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Wife Pays for Husband’s Shortcomings – Chapter 6

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Chapter 5… Jane’s abused and exhausted body trembled as she stood at the front door to her house, hesitant to enter. Dried sperm was all over her body and in her hair, and her clothes were filthy from laying on the dirty dance floor and people stepping on them at the Japanese company party. But she couldn’t remain outside in the condition she was in. Her only hope was that neither of her children were home. Jane didn’t even know what time it was.

Jane unlocked the door and quietly stepped inside. Using both hands to close the door gently, Jane caught her breath when she heard the click, but there were no other sounds within the house. Jane took her high-heel shoes off and tiptoed towards her bedroom.

“Mom, I didn’t hear you come ho…” Jenny said coming out of the kitchen. “Oh-my-god, what happened to you?”

Jane froze. Her daughter was looking at her in disbelief. Jane had to think fast, but her brain wasn’t working. She was still dazed by all that had happened. Jane just dumbly stared back.

“Mom, what happened? Are you all right? Were you in an accident? Should I call the doctor?”

The last question brought Jane out of her stupor. She couldn’t have a doctor examine her. He would know she had sex in both her pussy and ass. He would probably know more than that as well.

“I-I did have an accident. Well, not really an accident,” Jane corrected her lie thinking that would require a doctor. “You see, well, I, um… Jenny, you wouldn’t believe what happened.”

Jane was stalling.

“Please Mom, tell me.”

Jenny thought for a while and then said, “I fell. I fell into a big hole. It was a construction site. Yeah, and I fell and got all dirty.”

“But Mom, what’s all that stuff in your hair and everywhere?”

Jane froze again, but now found lying to her daughter easier. “Some boys threw eggs at me. They thought it was funny. I was climbing out of the hole and they saw me. They had grocery bags so I guess they were doing shopping for their mothers. Well, they took the eggs out of the bag and began throwing them at me. I couldn’t do anything. When they were out of eggs they ran away.”

“Damn boys,” Jenny said. “Just like them to do something stupid like that. Are you hurt?”

“No, just upset and real dirty. I need to wash up. I feel awful.”

“Yeah, I bet. Can I help?”

“No, but thanks.”

“Mom, why are you walking funny?”

Jane’s ass and pussy were still sore from the abuse they had received. “I pulled something in my leg when I fell.”

“Oh. Are you sure you don’t need a doctor?”

“No, just a hot bath.”

Jane continued walking to her bedroom. She felt her daughter’s eyes on her, but thought Jenny had believed her farfetched story. Jane ran her bath and undressed in the bathroom. She climbed into the bathtub and soaked.

Of course Jenny told her father about the “accident” and the egg throwing prank. Ira was very sympathetic and held Jane all night while they watched TV. Later, when they were in bed, he continued to hold her and the contact of their nude bodies caused him to get an erection. He wanted to fuck his wife so he pulled her hand to his hard-on and moved his between her legs. Jane flinched when his fingers entered her sore pussy.

Ira jerked his hand away and was about to ask Jane what was wrong. She knew what he was going to ask and also knew she couldn’t allow him to touch her there or enter her without grimacing. Thinking fast, Jane leaned over and wrapped her lips around her husband’s cock. It was the first time she had ever done that to him and he didn’t complain. Ira immediately forgot about his wife’s earlier reaction to his touch and just fell onto his back, savoring the moment.

Jane’s tongue swirled around her husband’s cock while she moved her head up and down. By now she was a good cock sucker and knew what to do. Jane held Ira’s cock in her hand while her mouth and tongue attacked the sensitive head. Soon Ira’s hips were bucking, trying to move his cock between the lips pressed around it. Jane gagged a few times, but Ira didn’t stop, that is not until he climaxed. Without warning, Ira filled his wife’s mouth with his sperm. Jane automatically swallowed it, just like she had been trained.

“Jane, I’m sorry I came,” Ira apologized when he realized what happened. “I’m so sorry, I should have warned you.”

“It’s okay,” Jane said, licking her lips to get the few drops that dripped from her mouth. “I didn’t mind.”

“You didn’t? Wow! Why’d you do it?”

“Are you sorry I did?”

“No! Oh no! I loved it. It’s just that… well, you never did before. You never wanted to. What changed your mind?”

Jane had to think fast. “I guess I liked the way you held me tonight. I really needed it and you were there for me. I wanted to do something nice to you.”

“You sure did. I loved it. Do you want me to do you?”

“Ira, I’m so tired and sore. I really just want to go to sleep.”

“Okay, I understand.” Ira kissed his wife on the forehead and watched her turn onto her side, facing away from him. “Thanks Jane.”

Jane mumbled a “you’re welcome” and fell asleep — humiliated, exhausted, sore, and with the taste of her husband’s sperm in her mouth. Ira, on the other hand, lay awake with a huge smile on his face. He stared up into the darkness thanking God for whatever had changed his wife.

The next night at dinner Ira informed his family that he would be leaving the next morning on a two week business trip. He had never been away that long and all showed their surprise. They would have been more shocked if they knew why Mr. Jones was sending Ira away.

