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I, 17 year old female often use older men for money and short fun which is used to get me off. A short tale of these events.

I’m a good kid, I have a job and go to school but I still have needs; sexually and money wise. The only reason I’ve turn to this is because one day while surfing the internet I encountered a man willingly to give me what I wanted. As disgusting as it sounds, the idea that a man is turned on by me makes me wet. When I talk to these men, I often find myself slipping my hand down my panties to rub at my clit till it’s puffy and I cum till I’m tender. The money is a plus at times, it’s the fact that they’re willingly and often needy that gets me going. That a simple picture or chat makes them hard. These chats often lead to me dripping while taking pictures or sending videos of me slobbering and sucking on my own breasts for their entertainment. The things they say to me and how they treat me like a toy is enough to make a girl wet her panties or maybe I’m just a pervert. Either way, it excites me and I’m sure plenty of people feel the same way as me.

Sometimes I imagine how it would feel to have a cock inside of me instead of my fingers, would I feel full to the point that no sounds would leave me? The thought makes me rub my thighs together to ease the ache that my pussy produces. How would it feel to give a blowjob till I’m at the point of tears and choking? I sometimes debate if I should buy a dildo just to experience it, but maybe it will remain a fantasy for now. As I write this toy, I clumsily rub at my clit and slip fingers into my tight hole hoping to cum as I imagine this being read. Maybe I’ll find someone to help and give me a small tip for my performance.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:1e0w0yibyuus

    Not really, I honestly think there are a ton of girls out there wanting to get cock and not be a on line money whore. I tend to stay away from them and give the girls that put out or are wanting to know about sex what they want and need. Good luck with that and only a fool would freely give his money away.