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My Granddaughter Was Raped At A Sleepover And Now Wants Me To Fuck Her

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I’ve always been very close to my granddaughter. I stayed and took care of her when she was little cause both her parents worked. I always told her she could come to me with anything at anytime. She had told me some of her little secrets over the years.
She’s a 10 year old beautiful little girl. She came to me the other day and said she wanted to spend the night. I told her sure, you know you can stay anytime. But, I could see she was troubled about something. I thought she would share her concerns when she was ready.
It was after supper and she said she wanted to tell me something that happened.
I said, “Okay, tell me.” She said, “I went to my girlfriends house last Friday night for a sleep over.” ” We played and had a good time.” “But, her mom works 3rd shift so, it was just her dad, me and my friend Julie.”
“It was time to go to bed and we talked awhile then went to sleep.”

Something woke me up and I went to the bathroom. When I came out her dad ask me if anything was wrong. I told him I just had to use the bathroom. Then he said, “Come here a minute.” So, I walked with him to this back room that looked like a bedroom.
He said, “Sit on my lap.” I did not knowing what he wanted. He started telling me how pretty I was and he lifted my night gown and started pulling down my panties. I said, “What are you doing? ” He said, “Wait just a minute.” He picked me up facing him pulled my panties the rest of the way off and I felt his hard dick at my pussy. I said, “Put me down.” He said, “In just a minute.”

He put his dick at my opening and pushed real hard and some of his dick went in me. I told him, “Stop, it hurts.” But he laid me down on the bed and covered my mouth real tight then, rammed his dick inside of my pussy. I was crying and but he fucked me as hard as he could anyway. He never stopped until he cum in me. He stayed in me a long time. I had finally stopped crying when he was moving his dick back and forth in the cum in my pussy until, he started getting hard again.

He said, “Your little pussy is making me fuck you again.” I said nothing. He fucked me a long time sliding around back and forth, with the cum he had put in there. He started fucking me harder then said, “I’m gonna cum again.” He did. Then he said, You can go back to bed now.” He acted like nothing was wrong.

I went to the bathroom and I had blood between my thighs. I wiped it off as much as I could, as cum was running out of me. But I didn’t know what to do. Should I tell Julie? Did he do that to her? What, I didn’t know. I felt funny inside because when he first touched me and pulled down my panties I was so excited. I had these warm thrilling feelings in my pussy. And, when he jerked my panties the rest of the way off I was scared but my pussy liked it. I didn’t understand my feelings.

I ask my granddaughter, “How do you feel now?” She said, “I’m fine.” I ask her, “What do you want to do?” She said, “I still didn’t know.” But she has had exciting feelings about it since it happened. I said,” Like what? She said, “I feel like I want another dick in me.” Is that wrong, Poppy?” I said, “No, it’s not wrong, just a little unusual at your age.” “So, what are you asking me, sweetheart?” She said, “Could you put your dick in my pussy and fuck me like he did?”

I was quite taken a back. I wasn’t sure what to do or say. I ask her, “Why do you want me to do that to you?” She said, “Cause I know you love me and would never hurt me.” “I know I can trust you, Poppy.” I haven’t got anybody else I could trust to help me with this.” “Could you?”

I told her I would need to think a minute. She said, “Please, Poppy?” “Don’t say no.”
So, I told her yes. She hugged me tight and said, “Thank you so much.”

As we got ready for bed she come to me in my room and said, “Can I sleep with you, Poppy?” I said, “If you like.” She crawled in bed and I thought how small she was. I thought how could that guy could rape her? I glanced over and she took off her panties and I found my dick getting hard.
I was sitting up in bed and she climbed on me facing me and sat down her legs a straddle my torso and I could see her little pussy.
She said, Poppy, your dick’s hard, are you ready?” I said, “Are you?” She said, “I am.”

I pulled my boxers off and she got back on me then said, “Wow Poppy, It’s big, are they all this big?” I said, “Everybody’s a little different.” She said, “I’m gonna try to sit on it.” I said, “Wait, lets put a little oil on you and me so it will go in a little easier.” She rubbed it on her pussy and then straddled me and started sitting down. I couldn’t believe her or the situation. My dicks as hard as a rock. It’s going in my grand daughter’s pussy. She’s determined to get it in her. She’s grunting and taking deep breaths. I told her we need to work it in and out, a little at a time. Then she was able to make better headway.