That night Ira wanted another blowjob, but was afraid to ask his wife. He thought that what happened the night before was so unusual that she wouldn’t do it again. They were lying in bed cuddling when Ira began playing with Jane’s breasts. She knew what that meant and also knew that with Ira going away for two weeks she couldn’t feign a headache. But she also knew she was still sore and that she was sure he’d see her discomfort when he fucked her.

“Honey, did you like what I did for you last night?” Jane asked in her sweetest voice.

“I sure did.”

“Can we try something new?”

Jane got her husband’s attention. “Sure.”

“I know I’ve always told you it was dirty, but could you, um, do to me what I did to you?”

Ira didn’t know what had gotten into his wife, but he didn’t care. He didn’t even answer. Ira scooted down the bed and pushed his wife’s legs apart, getting between them. He looked at her trimmed pussy and unconsciously licked his lips. He had wanted to do this for so long.

Ira lowered his face between his wife’s legs and began licking. Jane lay there, not understanding why her husband was so anxious to do it. But he seemed to like it and licked vigorously. Jane remembered back to the other tongues on her and realized Ira didn’t really know what he was doing. She spread her legs more and reached down, pulling her labia apart. Ira looked at the moist pink flesh inside his wife’s slit and began licking it. That caused Jane to moan so he licked her harder.

“Up here… do it up here,” Jane said between pants, tapping her forefinger next to her clit.

When Ira began licking the little piece of flesh, Jane’s moans got louder. Then she began humping her hips, grabbing Ira’s head. With her fingers entwined in his hair, pulling his face onto her pussy, Jane cried out in a huge orgasm.

Jane felt Ira’s cock push into her pussy and cried out in pain. Ira pulled back, not understanding.

“It’s just too sensitive now,” Jane lied.

“Did I hurt you?”

“No, it felt wonderful.” And that wasn’t a lie. “You know what? I’ve heard that what you just did to me, and what I did to you yesterday… well, we could do it together.”

“It’s called a sixty-nine.”

“Do you want to try it?”

“Yeah, I would love to. Do you want to be on the top or bottom?”

Jane didn’t know. She was just trying to get her husband off without penetration. Jane remembered how some men had thrust their cocks into her throat and thought that if she was on top she’d have more control.

Ira was pleased with his wife’s suggestion. Hell, he would have loved it either way. He didn’t understand what had changed his prudish wife, but he wasn’t going to ask her. Instead, Ira scrambled onto his back, waiting with a cock so hard it wasn’t touching his belly as it quivered in the air.

Jane lifted a knee over Ira’s head, turning at the same time. She felt his hands on her ass, pulling her down. When she looked under her body, Jane saw Ira licking her pussy. Looking up, Jane saw his hard cock. She got down on one elbow to support her weight and grabbed his cock with her free hand, guiding it to her mouth. With her fist around the base, Jane sucked her husband’s cock for only the second time in their marriage.

Jane was giving her husband a blowjob as a necessary evil but, as Ira’s tongue increased her arousal, her mouth became more passionate. Jane bobbed her head up and down fast while using her hand on the exposed part of his cock. Ira licked faster as he approached orgasm; the sensation was too much for him and he began spurting sperm into Jane’s mouth.

Jane swallowed as fast as Ira produced the slimy substance, but was worried that since he was leaving for two weeks he would still want to fuck her. She let some of the sperm slide down his shaft, lubricating it. Her fist now moved up and down his cock much more smoothly so she was able to rub it faster. Jane put the end of Ira’s cock in her mouth, but she was jerking him off more than blowing him. Ira didn’t care and just lay back, looking up at his wife’s pussy. And then he came again, with Jane locking her lips around his cock until it stopped spurting. Then she rolled off.

“Jane, that was great,” Ira said breathlessly. “It felt so good. I loved it. But I came twice and you only came once. Do you want me to do it to you again?”

“I had two climaxes,” Jane lied.

“Really? Wow, I must have been out of it not to notice.”

“That’s all right, honey. Can we go to sleep now? You have to catch a plane tomorrow.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that damn trip. Now I wish I didn’t have to go.”

“You’ll be home before you know it,” Jane reassured him.

They fell asleep and the next day Ira left his wife alone with her children… and his boss.

When Jane answered the door two days later she wasn’t surprised to see Mr. Jones standing there. Nowadays, she always expected the worse… and Mr. Jones was “the worse.” However, she was surprised to see him carrying a large sports bag. Mr. Jones didn’t bother to wait for an invitation and pushed his way into the house. Jane closed the door and followed Mr. Jones. When he entered her bedroom he placed the sports bag on the floor. He saw Jane staring at it.

“I’m going to be staying for a few days,” Mr. Jones said matter-of-factly.

“What? You can’t. My kids.”

“When they’re home I’ll be out of sight.”

“But your work? Your wife?”

“The company will run without me… and my wife will be fine.”

Jane was flabbergasted. She didn’t know what to say. It was insane to have him in her house while her children were home. She had to put her foot down even if it meant that Ira would go to jail and they’d have financial problems. This was going too far. She couldn’t have her children involved.

“Mr. Jones, please leave my house immediately,” Jane said with less conviction than she tried to make it sound.

