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My dad and our games

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Growing up I was always a daddy’s girl. I loved him so much, he was my hero.

But everything started to change around the time I was 10. I first started noticing how he looked at me differently. When he would hold me how he cupped my ass. My mom was a nurse and had to work nightshifts often so he was in charge of giving me a bath.

This “game” first started out with me being naked in the bathroom tub and him making me close my eyes while he touched a place on my body. I would laugh and giggle when he would tickle my belly, but fall silent when he would rub across my pussy.

The game lasted for a couple months until he got bored and wanted more from me. He started making me give him blowjobs. “Good girl Hannah” he would says. “You are making daddy very happy”.

It wasn’t until one night that my mom went on girls trip and would be out of town for a week that he stole my virginity.

I was in my princess pajamas laying down in my room. He came in with his shirt off and pulled my covers back. Daddy tugged on my pants and had gotten them off of me. I started protesting saying that I was sleepy but he didn’t care.

He turned me over on back and climbed on top, becoming more rough. “Daddy please I’m tired” I said beneath his hold. “Come on Hannah, make daddy happy” he continued pulling the rest of my clothes off until I was completely naked.

At this point I was confused on what was happening. Daddy got up and took off all of his clothes. He opened my legs and played with my pussy for a few minutes. He stated rubbing his dick on the entrance of my pussy. “Are you ready baby girl” he asked me. I quickly shook my head no, while starting to cry.

“It’s going to be quick” he said. I tried getting away from him but I couldn’t. He kept a tight grasp on me, while he started to put his dick inside. I began screaming and crying, trying to fight him off. “I know this he what you want” he said in between pounding my tight pussy. “Daddy please stop” I begged. “I’ll be a good girl I promise” I cried.

He kept going faster and faster, not caring how much he was hurting me, “tell me you like it” he yelled out. I sobbed not saying a word. He slapped me a few times before I finally gave in. “I like it” crying, barely getting the words out. His breathing became rapid.

“You want daddy’s cum” he said, he cummed straight inside of me. “Mmmh here’s your reward” he kissed my forehead and got from off of me. I stayed with my legs open crying and shaking from the event.

He threw my pajamas back at me and told me to get dressed. After awhile I finally managed to do so.

To be continued

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  • Reply Joe ID:8bw8pby49a

    I wish I was your daddy

    • Mr.Tene Hebty ID:n1zil9d4

      I liked the story very interesting and also brings my sexual feelings through my brain.but ask when it will be continued?

    • Becky ID:2px1ognr3dh

      Fuck me daddy

  • Reply Piti ID:oymqa57zra

    Hannah du kleine Fotze wie ist deine Email oder schreibe du mich an [email protected]

  • Reply Pregnant fetish ID:4j5f5or8l

    Where’s part 2 hope you got pregnant

  • Reply Yourhornydaddy22 ID:etyvr2chj

    let’s talk on wickr hannah 😉 text me on @danielwayne66

    • Hannah ID:fx7s3fy8k

      I don’t have wickr

  • Reply Mike ID:agxbr4v1

    Hi Hannah, loved the story i hope you still letting daddy fuck you?
    Drop me an email and lets chat
    [email protected]

    • Materhead ID:1ck92hd2xq2i

      Me too damn i havnt had one response on here and that sucks

  • Reply 1 ID:3zxjp0lg499

    Whats your email

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    What’s your email?

  • Reply 1 ID:3zxjp0lg499

    Snap? Or other

    • Hannah ID:fx7s3fy8k


  • Reply AdultRP ID:202m32dm9d

    Very good girl. If you want to talk about this more message me on Kik and we can talk there.

    • rinie/f13 ID:5rht6ftj8l

      if u want, my kiks rinnybb<3

    • Hannah ID:fx7s3fy8k

      Sorry I don’t have Kik

    • AdultRP ID:202m32dm9d

      What is your email? Mine is [email protected]

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Good girl, you pleased your daddy. Next time let him have you and beg him for his cum, beg him to breed you, beg him to put his baby in you

    • Hannah ID:fx7s3fy8k

      Thank you

    • Bren ID:7ylren6xic

      Hearing him talk that way makes me uh very wet

  • Reply Army ID:2mutfpxyd0

    Love it any girls on here want too chat about this

    • Renpets Little Princess ID:1deqyp1mwlmn

      My dad was a lot more gentle!