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First time 3

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Confusing thoughts and feelings.. The next day…

We sat at the table and ate our breakfast.. Georgi.. Was sat next to me and kept sneaking his hand under the table to stroke my bare leg under my school uniform..

Being a summer time our school uniform consisted of shorts and shirt plus tie..so he was pretty close to my cock with his fingers.. Causing me a stiffy

Every time he ate he licked his spoon and kept looking at me smiling..

I was trying my to let on l what he was doing, as my mind was telling me it was wrong and how gay it was, but my cock had other ideas..

After breakfast I had to excuse myself and run to the toilet trying to pee with a hard on.. I could feel the liquid tingling my rod as I held it over the toilet and I had to wait for it to go down..

Grabbing my school bag I waited for George to walk to school.. A trip we did together ever school day…

George was your typical pudgy kid at 9, and he was dark his father was mixed race and he has passed
Some of his skin colour onto him and he has shoulder length black hair as all kids did in the 70,s..

It was first time I had really looked at him in any other way than an annoying 9 year old..
His features where very feminine and he would of easily passed for a girl.. He had been teased many times about being over weight with little boobs and big butt.due to him being in a lower school class than me his uniform was short and a tshirt that was too tight and they showed off his girly figure . But he didn’t seem to care and would often squeeze them at the school bullies and say you just want to feel them..

As we walked towards the woods we passed through every day he wanted to hold my hand I jerked it away and said no it’s too gay I’m not a puff..

His face looked down cast and he said I’m sorry.. I just feel closer to you..

He looked around and seeing the coast was clear, stepped in closer to me and placed his hand over my shorts my cock started to respond immediately…

Does this make feel like a puff.. He whispered rubbing my cock through my shorts..

My head was in turmoil… As I watched his hand rubbing me….. Was I a puff? .. I know I wanted my cock back in his tight little mouth..

Pushing his hand away from my growing stiffy, I said come on we are going to be late for school.. He looked very sad but fell in next to me and we walked on in silence breaking away as we headed to our respective friends and class rooms

The school was a big old building we had nick named colditz due to how it looked..

I spent the morning trying to concentrate on lessons and the object of my young desires a girl called Barbara.. And my cock soon returned to its customery hardness when ever I saw her.. We sat across from each other in class, she looked more like an older girl and had started to where bra,s being summer the girls didn’t have to wear ties.. And I loved to watch her boobs press against her tight white shirt.. A hint of brown showing where her nipples are..

She knew I fancied her and often would tease me by leaning over so I could look straight down her blouse.. But I didn’t have the confidence to actually ask her to be my gf..

I was relieved in my own head that I still fancied girls!!

But as she placed her lips over a straw to suck up her pop.. My cock thought of George and his lips..

Finally the dinner break and lots of loud voices tumbled out into the yard.. To run off lots of youthful energy..

The afternoon was much the same and home time stretched away in front of me
. But my mind and cock was in constant turmoil..

The bell let us know if was time to escape.. As I headed for the old metal gates I could hear shouting and jeers from a crowd of younger kids.. They where pushing some one about saying show its your tits ya puff..

I shouted out what’s going on and there was George on the ground wearing a short skirt he was curled up into a ball crying..

As I waded in being older and bigger the crowd soon ran off.. And I helped George to his feet..

He held onto me crying his sniffing face buried into my chest

What the fuck is going on why are you wearing a skirt..??

He just kept crying and sniffing.. I held him my cock a mind of its own immediately got hard as I felt him hold on tight to me..

My shorts split.. I told mum they where to tight.. This was the only thing they could find to fit me..

As I held him I could feel his chest heaving and they did feel like boobs against me..

Come on let’s go home.. For some reason I kissed him on the top of the head..

Luckily the school play ground was empty.. As I picked his bag up and we walked off towards home

He was slightly ahead of me and from behind his pudgy bum and long hair he really did look like a girl..

My cock was twitching as I stared at his back..

As we walked through the woods he suddenly took a turn into the woods.. I knew where he was heading into the our den..

I want to just have a little time before we go home.. This was the 70,s and being home from school was fairly flexible no phones to bother you and playing in the woods was often the culprit for us being late..

We arrived at the den and George bent over to crawl into its interior.. His skirt rose up and I could see he was wearing blue girls pants..

I watched his bum disappear and then he turned around and popped his head out..

My cock was tenting my shorts..

You Cumming in me asked..

I smiled and let my cock make the decision for me..

As soon as I stood up inside the den..

George pulled my shorts down and buried his face in my crotch as he knelt before me..
Sucking my cock down his throat.. While he looked up at me.. His eyes smiling.. I felt my knees buckle and fell next to him… He pulled my shorts and pants off leaving me half naked.. And he crawled between my legs wanking my cock as he licked my tight balls..
You like me as girl do you.. Does it feel like your less off a puff..??
I groaned as he put my cock back into his mouth sucking for all was worth..
I pulled him around so I could put my hands up his skirt and feel his ass..
I avoided the front not wanting to touch his cock.. I slipped the blue pants down so his ass was naked.. My hands roamed over it.. Just grabbing and testing its heat..
I felt him pull his tshirts up and his nipples grazed across my skin.. My other hand found them and they did feel like tits as I had imagined them.. Soft and warm to the touch his nipples really hard..
I could feel the now familiar feeling as my balls tightened.. I grabbed his hair burying my fingers in it.. Raising my hips and started to slam into his tight mouth.. My cum filling his throat once more..

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    Such hot sexy stories.
    I.miss the 70’s when I used to suck young cocks my best mates brother was my favourite.
    Read my studies about My first time
    No mobile phones no no photos.
    I would like to see your cock.
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  • Reply pete ID:7ylren88ri

    He want you to fuck him i know i had three older brother that sucked off and then I got them to start fucking me