Mr. Jones ignored Jane and picked up his sports bag, dropping it on her bed. He opened it and searched through the contents, finally pulling out a VCR tape. While Jane stood silent, confused and scared, Mr. Jones turned on the TV and VCR and inserted the tape into the slot. Jane stared dumbly at the screen and then caught her breath, her hand covering her mouth. She saw herself on the TV.

“I have many cameras in my office,” Mr. Jones said. “After some editing, it made for a very nice video.”

The nightmare of the day in Mr. Jones’ office came back to her as the video played. When she watched herself climb under Mr. Jones’ desk and blow him, and then watched her husband come into the office and sit down, her knees went weak and she collapsed onto the bed.

“I don’t think we have to watch the entire tape…” Mr. Jones said, “unless you want to.”

“NO! Turn it off.”

Mr. Jones stopped the tape and ejected it. He put another one in the VCR that he had taken from the sports bag while Jane was watching the first. She was shocked when she saw herself dancing nude at the party.

“It gets real good later,” Mr. Jones said chuckling. “But I guess you already know that. I have photos too. Mr. Tschakami was very happy to give me them as a thank you.”

Jane didn’t wait for Mr. Jones, but ran to the VCR and turned it off. She looked at him in shock.

“What would your children think of their mother when they see these tapes?” Mr. Jones asked.

“My god! NO! You wouldn’t. You couldn’t. For god’s sake, they must never see them!”

“You can have these if you want. I have copies.”

“What do you want?” Jane asked meekly.

“You know what I want.”

Defeated, Jane’s shoulders slumped and she hung her head. “Okay, you win.”

“Good. Show me your daughter’s bedroom.”

“What?! Why do you want to see Jenny’s room?” Jane cried out as only a shocked, protective mother could.

“Just take me there.”

Jane’s shoulders slumped again, but she led Mr. Jones to her daughter’s bedroom. He looked around with a smug expression and then opened the closet door looking inside. After glancing back into the room and then the inside of the closet again, Mr. Jones quietly closed the door. He walked around the room like he owned it, picking up a stuffed animal here and a framed photograph there. But when he opened Jenny’s dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of panties, Jane gasped.

“Please don’t touch those,” Jane pleaded.

In response, Mr. Jones lifted the panties to his face and sniffed loudly. His eyes were on Jane the whole time.

“Did you ever catch your son smelling your panties again?” Mr. Jones asked taking a louder sniff.

“No! Definitely not! I don’t know why he did that, but I’m sure it was a one time thing.”

“Hmmm, we’ll see.”

Mr. Jones rummaged through Jenny’s panties some more, pulling out the ones that caught his fancy. Then he looked at her bras, checking the label for the size. Jane felt like her daughter was being violated. The man she had grown to hate was touching her daughter’s underwear. Mr. Jones opened the next drawer which was filled with normal clothes, but he pushed his hand down into the clothing anyway, and then he did the same with the next drawer. When he opened the bottom drawer it was filled with sweaters. Mr. Jones pushed his hand inside like he had done in the others and moved it around. Then he smiled at Jane.

“Is your daughter sexually active?” Mr. Jones asked.

“What? I don’t know,” Jane blurted out. Then more hesitantly she said, “She’s on the Pill… but that’s to keep her regular. We, um, never discussed it. She dates, but… I don’t think she’s…”

Mr. Jones pulled his hand out of the bottom of Jenny’s sweater drawer holding a dildo. Jane stopped talking and her eyes got real big. Mr. Jones smiled knowing that Jane didn’t know of her daughter’s toy. He held it under his nose and inhaled.

“She’s a nice young thing,” Mr. Jones said. “Here, take a whiff.” Mr. Jones held the dildo out but Jane jumped back. “I said smell it!” he said with much more authority.

Jane stepped up to Mr. Jones and leaned forward with her nose just over the dildo he was holding out. She wrinkled her nose at the odor.

“Lick it,” Mr. Jones said.

“Please, why are you making me do such disgusting things?”

“Because I can. Now lick it.” Jane flicked her tongue across the dildo. “Now suck it like a cock.” Jane put the dildo in her mouth. “That’s right, suck it good. Use your tongue and taste your daughter’s cunt. Think about where that plastic thing has been while you suck it clean. Now bob your head… you know, like you suck cock. Yeah, drag your lips and tongue all over it. Can you taste her cunt? I bet you do.”

Jane stood in Jenny’s bedroom sucking her daughter’s dildo. Mr. Jones was right, she did taste her daughter. Every time Mr. Jones reminded her where the dildo had been she felt nauseous. Jane was sucking her daughter’s dried pussy juices from the sex toy.

“That’s enough,” Mr. Jones said. Jane immediately yanked the dildo from her mouth. It was slick with her saliva. “Now use it.”

Jane’s eyes widened again, but she didn’t bother to argue. She knew it was useless. Jane took her pants and underwear off and sat on her daughter’s bed. She spread her legs and inserted the dildo into her pussy. Again Jane thought about where the dildo had been. It had been inside her daughter’s pussy and now it was inside hers. Jane began sliding the dildo in and out of her pussy. She felt her pussy moisten and coat the dildo. She tried not to think about it, but her mind kept picturing her daughter’s pussy getting wet around the dildo. It was the same wetness that had dried on the plastic, after who knows how many uses, that Jane had licked clean.

