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Driving around – Episode one

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I meet young twins, but it’s the girl with her unbelievable tits who tempts me.

I liked to drive round looking for girls to pick up. I had a sports car so that was an attraction for girls. There was a council estate where I’d seen a couple of really attractive teen girls. I’d chatted to them but hadn’t got anywhere, maybe they were just prick-teasers. Anyway, I’ll go there again. No sign of the girls and nothing else interesting, but then I saw a couple of kids. A boy and girl walking together on the side of the road. Both looked the same age, maybe twelve. But the girl must be older – her tits are incredible, she’s short and her face is young but those tits must be thirteen or fourteen. I stopped “Hi, do you fancy a ride”.
After a while chatting they got in. The boy in the middle, the girl by the door. They were brother and sister, twins, only just twelve years old. Linda and Lucas. We drove around for a while, they liked the car. They had to go back and I dropped them off. The girl was by the door but she didn’t know how to open it. I stretched my hand across and accidentally on purpose my bare forearm brushed against her bulging shirt and I felt a hard tightly filled bra covering the gorgeous tits. I opened the door and they got out. “See you again soon, I hope” I said. They both smiled.
A few days later, I saw them again. We chatted but they didn’t get in. The boy’s comments showed he knew very well what the attraction was for me!
Tuesday next week I was there again. The girl Linda was walking on her own.
“Hi Linda, where’s your brother?” “He’s at football training on Tuesday evenings”. “How about a ride round?” She hesitated but then reached for the door handle and opened the door. She was wearing a loose tee-shirt and, as she bent down to get in, I got a good look down the top. My god, it looked good, like peaches and cream. “How long can you be out? We can just drive round here or go further, into the countryside”. She was in no hurry to get back and we headed towards a country area where I knew there were plenty quiet secluded places to stop. I went off the country road along a track, it led to an area where I could park easily, overlooking a lake. On the other side was a cliff beside the car, no-one could see in. “You know I really like you, Linda. Do you like me a bit?” “I know what you like!” she replied “but OK, I like you too and I’m getting hot. But I don’t really know what to do”.
That was encouragement enough and I put my arm round her neck and pulled her towards me. I kissed her and she responded softly. My other hand felt gently outside the tee-shirt. No complaints from Linda, just the reverse. “This is in the way” she said and pulled her tee-shirt up over her head. The tightly filled bra bulged. I wasn’t exactly an expert at bra fasteners but she helped and in a second or two her lovely tits were revealed. Though so big they stood out firm, she didn’t really need a bra. Hard dark nipples drew my mouth away from her lips to kiss and suck them.
“That’s making me even hotter” she said and I felt her hand on my crotch. My god, this girl is hot as hell. How far will she want to go?
Find out in episode two…..

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    All the way hopefully . Fill her tiny cunt with your big cock and cum .

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    Got pictures? – lol/jk

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    little bitch searching for a big adult cock, yes please part 2.