Wife Pays for Husband’s Shortcomings – Chapter 4

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Read Chapter 3… Jane wanted to run as fast as she could when she left Mr. Jones’ office, but she didn’t want to be conspicuous. So she walked at a fast pace, wishing to put as much distance between her and the two perverts as quickly as possible. Every time she was with Mr. Jones, Jane ended up doing more and more degrading things. In her wildest dreams — nightmares actually — she would never have thought she’d ever have sex with a woman. But that’s exactly what happened. And Sandy was so young, barely older than Jane’s son.

When Jane got home, her son was already there since he had a short day at college. Jane dropped her pocketbook next to the door and rushed towards her room to take a shower. She was surprised to see Mark.

“Hi Mom, can I have a twenty?”


“Can I have twenty dollars? I need to buy some supplies for my art class.”

“Oh, sure. My purse is by the front door. Only twenty though.”

“No problem. You know you can trust me.”

Jane knew she could. She had raised her children right. They had never gotten into trouble and were doing well in school. She did trust her children. Jane continued to her bedroom where she closed and locked the door.

Mark thought his mother was acting strange. She wasn’t herself and seemed confused, almost as if her mind was elsewhere. She also looked disheveled. But he just shrugged it off and went to get the money. When Mark opened the pocketbook he almost dropped it. Inside were panties and pantyhose. He looked over his shoulder and then took out the panties. They weren’t warm so he knew they hadn’t just been removed. Mark pressed the panties to his nose and inhaled. The smell of pussy was on them. They had been worn, and probably by his mother.

When Jane removed her dress she stared dumbly at her nakedness. She was confused for a moment and then remembered Mr. Jones had her take her pantyhose and panties off. Then her eyes got real big when she remembered she had stuffed them into her pocketbook. Jane threw on a robe and, in a panic, ran to the front of the house, stopping dead in her tracks. She saw her son holding her panties to his face. Flabbergasted, and embarrassed, Jane quickly turned around and ran back to her bedroom where she collapsed onto the floor behind the closed door. Her life was in turmoil, turned upside down. She wondered how she would ever explain to her son why her underwear was in her pocketbook. No matter how hard she tried, no feasible lie came to mind. And she wondered why her son was holding her panties to his face. It would have been one thing to see them in his hand, but being pressed to his face was another matter. She wondered what on Earth made Mark do that.

Meanwhile, Mark located his mother’s purse and took out twenty dollars. He put it back in her pocketbook and then sniffed his mother’s panties one more time before replacing them. Mark left for the store, wondering why his mother’s undergarments were in her pocketbook.

Jane stayed in her room until she had to make dinner. She couldn’t face her son and was grateful to hear his stereo blasting in his bedroom. Normally, Jane would tell him to lower it, but she didn’t want to see him. That thought caused a pain in her gut. Jane loved her children above all else in the world, and she didn’t want to see her son.

When Mark finally came to dinner there were some awkward glances shared between mother and son. Most of that night’s dinner conversation was between Ira and Jenny with Mark and Jane surprisingly quiet. Jane would sneak a peek at her son who would quickly avert his eyes. The same would happen when Mark would catch his mother staring at him. They shared a secret, although Mark not understanding it. And Mark was unaware of his mother seeing him with her panties pressed to his face.

Jane was still upset the next morning when Mr. Jones called.

“You’re ruining my life!” Jane shouted into the phone. “I’m losing my family. You’re a beast. You… you… you…”

“Shut up!” Mr. Jones said. “So what if you have a little sex on the side? After all, it’s for your family you’re doing it.”

“But I can’t look Mark in the eye anymore. He found my panties in my pocketbook and I can’t explain that you made me take them off in your office. My god, he was smelling them or something. He…”

Jane was furious and ranted on. But suddenly she realized that she was telling Mr. Jones something very personal and stopped. It was none of his business.

“You still there?” Jane said quietly into the mouthpiece when she didn’t hear Mr. Jones.

“That’s very interesting,” Mr. Jones said.

“What is?”

“Mark’s your son, right?”