Mr. Jones returned to Jenny’s dresser. He opened the top drawer and retrieved a pair of green panties. He pulled his cock out and wrapped the panties around it, making sure the inside of the crotch was on his cock. Then he jerked off.

Jane watched as her daughter’s clean panties were being rubbed on Mr. Jones’ cock. Just the thought of her young daughter’s pussy against something that had touched the evil man’s cock made her sick. But soon the sensation of the fake dick moving in and out of her caused her to fall onto her back and lift her feet onto the bed. With her knees in the air and apart, Jane rammed the dildo in and out more vigorously. And then she came, covering her daughter’s dildo with her own pussy juices.

Jane was lying on her back panting hard when she felt the dildo pulled out of her pussy. She watched Mr. Jones smell it and then place it on top of the dresser, standing vertically on the flat end.

“You’re not going to leave it there?” Jane said in a panic.

“No, just letting it dry. You sure got it wet. Just think, the next time your daughter shoves it into her cunt it will be your dried juices on it, not hers. I wonder if she sucks it first to get it wet. Hmmm, that would be something to see.”

Mr. Jones carefully folded the green panties he had used and then replaced them in the drawer. Then, with his hard cock still jutting from his pants, Mr. Jones continued to investigate the room. After Mr. Jones went through all of Jenny’s belongings he replaced the dildo back to its hiding place in the bottom of her sweater drawer.

“Okay, now your son’s room,” Mr. Jones said. When Jane picked up her panties Mr. Jones said, “No need to dress. Just carry your clothes with you.”

Jane picked up her pants and showed Mr. Jones to Mark’s room. She felt uncomfortable standing in her son’s bedroom naked from the waist down. Jane watched as Mr. Jones invaded her son’s privacy by going through his things. He seemed pleased to have found Mark’s stash of porn magazines and showed them to the unsuspecting mother. But it was another discovery that really got his attention. He pulled his hand out from under a stack of clothes and showed it to Jane.

“I wonder who these belong to?” Mr. Jones said.

“My god, they’re mine!”

“That’s what I thought.”

“But what are they doing in there?”

“Don’t you know?”

“No, they must have gotten mixed up in the laundry.”

Mr. Jones held the panties to his nose and smelled. “Nope, these haven’t been washed.”

Jane looked at the panties more intently. “I… I think I wore those yesterday. I could have sworn I put them to wash. I don’t understand how they got in Mark’s drawer.”

“Maybe I’ll help you figure it out, but right now I need something to eat. Since I will be out of sight when your kids are home I will need the afternoon meal to be my dinner. Make me a nice juicy steak.” Mr. Jones watched the flustered woman start to walk out of the room. “Jane?”


“Don’t you think you should put your clothes on first?”

Jane blushed and stopped to slip her panties and then her pants on. She hurried out of the room still confused about what she had seen.

After they had eaten — Mr. Jones a steak and Jane a peanut butter and jelly sandwich — Mr. Jones went back upstairs while Jane stayed on the first level doing her normal household chores. The banging and other noises she heard upstairs bothered her, but she didn’t investigate. The last thing she wanted was to be in Mr. Jones’ presence. Jane knew that when they were alone he would expect sexual favors from her. So Jane remained downstairs, from time to time looking up at the confounded noises. She only hoped her children would come home before Mr. Jones summoned her upstairs.

It was later, after dinner, when Mr. Jones heard Jenny call out, “Mom, going to Gina’s for a while.” Then he heard the door slam before Jane even had a chance to reply.

Mr. Jones called Jane on his cell phone. The arrangement was that if one of her kids answered the phone then Mr. Jones would just hang up and Jane would come upstairs to see if it was him calling. But Jane ran to the phone and answered it before her son could. When told to do so, Jane went to her bedroom.

“Take off your pants and blouse,” Mr. Jones told Jane when she entered her bedroom. “Put this on.”

Jane caught the garment Mr. Jones had thrown to her. She looked at it briefly, recognizing it as her old house robe. She put her arms through the sleeves and went to tie the belt when she realized it seemed much shorter. Jane tugged on the hem, but the robe didn’t fall to its usual place on her thighs. Mr. Jones had tampered with it, making it much shorter. Jane tied the robe and looked down — it was very short. She looked over her shoulder and pushed her ass out. The robe barely covered her buttocks.

“Looks pretty good,” Mr. Jones said.

“It’s too short… way too short.”

Mr. Jones walked behind Jane and reached around her body. His hand went between her legs and cupped her pussy. He used a finger to press the material into her slit and began rubbing her. Jane always hated when her body responded to him, but it betrayed her again. Soon her hips were moving as she ground her pussy onto his finger. Mr. Jones didn’t stop until Jane climaxed, biting her bottom lip to keep from screaming.

“Okay, take the panties off,” Mr. Jones said.

When Jane complied, Mr. Jones grabbed the moist panties and tossed them onto the foot of her bed. He then pulled new panties from his bag and told her to put them on. Jane noticed they were much sheerer than what she wore.

