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Last Fantasy Part 8

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Nicky and Mandy enjoy some alone time as only a love starved deviant and a dominant sadist can.

Continues directly after the last few chapters. Enjoy 🙂

Now clean, the girls retire to Nicky’s room wearing only the silk nighties, giggling to each other, Nicky brushing and braiding Mandy’s hair. Mandy is in heaven, she’s never felt so comfortable and loved by another human being and the cool silk on her clean bare skin made her feel like royalty. You could see it on her face. She would fall for anything kind to her and Nicky was being the kindest so Mandy’s heart was melting for her.

“So… do you think we should have our rum and cokes?” Nicky asked when she had finished braiding Mandy’s hair.
“If that’s what you want, sure” Mandy responded nervously.
The girls pick up the almost overflowing cups and each take a sip.
“Ack! That’s disgusting!” Nicky laughs, “but, oooh, it feels warm and tingly going down my body, straight to my kitty! Mmm. maybe we should just chug it. I’m not sure how my mom sips on these all of the time.”
Mandy giggles with Nicky after their first taste, “if you think that’s best then I’ll chug it, for you”
Mandy tilts her head back and quickly chugs the drink while Nancy tries but can only take a few sips and sets the drink back on the end table for now.

Mandy already seems out of it, slightly slurring with a goofy smile on her face.
“You’re righttt, niiicky. My kitty is suuuper tiiiingly now!” She said squeezing her legs together, “it’s never felt like thiiiish before..”
Facing each other while sitting cross legged on Nicky’s twin sized bed they can see each others swollen pussy lips, Nicky noticing her friend was quickly filling with moisture until she started dripping on the comforter. Scooting closer together Nicky starts gently caressing her fingers between her friends puffy lips. Listening to the squishy sounds of her moisture filled slit. Mandy coos like a baby closing her eyes and smiling stupidly responding to the other girls touch.
“You make meee feelll the best everrr, Nickyyy” she slurs.
“Goood” Nicky says with a hungry and devious smile.
As she strokes the plump smooth little girls slit, she asks, “can I tell you a secret Mandy?”
“ You can telll me anytiiing, I belonng to youuu”
“I think there’s something wrong with me, sometimes I have the most evil thoughts, that’s why I used to torment you. It gave me a sick pleasure that I didn’t understand, but after all of the messed up things that happened today, like my mom molesting you and Billy taking my virginity and even Becca blackmailing me, I know that pleasure radiates from between my legs. When you told me about your butt being abused it felt like my kitty was vibrating and I couldn’t concentrate. Does that make me an awful person?”
Mandy Is the one now who can barely concentrate, holding on to Nicky’s arm as she strokes between the wet folds of her tiny vagina.
“I doooont, mmmm, knooow. But iiid do anytiiing to make you happy, Niiiicky.”
“Anything? Really?”
“Annnything, I pwomish”
Nicky slowly pushes Mandy onto her back, raising the nightie to expose her cute tummy and leaving her nethers completely exposed. Rubbing her hands up Mandy’s sides and kissing down her belly to the already saturated mound, Nicky takes a deep breath and asks something she’s been dying to know all day as she nibbles and licks on Mandy’s wet mound.
“Tell me about your dad, tell me about what he does to you… I’ve wanted to feel my dad inside of me for years and I’m a little jealous to be honest.”
Mandy coos like a baby, spreading her thighs to welcome Nicky’s kisses.
“My daaad doesn’t reaally touch me, he jush beatsss me and forcessh me to be used by my brover… he hits meee and shmacks meee and spits on mmme until my brothver forces himself inshide me and when heee finish daddy makesh me suck the durrty things offff my brother…”
“Mmm what dirty things have you sucked clean, Mandy, I have to know..” Nicky asks desperately, sliding her middle finger into herself for the first time and suckling on the plump lips in front of her making the trashed little girl wiggle around the bed.

“I shuucked up Becca an yurs peee, I usuallly suck off my blood and poop from my brovvers penis. I tasted semen for de furst time when someone broke into my roooom. He cummed so much in my buttt that I didn’t stoppp leakingg himmm all night. Oooh Nicky, that feels a…MAZING”

