Teaching botum Part 3

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In which a teacher learns that he can learn from his pupil and where a pedo friend in pedo deed turns out to be a pedo friend needed by pedette Botum

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To say Botum was podgy, chubby even was true but in a very nice way. She had what I would call a hamster face, podgy cheeks and her bottom really was quite big. She was very big hipped for her tender years but at the same time, she had slender legs, skinny legs really.

I think the combination of her general looks, her chubbiness and those sexy little girl pigtails said it all. Another cuteness about her was her teeth, her upper teeth which protruded and she had ever so slightly sticky out ears and with those pretty little girl pigtails, she really was sex on two legs.

As soon as we reentered the studio apartment Botum went straight over to the settee. I went to get changed and very quickly returned wearing simply an elasticated waist short little skirt. A tartan pleated skirt in red and black. Botum grinned at me as I girlishly flattened the skirt, palms of my hand brushed over my buttocks as I sat down near her. She had placed herself in a semi reclining position into one corner.

“Pitti” Botum said pointing towards the skirt and laughing. “Pitti gur!”

“Yes” I said opening my legs wide to show her my lime green semi see through panty knickers. “But we say, PRETTY. Now you say it. PRETTY.”


“NO!” I said. “PRRRR-I-TEEE.”

“PRICTEE” was how she responded. I shook my head and smiled and then I stood up and placed myself directly in front of her.

“PRR-I-TEE PANTIES” I said holding my skirt up with one hand and with the other pinching the panty knicker material. “PRR-I-TEE PANTIES.”

Botum started giggling again and this time pointing to my package which was sticking out topped off with a damp patch.

“PRICK” I said dabbing a finger on and off the damp patch. “PRICK.”

“PIK” responded Botum.

“COCK” I said probably more out of frustration than anything.

“CHOC” replied Botum giggling and then adding “I know, I know choc. I li choc.”

“Chocolate” I said feeling a little confused.

“No, no socolah.” Botum said shaking her head and then she stood up. “Botum li choc.” Then she put her hands on me and indicated she wanted me to sit down again. “You li, you sit” and the word “sit” sounded more like “shit.”

I sat down as she wanted and then standing there in front of me and saying “you luk Botum, you li.” Botum began to place her hands behind her back.

I sat there and watched her as she grinned and began to strip. I was quite surprised to find that her uniform, a white blouse and light blue short skirt, was in fact one item of clothing. She wriggled out of it by oddly squatting down and then having stepped out of it, she stood up again and let me take in her form.

They weren’t actually black tights that she had been wearing but elasticated topped stockings and she wore square cut panty knickers. Good solid little girl black cotton knickers and sexily topped with a light pink slightly lacy bralette and she stood there letting me admire her figure.

I nodded in satisfaction and made a gesture which she understood and she gave me a slow twirl and with her hands splayed out. When she had turned half way round and with no prompting from me, she bent slightly forward and then wiggled her lovely wobbly botty at me and giggled again. “Botum pitti” she said. I don’t know if it was a question or statement, but I agreed with her. The she straightened up and turning completely around again to face me, she cupped her baby bosoms or rather her bralette cups and squeezed them together. “You li Botum titti, you li?”

Knock, knock, I heard before I had the chance to answer her. I quickly pointed to the bathroom and grabbed her discarded outfit. She was still wearing her pom pom shoes and I hurried her into the room and made sure she shut the door. Then I grabbed the trousers I had cast onto the nearby bed and shouting “yes hang on,” I made for the door.

“Oh, it’s you” I said. My heart had been going ten to the dozen.

“Oh, thanks” he said walking in and handing me a bag. “House warming” he said looking around. “You haven’t got a little bitch in here, have you, by any chance?” I frowned at him even though his expression looked quite innocent.

It was Rob, the old bloke from the school where I taught.

“What makes you say that” I asked now smiling at him.

He shrugged, smiled and replied, “you know, two like minded pedos working in an ocean of preteen cunt. It’s not unlikely, is it? You’re a fast worker, aren’t you? Mind if I use the toilet? I’m bursting for a piss. I walked here.”

“Ah, yeah, sure. In a minute maybe. Why don’t we go out for a drink, or something” I said, nervously?

“Do you know,” he said, “that’s exactly what I was going to say. But I’ve brought a few drinks round and we could have a few and then go out and eat. And, uhm, Botum, out you come. It’s Mister Rob.” And he added words in their language that I didn’t understand.

I don’t know if my mouth fell open or not, but it felt like it did and I heard him laughing as Botum opened the door and stepped out.

“Lo Misur Ob” I heard Botum say.

“You after choc again, Botum” Rob said laughing?

“I li choc” Botum replied.

Rob turned to me smiling and said, “remember I told you about one girl sucking my finger?”

I nodded.

“That’s her only that was some years back” he said and then turning to Botum he spoke in her language. She replied and then turning to me he said, “year 3. Almost three years ago.”

“You fucked her back then” I said smiling at him?

“Oh yes” he said nodding. “Botum is a proper little cock whore and has been for years. And you’ve met Mr. Pang. I know that. I met him on the streets. I’ve known him for years. He can smell us out, alright. He tells me he’s never been wrong yet. That’s how he makes his real money. He runs his motorbike giving rides and what have you, but he has a sideline. He knows all the schools where us foreigners work and he has a sixth sense. He knows alright. He knows which of us are pedos.”

“Not possible” I said. “He only saw me recently.”