“This is what we’re going to do,” Mr. Jones said once Jane put the sexy panties on. “I unscrewed the ceiling light bulb so it looks like it blew. Do you know how to change a light bulb?”

“Of course!”

“Good. But I’m afraid you may fall. After all, you will need a ladder. I already brought it up from the garage.”

“I won’t fall,” Jane said.

“I want to be sure.”

“Okay, then are you going to hold me?”

“No, your son is.”

“WHAT?!! Not dressed like this?”

“Yep, that’s the fun part for me.”

“Please, do what you want with me, but leave my family out of it.”

“Call your son… um, Mark, right? I’ll position the ladder while you call him. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be hidden. The new bulb is over there.”

Jane followed Mr. Jones’ pointing finger and then watched in a daze as he moved the ladder under the ceiling fixture. He then went into the closet, but Jane noticed he had it open enough to see out but, unless you were looking for him, he was not visible. Once again Jane tugged on her robe, but it still didn’t go lower.

Jane called her son and when he entered her room she told him she needed him to hold the ladder steady for her. When he offered to change the light bulb she told him she wasn’t strong enough to hold the ladder. He was about to tell her that was ridiculous when she got angry and was curt with him so he relented.

From his hiding place, Mr. Jones watched Jane tentatively take the first step. It was obvious she was trying to keep her too short robe down. When Jane’s hips were even with Mark’s face he reached out to hold his mother. But his hands stopped in mid-air. What Mark saw was the bottom of his mother’s buttocks sticking out from under the robe. When Jane took the next step, Mark was able to see under his mother’s robe, at her pale blue panties so sheer he saw the crack of her ass. Mark’s hands gripped the sides of the ladder as he looked up, not even trying to avert his eyes.

Jane knew how short the robe was and that it didn’t maintain her modesty, but she couldn’t look down. She hoped her son wasn’t staring under her robe, but she didn’t know and was afraid to find out. Instead, Jane thought it best to complete her task as quickly as possible. But what she didn’t count on was that Mr. Jones had rigged the light fixture. She couldn’t easily unscrew the mechanism holding the glass covering in place.

“Mark, could you get me the pliers?” Jane asked.

“Will you be okay up there?”

“Yes, as long as I don’t move. Please hon, get the pliers.”

Mark moved away from the ladder. Mr. Jones noticed he turned back and looked up one more time before heading for the door. On the way Mark saw his mother’s panties on the bed and hesitated. Mr. Jones had made a bet with himself that the teenager would take them. Mark looked back at his mother checking to see if she was looking. She wasn’t so he stuffed the soiled panties into his pocket.

When Mark returned he stopped by the ladder and looked under his mother’s robe. He then stepped to the side of the ladder and handed the pliers to Jane, then returned to his spot and put his foot on the lowest rung to keep it steady. While Jane struggled with the screw, Mark stared under her short robe. As his mother moved, her legs parted and Mark saw the part of her panties covering her pussy. The material was so thin that he even saw her slit and pubic hair. Mr. Jones watched him rub his obviously hard cock while staring up his mother’s robe.

Finally, Jane changed the bulb and put the glass covering back in place. When she stepped onto the next lower rung her robe rode up her buttocks and Mark was able to see most of her panty-covered ass. Jane got to the floor and thanked Mark who left her bedroom.

“Happy?” Jane asked sarcastically when Mr. Jones came out of the closet. “That was sick.”

“Notice anything missing?” Mr. Jones asked.

Jane looked around. “No.”

“Your panties… the nice smelly ones.”

Jane’s eyes darted to her bed and then her hand covered her mouth. “Oh-my-god, he didn’t.”

“He sure did.”

“But why?”

“Let’s go find out,” Mr. Jones said.

Confused, Jane followed Mr. Jones to her TV. He turned it on and some other equipment she never saw before, even though it was her own bedroom. When the TV screen illuminated, Jane looked at it in stunned silence. She was watching her son sitting on the side of his bed taking off his sneakers. Jane looked at Mr. Jones in puzzlement.

He smiled and answered, “I didn’t make millions in the electronics field without being an expert. And now that we have RF (radio frequency) technology we don’t even need wires. Did you know one of my biggest customers is the CIA? I’ve developed things my competitors never dreamed about.”

Jane stared dumbly, still not fully comprehending what was happening. When Mr. Jones nodded for her to turn back to the TV she did. Mark was pulling his jeans off. Soon she saw her son’s hard cock sticking up. But if that wasn’t shocking enough, Mark fished her panties out of his pants. He threw the jeans onto the floor and lifted the panties to his face. Jane recognized the panties as the ones she left on her bed, the ones covered in her pussy juices. And then Mark’s fist surrounded his hard cock and began moving up and down.

“I can’t believe this,” Jane said.

“This is what I want you to do…”

Mr. Jones explained to the befuddled woman what he expected of her.

“I can’t rape my son,” Jane exclaimed when he finished.

“Who said anything about rape? You don’t have to do anything your son doesn’t want to do. But you have to do what I told you.”

“This is insane! He’s my son. I can’t do that.”

