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A son wants to be a girl

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A son wants to be a girl and gets fucked like one

Matt stood in her room in the bra and panties her mother had bought for her. Her hands fidgeting with the fake breasts that were currently stuffed into the bra. It was her hope she could get a sex change when she left for college. Her mother understood why she felt the way she did. Matt never felt comfortable in her own body. She had started to grow out her hair so she could look like a woman when she crossed dressed when her father wasn’t home. Dale — his father — was a very closed minded man. He didn’t think one should mutilate their body because of some mental insatiability. Yet Matt couldn’t help how she felt. She always thought she should have been born a girl.

So there she was admiring herself in the full length mirror that hanged on his closet door. She liked the make-up her mother had given her. She knew it was second hand. Yet she was glad her mother as so understanding. Wondering how she would look like with breasts as she played with her bra while she blew kisses at the mirror, however, that changed in an instant.

“What the hell is this!” Dale’s burly voice rang out in Matt’s room.

“Dad!” Matt spun around stunned and freighted to see her father home so early, “What are you doing home?!” she asked desperately looking around for something to cover herself with.

“Your mother told me to come home a pipe had burst. Now, you tell me right now! Why the fuck are you dressed like that!” Dale growled. He wasn’t expecting to come home to see his son dressed in women’s undergarments.

“Umm… That’s because…” Matt stammered scared of what her father would say.

“I didn’t raise you to be this!” Dale said scowling his eyes running down his son’s body. “Now tell me why!” he said taking his son by the shoulders shaking him violently.

“Because I’m a girl, Dad! I want to be a girl! I know what y-you think of people like me. So I-I didn’t tell you,” Matt said weeping falling to her knees after her father released his hold of her.

“Oh, is that so,” Dale said evilly staring down at his son. He had wondered why his wife sounded a little to chipper on the phone about a burst pipe. However, if his son thought he was a woman then he was going to treat his son like one. “Take my cock out!” Dale growled threatening.

“What?!” Matt asked flabbergasted.

“I said: Take. My. Fucking. Cock. Out.” Dale said narrowing his eyes at his son.

“But Dad I’m your daughter,” Matt said his lip trembling as she looked up at her father.

“All I see is a strange bitch in my house that I’m going to fuck like one,” Dale said darkly, “Now reach in and take my cock out,” he said lowering his zipper. “Or you can get the fuck out of my house and go live on the damn streets.”

Matt never sucked a guy off before much less along her father. Yet she had practice on her mother’s dildo, she always made her clean it off after she had toyed herself with it. Her mother thought it best to give firsthand knowledge on the woman’s anatomy. When her mother was done and she cleaned her dildo to her satisfaction. She would put on the strap on and teach her what it was like to be fucked by someone.


“Okay D-dad,” Matt squeaked reaching forward. Her hand slipping into her father’s pants, then needling through the slit of his father’s boxers. Matt breathed heavily as she pulled out her father’s cock. Matt’s eye went wide with shock even soft it was big, much bigger then hers. She knew he was growing impatient as Dale looked down at her. Closing her eyes as her father’s cock parted her lips. She hoped she was doing this right as she rocked her head back and forth. She didn’t want to go live on the streets. Matt knew about all the horror stories of kids like her. Having to sell themselves to just live another day. She didn’t want that, she just wanted to be a normal girl.

“Yeah,” Dale said placing his hand on top of his son’s head, “You like sucking that cock, don’t you?”

“Mmmhmm,” Matt mumbled around her father’s cock. Yet as her tongue ran along her father’s cock tasting Dale’s cum on her tongue. She knew she could grow to like it. She constantly drank hers everytime she got off or her mother would contort her body to where her spunk would spray into her mouth. However, she wasn’t prepared for how fat her father’s rod was. It reminded her of the strap on her mother fucked her with twice a week.

“That’s a good bitch,” Dale said shoving his cock down his son’s throat, “At least you’re a good cocksucker. No, wonder you want to be a girl. No man would ever do this. No. He would have kicked me in the balls and whipped the shit out of me. No, you bitch are just that a bitch,” he said as his balls slapped his son’s chin. Matt fought for breath as her father’s thrust became violent. “Now drink down all your daddy’s cum,” Dale moaned dumping his load down his son’s throat.

“O-okay can you leave now,” Matt said feeling violated as his father’s cum dripped out of her mouth.

“Oh no, I told you I’m going to fuck you like a bitch you are,” Dale said stroking life back into his rod, “Now get on that bed and spread those fucking cheeks. You better be prepared because when I’m done with you, you won’t ever walk straight again,” he said seeing his son whimper yet complied.

Matt whimpered as he pressed his face into her mattress. Hearing her father grunt as he ripped her panties off. Her hard cock dangled down yet at four inches long she knew it wasn’t anything special like her father’s. Matt hissed as she felt her father’s head pressed against her ass.

“Oh Daddy!” Matt moaned as Dale’s cock eased into his anus.

“Well, who have you been fucking, huh? For your asshole to easily accept my cock. You must have been giving out this ass to everyone?!” Dale groaned slamming the length of his shaft into his son.

“Oh God! Daddy…”

“What is it bitch?!” Dale snarled.

“Please, fuck me! I know I’m a bitch, use my ass please Daddy!” Matt moaned. She could feel her pre-cum leaking out like a faucet. It’s strings arching as her cock flapped about coating her comforter.

“Hmph — to her my boy beg like a slut,” Dale said looking down in scron, “Fine! If you want to be a slut I’m going to fuck you like one from now on.”

“Thank you Daddy!” Matt chirped loving the feeling of her father’s cock deep inside her ass. “Daddy, can I cum? I want to cum for you.”

“Go ahead you dirty little whore,” Dale grunted.

“Thank you Daddy!” Matt said reaching down between her legs. Grasping her tiny hard cock stroking it as her father’s balls slapped against hers. She had grown use to the strap on her mother used, yet the feel of the real thing was heaven to her. “Daddy, I’m cumming!” Matt she screamed out coating her bed in her semen. Matt felt dirty and used as she felt her father’s cum leaking out of her ass as her body shook. Yet oddly joyful at the fact her father treated her like a real woman, at least now she knew she didn’t have to hide anymore. The thought of continuing to feel her father’s cock in her ass did put a smile on her face.

A year had passed Matt — now called Brittany — stood in her room observing the changes that had took place. With her last doctor visit she knew her new womanhood was ready to be used properly. While she still had to take the hormones, yet as she palmed her B cup breasts (which she liked the size off), she couldn’t wait to show them off. Brittany was also glad her father had been so supportive during her transition. She didn’t know if she could do it with all the looks and sneers that were constantly leveled at her. Yet she had caught her father staring at her breasts. She did so hope that her father would like them. She just couldn’t contain herself wanting to show her new body to him. That’s when she heard the front door opening. How she hoped it was her father. Brittany wanted her father to be the first one to try out her cunt.

“Dad is that you?” Brittany called out.

“Yeah,” Dale answered from across the house.

“Couod you please come here for a second I want to show you something,” Brittany said nervously.

“What is…” Dale said his eyes running down his naked daughter.

“Come put you cock inside me here,” Brittany said spreading her labia as she showed off her healed sex to her father, “I want to feel my Daddy deep inside of me.”

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