“Yes…” Jane said, very tentatively.


“What are you implying? That it’s my fault? That I’m a bad mother?” Jane was yelling again.

“Nothing about fault. I just think it’s interesting that your son was smelling your panties.”

“Never mind that. That’s not important. What do you want?”

Jane pulled the phone away from her ear and stared at it when she heard the click. Mr. Jones hung up on her. At first she was relieved to be rid of him, but then she thought about his reaction to what she had told him. Her stomach fluttered with the apprehension you feel when you think something bad is going to happen.

It was towards the end of the day when Mr. Jones called again. He told Jane to come to his office the next morning. He ignored her protests and told her to be there or else. That night Jane couldn’t sleep. It was bad enough to be forced to do sexual things with Mr. Jones, but to do them in the same building her husband was in made it worse.

The next day, Jane stood uncomfortably at Sandy’s desk. The smile the administrative assistant gave her sent a shiver up Jane’s body, but she didn’t say anything… nor did she return the smile. Jane entered the office and took the seat Mr. Jones motioned to. He looked serious and asked her to explain what happened with her son and her underwear. She repeated what she had told him and he kept “hmmm’ing” at different times like when she told him Mark got home early from college on Mondays. Jane thought he actually seemed concerned. She wondered if Mr. Jones had feelings and was a compassionate person after all, even though he was sexually perverted.

“That’s all. You can leave now,” Mr. Jones said.

Astonished, Jane just stared at Mr. Jones. Was her mind playing games with her? Was she free to go without having to have sex with him? Jane jumped up and cautiously turned to the door. When Mr. Jones didn’t say anything, she walked slowly expecting him to stop her at any minute. Standing at the door, Jane hesitated with her hand on the doorknob before opening it and stepping outside. Jane scurried through the building until she was sitting safely in her car. Her hands were shaking so much she couldn’t get the key into the ignition. Jane took a few deep breaths and then started the car. It wasn’t until she was in the safety of her own house that she collapsed onto the floor, shaking and tears uncontrollably falling from her eyes, the tension and apprehension leaving her body.

But when the telephone rang about an hour later and Jane heard Mr. Jones’ voice, the apprehension returned. He was very vague, just saying that the company limo would pick her up the next day at 10:00 a.m. and that she was to wear something sexy — skirt or dress and no underwear at all. She wanted to know why, but he just warned her what would happen if she didn’t do what he said.

Over dinner, Jane’s husband complained about how hard he had worked that day.

“You wouldn’t believe the hoops I had to go through today,” Ira said. “One of our big Japanese customers is in town and I had to produce report after report and a glitzy presentation. Mr. Jones needed it for a big meeting tonight. Then there’s some big party tomorrow. You’d think I’d get invited to that, wouldn’t you? I did all the work and wasn’t even invited to the fun.”

Jane only heard parts of what her husband said. She was worried about tomorrow. What did Mr. Jones have in mind? When Ira mentioned the party, Jane perked up. If Mr. Jones was going to be at a business event, who was going to pick her up in the limo?

The next day Jane looked through her wardrobe. Mr. Jones said to wear something sexy. Jane didn’t own anything sexy. The last thing she wanted was to make him angry, but what was she supposed to do? After making numerous selections, only to put the clothes back, Jane settled on a white blouse and black skirt that buttoned down the front. She didn’t have any short skirts or dresses, but by leaving some of the lower buttons undone would show more of her legs. By the time Jane finished with her hair and make-up she realized it was nearly 10:00 o’clock. She had spent so much time choosing her outfit that she was now out of time.

Jane put on a pair of black panties and then her skirt. She left the bottom buttons undone until mid-thigh. Then Jane suddenly remembered Mr. Jones’ orders — no underwear. She begrudgingly reached under her skirt and removed her panties. After putting them back in the drawer, Jane felt very naked so she closed two more buttons on the skirt. Jane slipped on high-heel shoes and then automatically reached into her bra drawer, but came back empty-handed. No underwear meant no bra as well. Jane put the white blouse over her naked tits and buttoned it up, tucking the blouse into her skirt. When she looked at herself in the mirror, Jane gasped. She had chosen the blouse because it was the most sexy one she owned. The problem was that it was sheer and she had never worn it without something underneath — a bra and camisole. The shape of her breasts was clearly visible as well as the dark areoles and nipples.