“There’s that can’t again. Sure you can. And if you don’t… well, I have the videos and pictures. I think your son will jerk off watching them, but what about your husband and your daughter… and everyone else?”

Jane felt trapped again. Her eyes were locked on her son’s hand sliding up and down his cock. A cock she hadn’t seen in years. A cock she was not supposed to see anymore, especially hard.

“I can’t, his door must be locked,” Jane said, relieved that she found an excuse.

“I made other improvements to your house. Don’t worry, his door won’t lock.”

Jane’s mind wasn’t working and her son’s actions were adding to her confusion. She was also terrified of the pictures and videos getting out. What Mr. Jones was telling her to do was despicable, but maybe she should just do what he told her. After all, she didn’t have to force herself upon her son. Mark would never have sex with her. She was his mother. The worse that would happen is Mark would get embarrassed when she caught him masturbating. That’s not so bad. He’d get over it.

Jane was now standing at her son’s bedroom door. Her hand was on the doorknob, but she didn’t move. Jane decided to show Mr. Jones that not everyone was as perverted as him. She took a deep breath and turned the doorknob, hoping it was locked. But it rotated and the door opened. Jane was now staring at her son jerking off in person, not on the TV screen. She could hear his moans and the slapping of his fist when it crashed into his body. Mark’s fist was moving a lot faster now than just a few moments before.

Jane stood in the doorway watching her son masturbate. His eyes were closed and he didn’t hear the door open. But all of a sudden his eyes opened and he stared at his mother. Once the shock wore off he panicked and scrambled under his bedcover, pulling the cover to his chest. Mark realized his mother’s panties were still clutched in his hand under the cover.

“Mom, what are you doing here?!” Mark called out.

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me.”

“But I was… oh god, Mom, I…”

Jane stared at her flustered son. He was more embarrassed than she had ever seen him. Part of her wanted to hold him in her arms and tell him everything was all right. But she had to follow Mr. Jones’ instructions. She walked to the side of her son’s bed. Jane noticed Mark’s eyes were on her legs, at the hem of her very short robe.

Jane hated embarrassing her son further, but Mr. Jones was very explicit. “Mark, are those my panties you have under the cover?”

Mark’s eyes opened wide. He had hoped his mother hadn’t noticed. He just stared at her dumbly and then said, “I’m sorry, Mom.”

“But why do you have them?” This scripted question was easier to ask since Jane really didn’t understand.

“I don’t know. I just like the…”

“You were smelling them. Do you like the smell?”

“Mom, this is so embarrassing. Please, can’t you just leave?”

The next series of questions were going to be more difficult for Jane. “Is that why your thing was hard?”

Mr. Jones was watching from Jane’s bedroom and had to chuckle when she called his cock a “thing.” After all she’d been through she was still so modest.

“Mom, I couldn’t help it,” Mark said so softly that Mr. Jones almost didn’t hear him through the speakers.

“Mark, did I cause it to get like that when I was on the ladder?”


“You were looking under my robe then?”

“Yes, I couldn’t help it. It’s so short.”

“Yes, I guess it’s my fault.”

Jane knew what was expected of her next. She was amazed that Mr. Jones had figured out how the conversation would go. He told her exactly what to do and say at this point. Jane turned around and looked over her shoulder at her butt. Her hand was shaking, but she lifted the back of the robe up showing her son her panty-covered ass. She was still wearing the sheer panties he had seen earlier.

“I have a big ass,” Jane repeated the words exactly as Mr. Jones had given her.

“Oh god, Mom!”

Jane looked at her son. She saw movement under the bedcover and knew what he was doing. This is something even Mr. Jones didn’t anticipate so she didn’t know what to do. But Jane remembered what Mr. Jones had told her to do next.

“Mark, since my big fat butt caused you to get excited, do you want me to help you?”

Mark’s hand stopped moving. He stared up at his mother in wonderment. What was she suggesting? Jane turned around and pulled the bedcover off her son’s body. She saw his hard cock with in his hand around it. Now was the moment of truth. Jane knew Mr. Jones was watching. She had to do what he told her. Her only hope was her son. If he reacted the way a son should react Jane would be spared. Embarrassed, she’d be able to turn around and leave.

Jane’s hand covered the part of Mark’s cock outside his fist. Now it was her son’s turn to push her hand away and scold her. That’s what a son should do. But that’s not what her son did. Mark moved his hand away and dropped it to the mattress. Jane was in a dilemma now. Since Mark didn’t do what she expected, Jane now had to do what Mr. Jones told her to. Jane’s fist slowly slid down her son’s dick and then back up.

Mark’s reaction surprised Jane. His hips jerked up and he let out a low moan. Jane felt the warmth of the flesh in her hand. Mark’s cock was so hard and hot. And then Mark did something else that shocked his mother. Jane saw his hand moving over the mattress in search of something. It disappeared under the bedcover and withdrew with her panties clutched in his fist. Mark placed her panties over his face. All the while, Jane was jerking him off.

“Oh god, Mom, I can’t believe you’re doing this,” Mark said.

