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Spoiled sassy sister is taken by her stepbrother at poolside

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Britney was driving her pink Corvette convertible impatiently through the mid-day traffic with hot air blowing through her long dark brown hair , she’s wearing her short miniskirt and white pantyhose and her favorite 4 inch black stiletto’s . She stopped at a red light, when a big rig truck pulls up next to her and the truck driver whistles out the window at her . He’s looking down checking out her white nylon covered legs , Britney wearing her white framed sunglasses looks up at him ,and blows him a kiss then she pressed down hard on the accelerator pedal with her spiked heel stiletto, and her corvette took off burning rubber as she waved back to the trucker heading home down the freeway.

Britney’s thinking if she hurried , she’d have a couple of hours out by the inground pool working on her tan , before anyone got home . Which means she can ditch the swimsuit and tan in the nude .Her mom is away with her friends in France, and her rich stepdaddy is at his Corporate office and he won’t be back home until late tonight ,and her older stepbrother who’s a jerk won’t be home until dinner time. .

Britney pulled into the circular driveway, grabbed her purse and walked to the front door of her parents home as her 4 inch stiletto’s are making that click clack come fuck me sound .When she got into the house the cool air from the air conditioner hit her warm skin , she started taken off her clothes going upstairs to her bedroom , she kicked off her heels, and pulled her skirt and panties down, and tossed them onto her bed , then she unbuttoned her blouse and put that on her bed to, then she peeled off her white pantyhose and threw them into her hamper .

She took her white French string bikini that she knew she looked good in, but not really intended of wearing it unless someone comes home before she was finished tanning . Britney wearing her spiked 4 inch heels naked with her bikini and suntan oil in hand is walking to the pool .She took a tanning mattress and placed it in the sun and applied her tanning oil all over her body , she laid back while the sun warmed and tanned her sexy figure .

twenty minutes later Britney flipped onto her back putting on her white framed sunglasses and leaned her head back relaxed in the warm rays . She thinking of her boss’s big hard on she saw, when he was staring at the black seams of her Cuban heeled nylon stockings on back of her legs, while she was bent over at the filing cabinet in his office , her pussy started getting wet so she took her slender fingers with her new French manicure and slipped them between her legs into her wet pussy, and slowly played with her labia causing her to moan softly .

“Well what do we have here”? A unexpected gruff voice asked .

Britney quickly shot up taking off her sunglasses with one hand and covering her wet pussy with the other.


Her stepbrother smiled at her with a sinister look. “It looks like I got home just in time to give you a hand”!!! “Or something else really big”!!!! He sarcastically said while looking at her naked body .

Kevin was wearing his swim shorts , his muscular tanned upper body is exposed and Britney can see the huge hard on bulging through his swim shorts.

“You pervert”!!!! She yelled out, as she stood up and grabbed her towel and wrapped it around herself as she moved to pass him and go back into the house .Ever since their parents married each other 3 years ago, Kevin is constantly trying to catch Britney in a compromising position and fuck her.

He reached out and caught her arm as she passed by him and pulled her into his body causing her to gasp, as her big soft 34 DD tits slammed into his chest and his cock thrusted into her tummy. Britney tried unsuccessfully to pull her arm out of his grip.

“I’m your sister”!!!! she sarcastically yelled out , “And you can’t fuck me…and you shouldn’t be looking”!

She hit him with one hand , “Let me go or I’ll tell”!!!

Kevin was loosening the tie on his shorts and laughed at her threat ,”Go ahead it’s your word against

my word, and we both know who’ll they’ll believe when it comes down to the party girl, or the well

behaved son”!!! “Besides your not my real sister…your my stepsister”!!!

Britney’s eyes widened in disbelief as she realized he was really planning on going through having her.

“KEVIN STOP”!!!! She shouted out as she panicked . She tried to get away from him again , but his grip was to strong as she winced in pain .

Then suddenly Britney felt herself being lifted up and slammed down on the tanning mattress .

