw several men jerking off. Jane thought that was odd since she was available to them. Jane was surprised to see one of the Geisha’s standing with them. She thought it strange because the other women hadn’t been involved in any sexual activity. But then she realized the Geisha still wasn’t. She wasn’t touching the men, just standing near them. Jane didn’t even notice the glass in her hand until one of the men called out and she moved to him, holding the glass near his cock. And then he ejaculated, shooting white globs of sperm into the glass.

The man fucking Jane came and another took his place, but Jane didn’t even bother to look up. She kept staring at the group of men jerking off and the Geisha catching their discharges in the glass. By the time the third man pushed his cock into her pussy, the glass was almost full. Jane’s befuddled brain thought it was a stupid game. She wondered why they’d prefer to use their own hand when she was available. “The Japanese sure are weird,” Jane thought.

When the current man fucking Jane came and pulled out, Jane kept her legs spread wide expecting another cock to be thrust into her. But all she felt between her legs was cool air. Someone kicked Jane in the side of her head with their knee so she lazily turned to face it. She saw another man jerking off, this one on his knees right next to her. Then she saw the white rope of sperm fly her way. It splashed across her nose and then another landed on her cheek… and then another and another. All the while camera flashes were going off.

When the man stopped cumming and shooting his sperm all over Jane’s face she turned back to the group of men who had been jerking off. The Geisha was walking towards her, carrying the glass of sperm. Jane felt someone grab her from behind, under her armpits, and pull her. Her legs finally came together as she was dragged on the floor until Jane was propped against the wall in a sitting position.

Jane looked at the people standing around her, her mind confused and not functioning on all cylinders. The men were jerking off. There were dozens of them, and they were all fisting their cocks. Then the Geisha knelt next to Jane and brought the glass to Jane’s lips. Bewildered, Jane automatically parted her lips. When the glass was pressed to her now open mouth, Jane tilted her head back. It wasn’t until a large amount of slimy sperm spilled into her mouth and she swallowed that Jane realized what she was drinking. Jane immediately clamped her lips together and turned her head.

“Please, must drink,” the Geisha said in her best English. “Mr. Tschakami get angry. Please drink.”

Jane stared at the Geisha, looking for an ally. But all she saw in the heavily made up face were nervous eyes pleading with her to drink. Jane looked around noticing the camera flashes as well as men still jerking off. She felt like she was in an obscene nightmare. The Geisha pressed the glass once more to Jane’s lips. Jane, cross-eyed, looked past her nose at the slimy contents. She couldn’t drink all that sperm. She just couldn’t. But Mr. Jones’ words rang in her head. He had told Jane that she always said that, but in the end did it. She had come too far to stop now. If she did it would have all been for naught.

Jane relaxed her lips and opened her mouth slightly. The Geisha tilted the glass and Jane felt the sperm slide across her tongue. She choked at the thought of what was entering her mouth, but didn’t vomit like she thought she would. Jane’s mouth rapidly filled so she swallowed. To do so, Jane’s mouth closed but the sperm kept flowing and spilled over her chin and onto her breasts. Jane opened her mouth again and accepted more of the foul tasting liquid. Jane kept swallowing and swallowing, thinking the glass would never empty. Her belly was full and she was nauseous. But Jane kept drinking the sperm. All the while people were taking pictures of her humiliating act. When Jane’s head was tilted far back, she finally felt the glass leave her lips. The Geisha held the glass a little away from Jane’s mouth, letting the last of the sperm spill onto Jane’s face. The last thing Jane thought of before the first man stepped up to her was that Mr. Jones was right.

Relieved the glass had been removed, Jane sighed, but then she caught sight of the man standing above her. He was frantically jerking off. Then his cock erupted, showering Jane with his fresh sperm. Again the camera flashes were going off continuously. Another man stepped next to Jane and spilled his seed on her face as well. When the first man moved away he was replaced by two more, and then man after man jerked off over Jane’s body. By the time all the men had climaxed, Jane was covered in sperm. Sperm was hanging in long strings from her jaw, chin, ears, nipples, and arms. Her hair was caked in it. One of Jane’s eyes was closed, the eye socket filled with sperm. Every time she inhaled, sperm was sucked into her nostrils causing her to choke so Jane began breathing from her mouth. That, of course, allowed more sperm into her mouth which she unavoidably swallowed. Jane estimated that hundreds of pictures had been taken of her drinking and getting splattered with sperm. The sexually naive woman didn’t know about bukkake, although she just experienced it firsthand, but had heard disgusting sex pictures were all over the internet and just knew some of those taken that night would end up on internet sites.

Jane found herself sitting against a wall covered in sperm. All the people wandered off to continue with their party. The “entertainment” was complete and no one even bothered to assist the dumbstruck woman on the floor. Jane just sat there, feeling the sperm slide over her body and then cake up. She didn’t move until the chauffer who had brought her to the party stood over her. She looked up at him through one eye and he tossed a towel onto her chest. Jane wiped her sperm-filled eye first and then her face. She wiped her chest and then the rest of her body. Then Jane placed the towel, which now was soaked with sperm, on her head and rubbed her hair as if she had just washed it. Finally, Jane used the towel to rub between her legs, even turning onto her side to wipe her ass. It embarrassed her to do that in front of the chauffer, but she didn’t have a choice. Jane held her hand out for the chauffer to help her up, but he pulled back not wanting to touch her. With a great deal of difficulty, Jane managed to get to her feet.

Jane looked around in a daze and wandered through the large room looking for her clothes. She was walking very slowly and bowlegged. Her body had a sheen of sperm all over it and people ignored her as she walked past them, except for the occasional picture taker.

Jane put her white blouse and black skirt on. They were both filthy from lying on the floor and people stepping on them. She noticed the top button of her skirt was missing and remembered how it was ripped off her on the dance floor. Once dressed, Jane followed the chauffer out of the room.

The chauffer stopped at the main exit. Jane automatically stopped too since the chauffer was leading her. She looked at him and waited for him to get her out of the nightmare she had spent many hours in. Jane watched as if in slow motion as the chauffer pulled his zipper down. Before he even fished his cock out, Jane was on her knees waiting for it. She didn’t even think to protest. Jane stuffed the chauffer’s cock into her mouth and sucked it until he also erupted. Jane swallowed it all.

The chauffer walked out with Jane trailing behind. Once again he assumed the subservient role and opened the door, closing it after Jane settled in the back seat. They drove in silence, Jane sore and humiliated.

When they arrived at Jane’s house the chauffer once again opened the door for her. Jane was hesitant to step outside. Her skin was still caked in sperm, her hair was sticky with it, and her clothes were filthy. But Jane didn’t have anywhere else to go so she got out of the limo and went into her house.

THE END (not yet) go to Chapter 6

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    Awesome story Wish I was there to lick her pussey and add another load

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    Awesome story Wish I was there to lick her pussey