Jane panicked and quickly ran to her closet for a replacement, but just then Jane heard a car horn. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was 10:00 o’clock. Jane became flustered, but when the second blast of the horn was heard she left her bedroom and ran out of the house. She saw the sleek black limo with dark tinted windows hiding whoever was inside. The chauffer stood next to the back door.

Jane walked towards the limo and saw the chauffer staring at her chest — at her jiggling tits that were partially exposed through the sheer material. As soon as she reached the limo the chauffer professionally opened the door. Jane saw Mr. Jones sitting on the seat facing the back of the vehicle. He motioned for Jane to sit across from him. When Jane stepped into the limo she saw an Oriental man sitting there. She hesitated a moment and then sat down next to the window. Jane jumped at the sound of the door shutting.

“Jane, this is Mr. Tschakami,” Mr. Jones said. “Sir, this is Mrs. Marlow.”

Jane held her hand out but the old man sort of bowed. Jane pulled her hand back and did the same. Her eyes stayed on Mr. Tschakami and she saw him looking down her blouse which was open at the top. Jane quickly sat upright, but his eyes remained on her chest. She desperately wanted to cross her arms over her breasts, but knew that would bring more attention to them, and probably upset Mr. Jones.

“Mr. Tschakami is the founder, owner, and CEO of Yashaka Ltd.,” Mr. Jones said. “We have concluded a very important agreement and now I want to show my appreciation for his business.” Jane looked at Mr. Jones with a blank stare so he continued. “Jane, since your husband works for my company…” Mr. Jones stopped and turned to Mr. Tschakami. “Oh, I didn’t tell you. The presentation you liked so much was put together by Jane’s husband.” Jane’s eyes turned down in embarrassment when the Japanese executive looked at her in astonishment. “Anyway, Jane, your husband did his part and now I expect you to do your part. Let’s begin with your clothes. I like the blouse you chose, but I think it needs a couple more buttons open.”

Jane noticed the “no nonsense” look Mr. Jones gave her so, with trembling hands, she opened two more buttons. The material parted slightly and the inside swell of her mounds were now uncovered. It was as if her nipples were keeping the blouse from opening all the way. Then Mr. Jones told her he was disappointed with her skirt, but that he had a way to rectify it — to make it more sexy. He told her to undo more buttons. After each was plucked from its corresponding buttonhole, Jane looked up with pleading eyes. But Mr. Jones motioned for her to continue. He wasn’t satisfied until only the top button was still fastened. That button was the only thing holding the skirt on. As it was, Jane frantically held the two halves together with her legs pressed closed.

“Now that’s much better. Wouldn’t you agree, Mr. Tschakami?”

Jane looked at the Japanese man in the very expensive suit. He was easily 65 years old with gray hair. At only 5’3″ he was shorter than Jane, but he intimidated her anyway. She noticed the bulge in his pants and the look of lust on his face; his eyes darted from Jane’s chest to her legs. If he had heard Mr. Jones’ question Mr. Tschakami didn’t bother to answer.

“Jane, dear, sit next to our guest,” Mr. Jones said.

Jane scooted over to the Japanese man, frantically holding her skirt together. By the time she was next to him, one side of the blouse fell away and her left tit was fully exposed. Jane was afraid to let go of her skirt so she let it be.

Jane flinched when Mr. Tschakami’s hand reached out and cupped her naked breast. She noticed the gold band on his ring finger, and then remembered that she was wearing her wedding ring too. His fingers caressed her breast and then his hand moved to her other tit, pushing the blouse aside. Soon Mr. Tschakami was squeezing both breasts.

“Jane, take our guest’s cock out.”