“Ah yes, well he did get a bit of help from me, I must admit.” He said. “I took to you as soon as I met you, one of us and that. A few have made the mistake of taking work home with them, you know what I mean. I decided to bypass that possibility. I gave Pang a quick call and told him to fix you up quickly and as luck would have it, it turned out you were living here where Botum’s aunt has a vegetable stall. Pang had a word with her about you teaching her English for nothing and that was that.”

“So how does he get money then” I asked?

“The aunt pays” Rob said smiling “and I know what you’re going to say. But you’d be wrong. Far better for everyone if it’s done like this. Yes, he could get more money directly from us, but think of the headaches and potential problems involved. On the other hand, if things did go wrong, he can honestly say that all he did was to find a teacher for the aunt’s little girl. That’s what he’d say and that’s what the aunt would say. You might end up in the monkey house, although that would never happen, but they’d be alright.”

“Oh,” I said seeing the reason. “And the aunt has no idea then.”

He burst out laughing at that. “She’s been pimping Botum out for years.”

“Now hang on” I said but he was still laughing and this time waving.

“Listen my friend” he said “she doesn’t care about Botum little preteen cock hole. She wants Botum to learn English. That way, the chances are that Botum will grow up speaking English and getting a decent job. It’s like an investment for the future because today aunt looks after Botum but one day soon Botum will be doing the looking after. Looking after the old Aunt. Understand?”

“Ah, right” I said and then “but her English is crap.”

Rob started to nod. “Yes, that’s true and not exactly my fault, but it’s been more the luck of the draw I suppose. You see when I had her I could already speak their language a bit so maybe I wasn’t as helpful as I should have been and she was a really lively little fuck as well. The I moved jobs, to the place where we are now and I switched my, shall we say affections to another. I like them really young you see and Botum was getting older and Pang told me he hadn’t had much luck finding a replacement until I told him about you.”

I nodded. “I’m her second then, am I?”

He laughed again. “How the fuck would I know? That little bitch REALLY loves cock.” Maybe I frowned again at that because he added, “you have fucked her, haven’t you?”

“No” I almost squealed. “I haven’t had time, have I? Not with you banging on the door.”

Again, he just burst out laughing. “Bit of a romantic, are we?” And then he snapped something at Botum in her language and she immediately stripped off. “Right” he said. “We’ll both fuck her and then after that we’ll have a drink and then go out and eat.” He spoke to Botum again and grinning she nodded her head.

“Ok” he said. “We’ll both fuck her and then later we’ll take her with us to a place I know to eat. It’s a popular place with locals and tourists. You get a good mix of those in the know and those not in the know. I really like taking my little honeys there. You’ve got the tourist pedos who know exactly what’s going on and then you’ve got the other tourists who don’t. I love watching the tourists who don’t and looking out for those that wish they had what they think we have and the ones who think we’re up to what we’re up to and despise us for it. I had one fat slag tourist come up to me one time and tell me I was a pervert. I glared at her and told her the little tart I had with me was my daughter and one of the bar girls there walked over and backed up what I said. The slag went even brighter red that her silly sun tan and left and she left because the bar girl kicked her out. All her fat slag ugly friends had to walk out after her and with her deeply apologizing to me. And I tell you something, that little pretty was well drilled that night. I couldn’t get enough of her and funnily enough, the thing that kept me hard was thinking of that fat slag. I had this fantasy that she was there watching me fuck my little preteen bitch’s botty and with fat slag screaming I shouldn’t be fucking my daughter. I think I drilled her botty three times almost in a row that night. It was really good and I tell you this, Botum could have been her mother, do you understand what I’m trying to tell you? Now you drop your pants and sit on that dining chair. Oh very pretty panties.”

“I’ve been trying to teach Botum to say that word, pretty. She just can’t.”

He laughed again and then said something to Botum. “That’s it” he said “and shift your bottom a little further forward on the seat. Botum will skewer herself on your cock and I’ll take her poor hole.”

“Condom” I said as Botum wriggled herself onto my little cock.

“Don’t be silly” he said. “Nice ped sized cock. You’ll try my preferences later back at my place on another occasion. My treat. Right, let me get up her. She’s got a lovely tight botty hole and such a soft rectum. It won’t take me long, I don’t know about you but I can’t last with preteens and I prefer not to. I just love to ram it in hard and fast and get spunking as soon as I can, You?”

“Yeah” I gasped as Botum’s tight little girl cunt dragged my cock skin sheath as far back as I’d ever experienced. Most of the little girls I’d fucked up to that time had been in the west and most of them had been well used before I got my share of them.

Botum had no problem taking all of my micro cock’s two and half inches up her. She did grunt and gasp a bit when Rob hammered his big four incher up her botty hold but it was clear that she very quickly got used to it. It was nice as well, feeling Rob’s cock rub against my cock through the cunt and rectum wall, very, very nice.

I don’t think either of us got more than ten strokes in and that’s another good thing about sex with little girls, they don’t care if we were are or aren’t premature ejaculators. They just know that they’ve been good little girls and pleased their men cocks.

“You li” Botum said when I came up her cunt and only a few seconds after Rob had shot his load into her tight little botty hole.

“Does little girl Botum like to fuck a man’s cock” I panted?

“I li choc man” said Botum

“I am pedo man” I panted.

“I li pedoman choc” said Botum.

Her English seemed a lot better than I thought it was.


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