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Author: Robert L

Teacher seduction part 5

After they get done at the house,.Mr. Stevenson tells.his Holly I think I need to get you home.. she says okay but, Friday I can’t see you until Monday. He says it will be fine... # #

2143 words | 1 |4.80

Seducing the teacher part 4

Holly great her backpack as Louis get dress. Mr. Stevenson heads back to his room and,, goes to the window as Holly walks towards the last bus of the day.. she leaves. I know what the... # #

1170 words | 0 |4.75

Seduce the teacher part 3

Um, I have never wrote a part 2, so.bare with me. I said in the title part 3 but this is really part 2 part 1was so long I had to do part 1and 2. So this is really part 2. Also I was... # #

2532 words | 4 |4.60

Teacher seduction 1 & 2

Mr Stevenson teaches 4th grade Art summer just ended and a new school year just started. Mr Stevenson always look for potential in his students haven’t seen a potential one and... # #

4891 words | 4 |4.10