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I want to fuck my 12 year old daughter part 2

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Part 2 and how I made time with Tanya and she loves to be fucked

That morning I was hoping Tanya would stay home but she went with mother to town clothes shopping ,while they were away I went into Tanya’s room and looked I her underwear draw she didn’t have any sexy underwear but most were with little patterns on like stars, hearts etc I suppose it’s still her age.
I found a pair of her night shorts they were silky so I decided to have a wank holding my cock with them thinking of her .
The feeling of her shorts on my cock knowing that they were hers made me cum so quick.
All day all I could think of was when I could fuck her again .
When they came back my wife sorted out her shopping and Tanya stayed down stairs she came to my man cave to see me, she knocked and came in she looked so cute I asked what she wanted and she replied Daddy when can we do it again it was so good the feeling everything, later Tanya we have to be careful when your mum’s around she came closer and put her arms around me kissed me,I could feel her tits against me I was going hard she noticed and said tell mum your taking me to one of my friends and we can have a bit fun in your car .
I told her go ask if she can go and ask if dad can take her .
She skipped off upstairs and 10 mins later she shouted Daddy can you take me to Jo,s house ,I shouted give me 5 ,I went see my wife told her while I was out would call at John’s she said OK no hurry .
I got in the car Tanya sat in the front she had changed she had shorts on now , I set off I knew a good parking area where not many go as I drove I looked ahe had her hand in her shorts feeling herself which I must say turned me on so much making my cock go hard she was rubbing herself so hard as we drove ,she turned to me and said Daddy make me feel good .
I was hoping to baby I said as I pulled into the parking area a good place to enter the woods and be secluded.
Parked up and we got out like any other Dad and daughter and headed into the woods as we walked I had my arm around her just at the height to feel her tits,I looked around noone was anywhere near I found a place it was heavy with trees but had a patch of grass just small maybe a few metres , we sat down straight away I had my hands up her top feeling her tits she had her eyes closed as I lifted her top up over her head and started to suck on her tits one at a time her little nipples were hard as I softly bit them ,I moved my hands down to her shorts undoing them I slid my hand in she hadn’t put any panties on easy access as I pulled them down her thighs to her knees then down to her ankles taken one leg put so her legs were free .
My little girl now nearly naked me clothed as I kissed down her body towards her navel then down past her pubes to her pussy which was open and wet as my tongue hit her lips ,she gripped my head daddy that’s so nice keep doing it, My tongue opened her lips and was lickng inside as I did this I undone my trousers getting my cock out I moved from her pussy kissing her all the way up and lay on top of her placing my cock at her entrance which now was ready and opened her lips with my head as it teased its way in she gasped as it went in and I thrust it hard making her grip me tight ,her pussy was gripping my cock like a hand so tight as I moved in and out only about 2 mins later I was cumming up her ,the excitement was making me cum so quick being out in the open fucking my daughter and her loving it.
We quickly got ready she was smiling away as we walked back to the car , we headed off to a cafe spend some time together , I told her that she was great and deserves a present she said she would like a new phone .
I told her that she could have one but she needs ask her mom and let her ask me , anything she wants she could have as long as I’m fucking her .
While we were in the cafe I phoned my wife to ask if she wanted me to pick Tanya up on my way home I would be leaving in about 1 hour , she said she would text her and let me know ,that meant we had a hour or so .
Tanya’s phone beeped message saying your dad is going pick up in a hour.
I got the text pick her up.
I told Tanya when were in the car I wanted her give me a wank as we drove, she went all excited,can we go now she said .
We got in the car buckled up and started to drive she kept saying should I do it now, I said wait till we are out of the carpark we were in the main road i said OK now she reached over and undone my trousers and zip and pulled out my nearly hard cock her hands working up and down as I drove along then she said Daddy hiw do I do a bj on it , I just said bend over and put it in your mouth and suck ,OK she just swallowed my cock her head bobbing up and down as we drove along wasn’t long till I was ready to cum I told her I was about to and she had to swallow it all as I felt her tongue on my end I shot my cum into her mouth I felt her gulping it down it was fantastic her little lips around my cock as she swallowed my cum ,she looked up she had cum dripping from her mouth as she smiled was I good Daddy ,great i said as I fastened up my trousers and drove back home .
That day was long as I watched her walk around the house .
The next morning my wife was downstairs i was lying in bed when Tanya walked in just in her bra and panties teasing me ,I reached under the covers stroking my cock as she walked around,she heard my wife coming up and left our room my wife walked in asking what I had planned i told her gardening, she said I might go to Shirley’s for a while if your in the garden.
Jackpot a few hours with Tanya ,I decided to get out of bed and dressed in shorts and tshirt went downstairs,Tanya was at the table I walked over whispered in her ear mum’s going out time to have some fun ,she smiled as I went tover to my wife gave her a peck on her cheek and squeezed her bum she smiled at me as usual thats it.
I went out to the garage got some tools out put them on the grass and went back in the shed,I had a cctc camera in the shed incase of thieves and I positioned the sun lounger for later .
I started cutting the grass doing as quick as possible thinking of spending time with Tanya.
My wife came out told me she was going out be a few hours OK I said I won’t be far doing this gardening, she laughed don’t do to much as she left I went in the house telling Tanya come out to the shed,She came out wearing her dressing gownwhi h was a shock as she walked towards me she opened it revealing nothing underneath as she walked into the shed she dropped her dressing gown and said Daddy do me ,I soon had my shorts off nothing under as she lay on the sunlounger I moved on top I was not going for foreplay I just pushed me cock between her legs opening her pussy as I slid in it felt like she was gripping me I thrust into her making her move up the sunlounger as I kept thrusting she was screaming do me do me my balls were banging off her bum as I thrust in her her eyes closed her little tits sitting so firm as her body moved with every thrust ,she shook as she said daddy I’m cumming that made me thrust faster the sunlounger moved and knocked over some cans as I continued to fuck her I was enjoying this the door of the shed was still open the fresh air sneaking in the smell off oil petrol paint etc turning me on as my daughter kept cumming on my cock I was ready to explode up her I grabbed behind her pulling her towards me as my cock shot streams of my cum up her beautiful young pussy ,I lay on top of her exhausted as she collapsed on the sunlounger , fucking hell daddy I’ve never felt that good before as I slid off her looking to the camera it had all been recorder.
I lent I kissed her stood up put my shorts on and said let me cut the grass a bit more then round 2 ,she looked daddy I’m shattered let me rest a bit as I stood up and took her dressing gown walk back to the house naked baby, no daddy someone might see as I walked out the shed with her dressing gown, I watched as she looked around then made a run for the house.
I laughed as she ran in.
Soon there will be more sex between us but I need cut the grass.

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    Loved borh the stories Fill. would love to know more email or session me ..

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