Jane’s eyes were closed, trying to block out what was happening to her. She opened them to complete the task. Jane’s fingers lowered Mr. Tschakami’s zipper and then her hand went inside, searching for his dick. She felt it through his underwear and felt around until her hand slipped inside the fly opening. Grabbing his hard cock, Jane maneuvered it and pulled until it was sticking out of his trousers. Mr. Jones told her to rub it.

Jane was sitting in the back of a moving limo, jerking off an old Japanese man while he fondled her breasts. Mr. Tschakami’s mouth replaced his hand on Jane’s breast, then she felt his other hand move from her tit to her thigh where he was trying to wedge it between her tightly closed legs. Jane felt the sting of Mr. Jones’ hand hitting her knee, and heard the sound of the hard slap reverberating throughout the limo.

When Jane parted her legs, Mr. Tschakami’s hand instantly went between them and moved upwards to her crotch. In a flash, the thin fingers were exploring Jane’s pussy, fingers pinching, probing, and sinking inside her. With his thumb rubbing Jane’s clit, Mr. Tschakami used two fingers to finger-fuck her.

Jane looked down and saw the old man eagerly sucking her breast and nipple. She also noticed that, with only the top button fastened, her skirt had fallen open and her pussy was clearly exposed. Mr. Tschakami’s hand was busy between her legs. Jane felt like a whore. But since the Japanese executive knew she was the wife of someone in Mr. Jones’ company, it made her worse than a whore. It made her a tramp, an adulterous slut.

Mr. Tschakami’s mouth and fingers were incessant and Jane’s body began to react. Her legs spread more and her ass ground into the leather seat. The smell of her arousal filled the limo, and the sloshing noises Mr. Tschakami’s fingers made as they slipped in and out of her cunt attested to her wetness. It didn’t take long before Jane’s hand grabbed the back of Mr. Tschakami’s head and held his mouth against her breast while her hips humped his fingers. Her other hand continued to jerk him off, moving faster up and down the old man’s hard cock as she approached a climax.

“Aaahhhhh!!!” Jane sighed as her hand, the one that had been wrapped around Mr. Tschakami’s dick, grabbed his wrist while she shamelessly thrust her pussy against his hand.

When Jane opened her eyes she discovered that she had slid down so that her ass was on the edge of the seat. Her legs were spread wide apart with her naked pussy exposed, the lips a little redder and the hairs around her hole moist. In her slumped position, her chin was pressed to her chest just above her naked breasts, heaving with her heavy breathing. Both her blouse and skirt were completely open.

“She like sex,” Mr. Tschakami said. It was obvious the Japanese executive wasn’t comfortable speaking English. Jane suddenly realized it was the first words he had spoken. “She cum good. Like slut. She good choice for celebration. Men like woman who like sex. They like her.”

Jane didn’t understand what the old man was talking about. She was about to ask, but thought better of it. Not that she would have had the opportunity anyway. Jane felt Mr. Tschakami’s hands in her hair, pulling her face to his lap. Before she knew what was happening, his cock was in her mouth.

Even though the small, frail man didn’t have a large cock, it kept causing her to gag as he pushed her head down while thrusting up. Jane’s hands flayed until they located Mr. Tschakami. She grabbed his forearms, but he was surprisingly strong for an old, little man and she couldn’t stop him. Every time he pushed her head down in his lap, Mr. Tschakami’s cock went down her throat. Jane kept gagging, eventually feeling herself losing consciousness. The Japanese executive was suffocating her with his cock. Jane knew for sure she was going to die like that — in the back of a limo with an old Japanese man’s cock in her throat. But just when she thought the end was upon her, Mr. Tschakami pulled her head up and sort of cast her aside. Jane fell onto the car seat, coughing and taking deep breaths to replenish the oxygen her lungs had been deprived of.

In Jane’s weakened state she felt her body being manipulated. First Mr. Tschakami was tugging and pushing her, and then Mr. Jones joined in. Jane soon found herself on her knees on the floor of the moving limo with her face in Mr. Jones’ lap. Mr. Tschakami was behind her, lifting her long skirt over her back. Jane looked up at Mr. Jones as if to ask him what was happening when she felt Mr. Tschakami’s hard cock enter her pussy from behind in one hard thrust.