I was holding her up so she didn’t impale herself. She got quite a bit of it in her and said, “Wow, I like this, Poppy.” She was so tight, her pussy was squeezing my dick so hard. I was fighting not to cum. She was riding my dick very well. I touched her clit and she jumped. I felt it and it was hard and wanting.

She said, “Oh Poppy, do that again, it feels good when you touch it.” So, I started tapping her pussy with my fingers and she started cumming on my hand and dick. She yelled out, “Oh,oh ohoo, that feels good.”

I was about to cum too cause she was so tight. She’s still sliding up and down on my dick when I said, “Honey, I’m gonna cum.” I held her down on my dick while I cum and she said she could feel it. She never did get all of me in her but she seemed satisfied.

She laid over on my chest, part of my dick still in her and said, “I liked it, Poppy.” I said, “It was wonderful.”
She said, “I want to do it some more, okay?” I said, “Sure.” She said, “Julie’s dad did me real hard, how come you didn’t do that?” I said, “I didn’t know you liked that plus I couldn’t get all of my dick in you.” She said, “Yeah, I liked it when he pounded his in me.” I said, “He must have been smaller than I am.”

She said, “I didn’t see his but that could be. She said, ” The next time I’m gonna try to sit all the way down on it.” I smiled and said, “Okay, sweetie.”

She got the oil and said, “Here let’s use more of this and that might help.” She put it on herself and me. And she said, “Poppy, why don’t you hold me like he did, maybe it’ll go in better.” So, I held her and her legs were wrapped around me and I put my dick in. She slid down on me and said, “This is when he just rammed it in me because he laid me on the bed and he was on top of me.”

I said, “You want me to do that to you?” She said, “Yes.” So, I laid her down on the bed and pushed my dick in until she yelled. Then I started fucking her. I kept going in and out and she said, “Harder Poppy, harder.” So, I fucked her harder and most of my dick was in her. She was loving it and so was I. I couldn’t believe I was fucking my granddaughter and fucking her hard like this.

I ask her was I doing it hard enough she said, ” He did it harder so I rammed it in her and she was yelling with every thrust but she started cumming on my dick. I can’t believe she wanted to be rammed and hurt while being fucked. I said, “This is making me cum, sweetheart.” She cum again and I had to cum too.

I haven’t ever fucked anybody like that before. I said, “Are you okay.” She said, “That was great, Poppy.”
I told her we needed some sleep and she agreed. She turned over and went right to sleep.
I laid there in amazement, wondering if the way he raped her is why she wanted me to fuck her so hard, but, then I realized it had to be.

Was she gonna want to fucked like that every time? Was that healthy?
In the morning she woke me up wanting to fuck again. I was happy to comply. She oiled herself and me too. Then she laid down and spread her legs. I started fucking her and it was still very tight in that pussy but much easier to get in.

As were doing it she said, “Harder Poppy, don’t forget I like it real hard.” So, I fucked her hard, real hard and she again was yelling with each thrust. She raised her legs and spread them apart. She had her arms holding on to me around my neck.

I heard her panting and actually trying to fuck me back. I could tell she was cumming. This little girl loved sex. I felt a gush of liquid warmth on my dick and I was ready to explode. I hadn’t had this much sex in awhile. So, I shot off my cum in her little pussy.

We fucked two more times that day and she had to go back home. She told me, “Thanks Poppy, I couldn’t go to anyone else with this.” “You made me so happy.” I said, “You can come to me for anything.”

I don’t know where this is going but, I will always be here for that granddaughter of mine.
I have a feeling I’m gonna be fucking her many more times.

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    This is awful and you should seriously seek help

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    Lets talk in email.

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    Now Leave Your Comment… I LOVE THIS

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    How nice of her to have him fuck her and she was cummin good.

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    Just curious…. Since you now know the man that roses your grand daughter….. how will you handle this guy? Just let him get away….. or meet him in some dark alley with a tire iron?

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    Hopefully you will get breed her with your great granddaughter/daughter

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    She is the perfect granddaughter you are a very lucky man wish it was in Australia

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    What a lucky grandad hope more to cum

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    I loved this story so much us grandpa’s have to stick together and stick our granddaughter or other granddaughters when ever they need a hard cock. I can’t even begin to count the times when I was done fucking a young one that I was told thank you so much daddy Sex was great, when can we do it again?
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