In between sucks of Mandy’s pussy Nicky tries to keep asking her dirty questions.
“Do you, *suuuck* like the taste *slurp* of all of that? *smack*
“I’m just, ooooooooh, used to it now. Daaadddy made me do it for yearrs..ughhhh, yeshh”
“Do you like the attention, mmmm, *slurp* even if they hurt you?”
“Uuggghhnnnnn, yes. I love any attentionnnn, if it’s not thattt I’m, mmm just locked in my room, lonelyyy”
Unable to concentrate any more on questions, Nicky starts licking and sucking and biting the little virgin pussy in front of her. She’s so tight not even her tongue will penetrate her unlike the little girls butt hole, but all the licking and attention is causing Mandy to start shuddering, she grabs her own legs and spreads herself to the limits as thick globs of her cum starts draining out of her pussy into Nicky’s awaiting mouth. Nicky slurps it all up but keeps from swallowing it until she’s sure no more will leak out, then crawling up Mandy’s body she positions herself above Mandy’s ecstatic face and slowly spits the thick cream into Mandy’s mouth, realizing what’s going on Mandy starts swallowing and begging for it like a baby bird being fed by her mother. When the last drop is spit into her awaiting mouth Nicky leans in close and slides her cum coated tongue into the wanting mouth in front of her allowing Mandy to suck and swallow every last drop of her own cum. Nicky just looks down at the beautiful bruised face beneath her. Still filled with her disgusting lust she asks, “Can I hurt you, Mandy? Will you be upset at me if I do?” Mandy strains her head up to kiss Nicky’s nose and smiles.
“You can do annnything you waaant” she says, flopping back down on the bed with her eyes closed and smile plastered to her face.
“Do you promise?” Nicky asked, lovingly stroking Mandy’s face.
“Yesh… I’ve never beeen happier… and itsh because of youuu, mmm I…” she stops, seeming to struggle with her next words, “I.. think I love you….”

Nicky kisses Mandy on the forehead and gets up from the bed.
“Don’t move, I’ll be right back” she tells the dazed Mandy, getting off the end and slipping out of her room.

Mandy must have passed out because it only took seconds for something to disturb the bed and get her attention. The room is pitch black but she feels the bed moving near her head followed by something smooth and warm sliding across the side of her face. Accompanied by a smooth humid mound pushing into her mouth as she realizes Nicky must be straddling her face. She smiles, caressing what she now knows are Nicky’s thighs and starts giving little loving pecks to the lovers hairless lips.

Forgetting all about Nicky’s request to inflict pain on her, she feels her nightie being pulled up to her chest and her legs being pushed open. Thinking she’s about to be the recipient of pleasure once again she starts sliding her tongue through Nicky’s slick slit and helps by spreading her legs as far as she can.

Muffled by the thighs, she thinks she hears something like “I’m so sorry..” and then her face us crushed under the weight of Nicky’s groin followed by the worst pain she’s ever felt between her thigh and her mound. Like a red hot burning penetrating deep into her skin, she doesn’t know what to do but scream. The louder she screams the harder Nicky pushes her crotch into Mandy’s mouth. Grinding from her clit to her asshole, Nicky mashes herself into the helpless girls face as she continues to torture her.

Mandy has no idea what’s going on but the pain isn’t stopping, only spreading and her wails are now non stop as she begs for it to end, only feeling her lips and nose becoming saturated from the aroused cunt pressed into her. Nicky’s hands press into the searing pain in her groin then slide up her belly as the wet pussy grinds harder and faster into her face until without warning her mouth and nose are engulfed completely with flesh and liquid starts shooting intensely up her sinuses and into her throat gagging her until she can’t take it any more and vomit painfully sprays out of her mouth and her nose.

Covered in puke and ejaculate Mandy desperately tries to breath as Nicky slowly slides off her face, slumping down besides her, breathing heavy herself.
“That was amazing” she says in total bliss, ignoring her lover gasping for air.
“You should go to the bathroom and get cleaned up”
Without saying a word, Mandy rolls off the bed and falls on the floor, slowly crawling to the door before she’s able to reclaim her balance and walk to the bathroom all while Nicky blissfully lays in the bed smiling to herself and rubbing her swollen lips in the afterglow of what she just experienced.

Once Mandy makes it to the bathroom and flips on the light, letting her eyes adjust, she sees the blood soaked into her pink nightie and the vomit and cum all over her face and the chest of the nightie.
“What did she do to me?” She thinks as she lifts up the silk fabric to see blood smeared from her crotch up to her chest. Wetting some paper towels she starts wiping the blood away and realizes she’s only bleeding next to her groin, all of the rest must have been from Nicky playing with it and rubbing it all over her. Cleaning up more reveals Nicky’s name cut into her. Into her thought right below the crease where her mound and thigh meet. I just she really did claim her she thought, bringing a little smile to her face.

After cleaning up the mess she was left in, Mandy makes it back to the bedroom where Nicky is gently snoring, laying in the blood, vomit and cum she created earlier. Not minding the mess, Mandy climbed into Nicky’s twin sized bed. Still in pain she noticed that the second cup of rum and coke was never finished so she grabs it and downs it quickly hoping the alcohol will numb the pain and knock her out. After setting the drink back down she curls up next to Nicky and is welcomed by a loving embrace, pulling her to the little spoon position. Feeling arms and legs wrap around her and warm breathes into her neck Mandy has one last smile and gently falls asleep.

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  • Reply Wow ID:1zfuqenn41

    I was not expecting that

    • Broken Reflection ID:1coxx67j8rc

      I hope it was unexpected in a good way, I try to keep the story unique.

  • Reply 8inches ID:bhq2cbj44

    Fucking hot! I’m glad Mandy didn’t stay happy too long. Looking forward to seeing how that mother and the friend get blackmailed.

    • Broken Reflection ID:1coxx67j8rc

      That will be in a later part down the line for sure! I already have plans for that 🙂