She lost her breath and lay stunned for a minute ,which was long enough for Kevin to finish stripping and got on top of her, completely covering her sexy body with his .Britney could feel his cock pressing on her pussy. In spite of her panic and shock ,she felt the wetness of her pussy as Kevin’s hips pressed forward into hers . “Your gonna give it to me and like it”!! Kevin hissed in her ear .

His fingers slipped between her legs , her pussy cream was flowing allowing him to press int causing o her .

“Fuck yeah ! see you want this just as much as I do”!! He pulled his fingers out, pushing them into her mouth , forcing her to lick them clean before he pried opened her legs, grabbing his cock and running the tip along her wet pussy lips, causing her to gasp each time he pressed against her pussy .

Britney couldn’t help looking down to see what his cock looked like , she was both surprised and very nervous when she saw it .It was about 8 inches and the thickest she’d ever seen.

“Stop this now Kevin”!!! she demanded trying to grab his wrist of the hand wrapped around his cock ,
he quickly used the other hand to grab both of her arms and pinned them over her head .

“Your not stopping me”!!! he growled , placing his cockhead between her wet and creamy pussy lips and started penetrating her .

Kevin pushed his cock forward splitting her pussy open as she screamed , “OH MY GOD”!! “OH GOD”!!


Britney felt every inch of his cock as he pushed it forward ,sinking it deeper .His cock is throbbing inside her pussy as she felt her juices gush all over his cock. About halfway in, he pulled back and she relaxed thinking that he was coming to his senses and stop. Not a chance . With all his strength he thrusted his cock all the way into Britney’s pussy burying himself balls deep inside her pussy while he’s moaning in pleasure as her hot soaked pussy constricted and tightened around his cock.

“OH YESSSSS , BABY”!!!!!!!!! Kevin growled .pulling his cock out only to thrust it forward again .

Britney never had anyone this big before , her stepbrother’s hard cock feels really good inside her , she admitted . Each time he penetrated her , she let out a loud moan while he banged her hard and deep .

“Kevin”!! she groaned ,”Please”!!!

“Please what”? he asked with his evil grin , “Please fuck you harder my sexy little sister ? Please make you cum so hard you won’t remember anyone but me ? Gladly sister”!!!

He leaned over holding her arms above her head and increased his thrusting speed as his cock is fucking her hard and deep .

“Britney turn over now”!!!! Kevin commanded her. “What for”???

Instead of asking again Kevin grabbed her hips and flipped her over, pulling her pouty ass up and slapping it hard as he roughly plunged his cock deep inside her fertile pussy as she screamed out ,


Her pussy clenched down and constricted around his cock again, while she came all over his invading cock and suddenly Kevin couldn’t hold back any longer and exploded inside her, and his sperm filled up her fertile womb once again .



Instead of answering her, he flipped her back over and shoved his cum covered cock in her mouth and said , “Lick it clean sis”!!

She turned her head to the side and said ,”Get that aw…”!!! Kevin shoved his cock into her mouth as she tried to talk, forcing her to suck and clean his cock.

Kevin placed a kiss on Britney’s forehead and said ,”Your a good fuck Britney ! you might want to start taking the pill because I’ll be back for more of your sweet tight pussy, my sexy little sister”!!!

As he left. Britney reached for her towel and wiped their cum from her pussy and face and thighs, then said , “He will regret raping me”!!! she pouted as she walked back into the house while sperm is leaking out of her swollen pussy and down her legs .


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  • Reply Cummingqueen ID:1fjhj3yjm9b

    Oh my god absolutely amazing!

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    Another great story Britney. Really liked this one. You just keep writing stories that get me going.

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thank you slim56 .

  • Reply David kenya ID:5srdij5y43

    Part two plzzzz

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Keep reading my stories David and thank you ! Britney

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    You just keep doing it to me Britney, love reading your stories, gets me into the mood every time, love you 😍 🌹💓 Emma from Australia.

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thanks sweetie !! love Britney !

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    • Slip& Sliders ID:2atx3wsb0b

      Kindly refer back to the comment section of my latest story (lost on the bad side of town).
      I have read and responded to your comment.
      It appears as though there’s some confusion that needs clearing up.

      S& S

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thank you !!