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The Adventures of 2 Deviants Tarberry Plantation pt 1

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Gisborne and Goliath are back in any crazy adventure.

Greetings reader and join me and my old partner Goliath on another adventure in the deep south. My name is Orson Gisborne and I welcome you. It was the 1930s this time we ended up in Tarsberry, NC on the western part of the state. We were running low on money and fuel as we coasted into the town. I placed our for hire sign on the side of our truck.

The morning heat beaten down on the truck cabin like heater. I bought two bottles of ice cold Pepsi for Goliath and myself. People passed us not looking at the sign and it was also noon when the town sheriff rolled pass us then seeing Goliath he turned around to inquire about us.

The law always looked at Goliath as threat thus I had to talk us out trouble most times. The Ford slowed down and the big fat old man step out. He waddle over to the truck inspecting it then us. He told us loitering in the town is illegal. I told him we are junk haulers looking for work. He asked did I have a permit I told him me and Goliath coasted in here with very little gasoline. He saw me looking me over then move to the cab of the truck. He looked at Goliath and told him to get out of the truck. I told the sheriff that Goliath is mute. The sheriff told me to get that big black nigger and my nigger loving ass out of the town before sundown. Or both of us will be swing from the highest tree in the county.

As the fat racist fuck was leaving a pretty young lass came over to our truck. She said are we still for hire. I told we are but have very little gas and no place to stay. Her name was Carolyn Maltese and was beautiful with long brown hair with green eyes plump lips and a coke bottle type figure. She lived in the county part of Tarsberry on an old plantation. She gave me a Lincoln for gas then we followed here to her home.

Man was it a dump of a Southern mansion run down of a mess. I asked should we burn it to the ground for the insurance. She gave me a stinky look and showed us to the inside. Goliath followed me and Carolyn towards the front door and believe me the outside was looking that much better. Carolyn told us that in its hay day Morecock Plantation was the most popular and powerful in Tarsberry.

But most of the fortune was wasted on parties then came the Civil War. She needs to fix up the place because a rich relative from Europe is coming and may giving some much need money to keep the place afloat. I told her she needs a miracle to get this place ready. She told us a month with two people its almost impossible. Carolyn showed us a room to sleep for tonight.

She had running water and was able to take an actually shower. Most days it was lakes and river to bathe now running water. Goliath and I shared the shower I washing him. Carolyn gave us some clean clothes and feed us some cornbread, salt pork and pinto beans. She told us this all she had.

That night I couldn’t sleep and decided to go to the hallway and looked around at how much work it was going to take to get it looking decent. As I wandered I hear a noise in one of the bedrooms. I saw Carolyn getting her pussy eaten by a sexy colored girl. Carolyn was in great bliss as the colored girl started tongue fucking her pretty pink pussy. She grabbed her head pushing her into her cunt gushing her juices into to her face. I gave a loud clap to the performance which shocked both women. The colored girl grabbed her dress and ran as Carolyn laid there in the nude.

I sat next to her scooping up her fluid to taste it. She looked at me with her sexy eyes as I pulled out my prick she started stroking me as I kissed her. Soon she placed my hard cock inside her wet cunt. Carolyn’s pussy was amazing it was deep and warm as my cock pounded her womb. Trying my best to hold it I flood her womb with my hot seed and rolled off.

The colored girl was watching as Carolyn motion for her to come back. The colored girl who was named Maddie as I found out later ate the semen out of the pretty white woman’s cunt. She lapped it up like it was her last meal then Carolyn told her to suck my cock clean. Maddie had my cock down her throat with a nice spit shine. I fell asleep after that with dreams of grandeur being plantation owner with tobacco acres wide. With my wife licking my ass and my slave sucking my cock while I’m stroking Goliath.

I woke to the smell of eggs, fatback, salted ham, grits and jammed toast. I scratch my ass pulling up my pants as I cross the room to see Goliath in the kitchen eating while Carolyn was stroking him. She let me know that was the biggest nigger dick she had ever seen. Goliath smiled as Carolyn’s hand looked so small on his giant dick.

Maddie fixed me a plate with black coffee. I smacked her ass in thanks for the service. After eating and fooling around I told the girls how much its going cost to get this place back to respectable which put a frown on the owner’s face. She barely had 50 smackers to hear name after paying the bills.

I had to form a plan to turn this place around…

Stay tuned for part 2


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