Author: Bill_joe

The story of how I became a fag

I AM A FAGGOT? …a closet faggot, but a to-the-bone wannabe cock lover can’t get it out of my mind. Above all I have been in my life thus far, this has been the constant.... # #

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Camp love

When I was 13 years old I had my first sexual experience with someone older: my adult camp counselor. He had been my counselor for three years, was a school teacher somewhere, and was... # # #

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My cousin and me

This happend when I was 13, and my cousin at the time was 14. I remember we would always hang out together without our parents around so we would have time to talk about things we couldn’t... # # #

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Docs orders

troubled.” Doctor Teodore asked his patient. Michael started seeing doctor Teodore for five years now. With all the stress of work and being a single parent to his only son, he... # #

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