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My cousin and me

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This happend when I was 13, and my cousin at the time was 14. I remember we would always hang out together without our parents around so we would have time to talk about things we couldn’t infront of them. So we were both pretty horny, then I started to rub his cock on the outside of his jeans as he started to get hard. Then he asked to see mine before I see his so I turn around and try to get hard. When he said turn around I did and he stared at my cock for a minute before I started to take his pants off. I started watching porn at an early age so I new what a blowjob was so I started sucking his big 14 year Old cock. I started to get hard while sucking him he felt it and started jerking me off. As I tasted his precum in my mouth I didn’t know what it was he he said it was precum so then I asked why is it salty he. Says that is just how it tastes. So then I remember I asked him if we could both suck each other at the same time he said that was called a 69 and so we did it and I got to be on top. So as I’m thrusting my 3 inch 13 year old cock down his throat I begin to jerk him faster before his legs start to twitch and he says faster and that makes me go faster with my thrusting I feel his butt clench as he shoots a hot load of cum on my face and that made me cum also so I went as deep as his throat would let me and cum started to ooze out of my small penis down his throat. This went on for about three months every weekend.

I got curious how anal would feel so I started training for putting markers up there for awhile before he came over. Then It started how it usually did by sucking and rubbing but then. I asked him if he wanted to fuck my in the ass. He said yes and before we knew it I was in doggy on the couch ready for his cock. But the problem was I was to tight for him to thrust in so I had an idea, I told him to sit down on the couch and then I strattled him and his cock slowly penatrate my tight 13 year old ass for the first time my prostate was touched and it was amazing when I felt him hit it I started to grind fast on his dick and bounced furiously and I started jerking off while riding him. Then I hopped off and jerked him until he was going to cum I asked him if he wanted to cum inside me he said yes so right before he came I stuffed his cock inside me and he pumped his load into my tight ass.

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  • Reply Andy

    Omg that’s hot I want that to happen to me heh

  • Reply DaVinky?

    Now we know who did it, not cool Mtthew

  • Reply AP

    I love gay stories a lot, especially when they are about incest. This takes me back to when I was about 15 and loved sucking all the men at the gloryhole. I even took a few up my ass. There are a few grammer errors but that is it, great story. Would appreciate it if you posted more.

    • AP

      Hey, we have to coordinate our stories. It was younger and no glory hole was needed.
      You really should write so we can chat.
      And, yeah, Bill_joe should definitely post more.

    • AP

      Sorry, I replied to my own comment when I meant to reply to a different comment. Even people like me make mistakes.

    • DaVinky?

      Are u ok AP? You keep talking to urself randomly. If u need a friend u can talk to me.

    • AP

      No, you replied to me replying to you as me. I get that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but come on. I don’t mind the game as you do make good commentary and I think the author’s do too.
      Thanks, DaVinky. After months of posting comments signed as AP I apparently have an admirer. It’s a quirky game that doesn’t seem to cause any harm.

    • DaVinky?

      I dont steal ur name lmao. I havent used this site in weeks cause somebody took my username, just this once.

    • AP

      No DaVinky, I didn’t mean you borrowed the ‘AP’ name. Until the Admin makes a sign in, the name game will continue. It’s not like it’s any big thing really.

    • Matthew santino

      AP, the Davinky is right, he isn’t the one stealing your name. I thought that I would have some fun talking crap on other people’s username but I think I have gone a bit far. I am sorry for the confusion. And Davinky, I am sorry about taking your name as well.

    • Matthew santino

      The Davinky guy*

    • AP

      Matthew, no foul and all’s good. It was kinds funny.
      Please keep posting comments (as you) because writers need honest feed back as you are good with that.

  • Reply Cyka69sucker

    Wtf is wrong with you

    • Johnny


    • Bill_joe

      It just words bro

    • AP

      Bill_joe, thank you. I wish more people could figure that out about stories here, they are just words.
      You put words together really well, though. Please write more any time you feel like sharing.