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Raped by my father

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This story is fictional and is just a teaser for the story that is being made in the process enjoy!

I’m 15 years old and live with my mother and father , my mother had recently gotten a divorce with my father due to him beating on her and me as well but we all stayed in the same house due to my mother not having the funds to get her own apartment , everyday he will come home drunk and complain about how we didn’t “praise” him enough, my mother tried everything she could to keep him happy to keep him from hitting her but unfortunately nothing she did seem to work. One day he came home drunk as the usual me and my mother can smell the strong and heavy smell of alcohol bouncing of of his breath. It was close to night time so my mother was preparing dinner, about 30-40 minutes later my mother called me down stairs as dinner was getting ready to be served. I sat down at the table waiting for my mother to give me my plate soon after she sat two plates of food down on the table one in front of me and 1 were my father was to sit , my father then got up from the couch he always lodged on when ever he got home from work, he walked over and sat down at the table.

“Give me a beer” he said to my mother “don’t you think you had enough” she said as he already have downed about 4 beers since he came in the door “don’t fucking question me bitch just shut the fuck up and do what I asked you to do “ he said, silence filled the air as my mother walked to the fridge grabbing a cold beer for him she then walked back and sat it on the table “what are you fucking stupid? Open it the fuck up” he said my mother the gave a slight sigh before walking to the kitchen drawer and getting a bottle opener she then proceeded to pop the top off before handing it to my father My mother then walked back to the stove as she began to make her plate once she was finish she returned back to the table and sat down she grabbed a fork and went to grab a piece of her food suddenly my father slapped the fork out of her hand, “we say grace before we fucking eat” he said , once again silence filled the air before we all bowed down our heads as we held on to each other hands “Thank you heavenly father for this meal you have placed upon me and my family, may you keep us blessed in the name of Jesus Christ amen” my mother and I follow with an amen after his prayer as we lifted our heads and released hands we all started to eat before my father commented on my mothers plate saying “put some back you been gaining weight lately and you look fucking hideous” my mother stood in silence as she continued to eat “are you fucking deaf I said put it the fuck back” he said as he looked at her she continued to ignore his request and continued to eat,he then got up and whispered something in her ear before going in to the bed room she then slowly got up and followed behind him I heard him close the door and lock it before hearing a punch be made over and over again as he brutally beat her, I can hear her sobbing through the punches and blows he was giving her it then suddenly got silent. A few mins later I can hear him fucking her as the bed shook,I then heard moaning coming from the room I then got up and put in my headphones to block the sound out before getting the plates that was sitting on the table and beginning to wash them minutes later my father had came out of the room and sat on the couch he always lodged on after work .I took out my headphones and tucked them into my back pocket and began putting the dishes were they needed to be I soon dryed my hands with a dry washcloth before going in to my room and going to sleep. Around an hour later I had awoken with a dry throat, I filled around to see if I had left one of my water bottles on my night stand but unfortunately I haven’t. I sighed as I got up going in to the kitchen to grab a glass of water,I saw that my father was still on the couch drinking and watching tv.

I minded my business as I filled my cup up with water, before I can take a sip I herd my father say “Bri” which is short for Brianna “hand me a beer ” not wanting to cost any issue I did as he said getting a beer walking over and handing it to him, I started to walk off just before hearing him say “ come here” I slowly turned around as I walked over to him I waited for him to say what he wanted as he said “ sit down” as he leaned back seeing that he wanted me to sit on his lap not wanting any conversation I did as I was told and sat on his lap as I was only wearing panties I can feel his dick busting through his pants and pressing against my fat little pussy ….to be continued

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    First of all ( Raped my my Daughter ) what?

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