“UMMPHH!!” Jane grunted.

The old man was small enough to fit behind Jane in the limo. His arm wrapped around her waist to hold her steady while he plowed his cock into her pussy. There was no tenderness in the way he was fucking her. Jane put her hands on Mr. Jones’ knees for support, and lifted her head. She saw Mr. Jones frantically opening his pants, then pulling his cock out. Once again Jane felt fingers in her hair pulling her face towards a cock. But this time, when Mr. Jones’ cock was in her mouth, he let go. Jane sucked Mr. Jones’ cock and bobbed her head while the Japanese man behind her fucked her hard.

Jane didn’t know how long her debasement went on, but every bump in the road and every turn reminded her that she was servicing two men in the back of a moving limo. Even though the limo was spacious, Jane thought about how more comfortable it would be in a bed. She wondered if the old Japanese man had a car fetish. She didn’t understand why they were driving around town while they sexually abused her.

Jane felt Mr. Jones’ hands on the back of her head, but he wasn’t pushing her down like Mr. Tschakami had. And then she felt his sperm splash inside her mouth, hitting her upper palate and coating her tongue. Jane swallowed her husband’s boss’ sperm. Mr. Jones didn’t pull Jane’s mouth off his cock. Rather, he held her in place. His cock remained inside her mouth while Mr. Tschakami continued to fuck her from behind. And then the Japanese man’s hips began thrusting as fast as a dog fucking his bitch. Jane never felt a cock move in and out of her that fast. He kept doing it until he grunted, then pushed into Jane with all his might, filling her pussy with hot sperm.

Mr. Tschakami pulled out and returned to his seat. Mr. Jones pushed Jane off his cock by the top of her head. She crumbled to the carpeted floor between the two rows of seats. Everyone was quiet for a while, except for the heavy breathing. Then Jane felt fingers entwine in her hair and pull. Jane was helplessly dragged until she once again saw Mr. Tschakami’s cock in front of her face. This time it was soft and slimy. The Japanese executive pressed her lips against his cock until Jane opened her mouth. She sucked his cock into her mouth and cleaned it with her tongue. When Mr. Tschakami thought her task was done he pushed her away like Mr. Jones had, and once again Jane found herself on the floor between the two powerful men.

They rode like that for a while and then Jane found the strength to climb back onto the seat. She sat by the window away from Mr. Tschakami, but this time neither of the men seemed to mind. Jane began buttoning her clothes.

“Leave the skirt the way it is,” Mr. Jones said when he saw her trembling fingers try to push a button through the buttonhole. “You can button the blouse up like we had it before.”

While the men zipped up, Jane pulled the two halves of her skirt together, but didn’t fasten it. Then she buttoned her blouse to below her tits and tucked the blouse into her skirt.

“That looks ridiculous,” Mr. Jones said.

Jane looked down and saw what he was talking about. Since her skirt was basically open, the shirttails of her blouse were seen within the opening. She followed Mr. Jones’ directions and pulled her blouse out of her skirt, unbuttoned it all the way, and tied the shirttails under her breasts.

All of a sudden the limo came to a stop. Neither of the men moved, so Jane sat in silence. Now that the two men were dressed, Jane wondered if they were back at her house. She couldn’t see out of the blackened windows. Jane jumped when the door opened. The bright light made her squint, but soon her eyes adjusted and she saw the chauffer offering her a hand. Jane peered outside and knew immediately she wasn’t home. She didn’t know where she was, but it wasn’t her house. When Jane got out of the limo her skirt fell open and her breasts popped out of the loosely tied blouse. She noticed the chauffer staring at her breasts and pussy, a pussy leaking sperm. As quickly as she could, Jane got out of the limo, using her hands to hold the blouse and skirt closed. The other two men were soon standing next to Jane and the chauffer.

Jane looked around, not knowing where she was.

THE END (not yet) go to Chapter 5

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