Jane stared at her son’s face covered in her soiled panties. Where had she gone wrong? Mark should be offended, but he seemed pleased. She cursed Mr. Jones in her mind for letting her see this side of her son. Mark was perverted. First the panties, and now he was letting his mother masturbate him.

Mark began moving his hips more violently and then Jane saw his sperm fly into the air. She kept fisting her son’s erupting cock as it shot off like a volcano. Soon the discharge ebbed until it flowed like lava between his cock and her fist. Jane was now using her son’s sperm to slide her fist up and down his shaft.

At this point Jane wasn’t sure what to do. Up until now, Mr. Jones’ instructions were explicit, but at this point he told her to go with the flow. Her orders were that she couldn’t deny her son anything. If all he wanted was a hand-job then she was free to leave. But if he wanted more, then she had to do it. Her son’s recent actions worried Jane.

“Thanks Mom.”

Jane didn’t realize she was staring at her fist pumping Mark’s cock until he spoke. She looked at his face to see him smiling at her, her panties lying next to his head. He had a dreamy look on his face. Jane immediately pulled her slimy hand away.

“No, please don’t stop,” Mark said.

That was it. According to Mr. Jones, who was watching from her bedroom, Jane couldn’t deny her son anything. She put her hand back onto his still hard cock and began sliding it up and down. Once again she was jerking her son off.

Jane continued her masturbatory task while her son stared at her. She wondered what was going through his mind. Jane still didn’t understand why Mark was a willing participant. Then her heart fell to her stomach when she realized her son thought she wanted to do it. Jane was struggling with that thought when she felt Mark move. He was sitting up. And then Mark’s hand was on her face, gently brushing it. Jane thought that was nice until his hand moved to the top of her head and pulled it down. Jane’s lips were touching the tip of her son’s slimy cock. The pressure on the back of her head was clear. Jane knew what her son wanted. She also knew that Mr. Jones was watching. Troubled, but more afraid of Mr. Jones than what she was about to do, Jane opened her mouth and allowed her son’s cock to slip between her lips.

“Oh Mom, that feels soooo good,” Mark purred.

Jane was still. She was bent over her son’s prone body with his cock in her mouth. She tasted the remains of his recent discharge and had to swallow it when the saliva accumulated in her mouth, but she didn’t move. That is, not until Mark began bucking his hips, fucking her mouth. Jane relented and swirled her tongue around her son’s cock, and then began bobbing her head.

Not that long ago, Jane had never given a blowjob. Now she was sucking her own son’s dick. She glanced sideways and saw that Mark had propped his head up on two pillows — he was watching her. It was humiliating enough to know that Mr. Jones was watching her mouth move up and down her son’s cock, but to have Mark watch her do it was even worse.

At that point Jane simply wanted to get it over with. Her mouth moved more quickly up and down the top portion of Mark’s cock while her hand wanked the rest of it. It was as if her mouth and hand were connected, both going up and then down at the same time. Saliva dripped from Jane’s mouth onto the shaft causing a squishy sound as her hand slid up and down. And then Jane heard the grunt, knowing what was about to happen. She tasted the fresh load of sperm as it hit her palate and fell onto her tongue. Her son was cumming in her mouth and she was swallowing it. Jane didn’t pull her mouth away until Mark’s orgasm ended. She silently stood next to the bed.

“Jeez, Mom, that was great,” Mark said when he recovered. “What made you do that?”

What was Jane to say? She couldn’t tell him Mr. Jones had forced her. She had to think of a reason quickly. “You looked like you needed it. But it was…”

Jane was about to tell Mark that it was wrong to do what she had done, but he didn’t give her a chance.

“I did need it. Thanks Mom, you’re the greatest. Now I’ll tell you why I took your panties. I love the way your pussy smells.” Mark’s crude language bothered his mother. “I once found a pair of your panties in your pocketbook. I thought that was strange and wondered if you had been wearing them… so I smelled them. As soon as I did I was hooked. From that day on I’ve been taking your panties out of the hamper and jerking off while smelling them. The ones I found on your bed today were the best ever. They smelled so strong. And when you were up on the ladder…”

“Mark, please let me explain,” Jane said, not even knowing how she would explain it.

“No, let me finish. Mom, I almost came in my pants right there holding the ladder. I was able to see up your robe. All I could think about was getting those blue panties out of the hamper later or tomorrow. But now I don’t have to wait.”

Jane jumped back when Mark sat up and slid his legs over the side of the bed. Jane’s eyes were riveted on his still semi-hard cock, shiny with her saliva. Mark reached out and took hold of her robe’s belt and pulled her to him, spreading his legs to bring her closer. In a flash, Mark undid the belt and pulled her robe apart. Jane’s hands quickly went to cover her crotch.

“C’mon, Mom, it’s not like I haven’t already seen them. Move your hands away.”

Jane had to obey her son. That was Mr. Jones’ orders. She dropped her arms to her sides and blushed when she saw her son’s eyes lock on her crotch. But what happened next almost caused Jane to fall. Mark reached around her, grabbing her ass, and pulled her towards him while moving his face forward. Jane flinched when she felt the tip of her son’s nose press against her pubes, and then blushed when she heard his deep inhalation.

Mark’s fingers dug into the meaty flesh of his mother’s buttocks as he pressed his face into her panty-covered pussy. And then Jane lost her balance when his fingers suddenly grabbed the waistband of her panties and yanked them down. Jane toppled over, the back of her head crashing onto the carpeted floor stunning her momentarily. Mark continued pulling the panties which caused Jane’s legs to rise as she lay on her back. With her feet resting on the mattress, Mark slipped his mother’s panties off her. Then he grabbed her legs and pulled while shifting backwards on the bed. Jane was dragged up the side of the bed until she was lying on the mattress, her legs spread.

Mark briefly looked at his mother’s neatly cropped pussy and then dove face first between her legs. Jane had been flaying her arms trying to feel something solid under her as she was pulled up the side of the bed, and now she felt a tongue licking her pussy. The licks were hard and fast, not giving Jane time to repel them. Too much was happening too fast. All Jane knew now was that her pussy was being stimulated by a very active tongue. The fact that it was her son’s tongue was only vaguely comprehended by her befuddled brain.

Mark was beyond himself. Ever since he had smelled his mother’s panties that first time he had been consumed with her pussy. He couldn’t resist smelling the soiled ones from the hamper, and even licking the crotch to get a brief taste. And when he saw under her robe earlier, at the sheerest panties she had ever worn, he was able to make out her pussy. But now he had the real thing in front of him, unencumbered by any undergarment. His taste buds were on high alert as his tongue swiped inside his mother’s slit, savoring the juices it licked up. Mark drove his tongue as deeply as he could into his mother’s hole and wiggled it around. Her short pussy hairs tickled his skin as his lips pushed into her labia, flicking his tongue in and out. He enjoyed hearing his mother’s moans, especially when he licked or sucked her clit.

Jane couldn’t believe what was happening. When she remembered it was her own son licking her pussy she wanted to repel him. But the feeling he was giving her quickly pushed that idea away. Jane had never experienced such pleasure and her fingers soon entwined in Mark’s hair, not to dislodge him but to hold him in place.

Mr. Jones watched the illicit scene. Jane looked like a sex starved nymphomaniac, her head moving from side to side and her hips humping. Her son looked like a man dying of thirst, finding a pool of water to feast on. And then Jane let out a scream that Mr. Jones heard in stereo — from the TV speakers and from the other room — when she climaxed.

Mark remained between his mother’s twitching legs. He loved her smell and taste, continuing to inhale deeply between gentle licks. Jane’s hands had dropped to her sides so Mark was free to move his head, glancing up at his mother from time to time. But his hard-on had returned and Mark wanted more. He moved up his mother’s limp body until he was in position and then, without warning, pushed his hard cock all the way into his mother’s cunt.

Jane opened her eyes and mouth at the unexpected feeling of a cock sliding into her pussy. But before she could protest, Mark leaned forward and pressed his mouth to hers, his tongue going inside. Jane still wanted to protest, that is until Mark pulled out and thrust his cock into her again. Instead of objecting, Jane’s tongue sought out Mark’s and soon they began a passionate kiss. Not a mother/son kiss, but a full fledged lover’s kiss.

When Mark began ramming his cock in and out of his mother’s pussy, Jane responded in kind, fucking her son. Her arms and legs wrapped around his body, making sure he couldn’t escape — not that Mark had any intention of doing so. They were at it for 15 minutes, sweating and grunting as their bodies slapped together. And then Jane shrieked again a moment before her son let out a howl. Their bodies became still, except for the occasional twitch, as Mark filled his mother’s cunt with his incestuous sperm. From time to time Jane’s vagina muscles clamped around her son’s cock and Mark’s dick throbbed in response.

Mark’s cock eventually slipped out of his mother’s pussy and he rolled onto his back, panting like he had just run a marathon. Jane lay in place, her legs spread and her son’s sperm oozing from her pussy. She too was breathing hard. Jane rolled onto her side and looked at her son’s sweaty face. She loved him so much and he had given her pleasures never known before. She leaned down and kissed him gently on the lips. Then Jane kissed his nipples before dragging her tongue over his belly, tasting his salty sweat. When she was at his dick, Jane kissed it before opening her mouth and capturing the length of his shaft between her lips like a dog holding a bone. She used her tongue to clean their juices off his cock and was surprised when it stiffened. Jane moved up the shaft until the cock-head popped into her mouth. Her cheeks caved in as she sucked her son’s cock.

Mr. Jones was surprised at the turn of events. Jane was giving her son another blowjob, but this time on her own. Mark hadn’t told her to do it, it was her choice. Jane held the now fully hard cock in her fingertips while she lovingly licked it all over, then she put his cock back into her mouth. Using both her hand and mouth, Jane brought her son to another orgasm, eagerly drinking his fresh sperm.

After Mark’s cock shrunk in her mouth and she sucked the last of his sperm from it, Jane climbed out of bed. She stood on shaky legs as her body was weak from her experience. Jane picked up her robe and panties. She looked at her son lying in bed, his eyes closed and his face an expression of total bliss. Jane smiled and placed her panties next to his head on the pillow. Without putting her robe on, Jane went back to her bedroom.

THE END (not yet) go to Chapter 7

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