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My new stepdad

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I am a 16 yr old girl and my mom married a handsome black man, he s about forty and weel built.I m about5′ 6 and a well delevoped girl with 34dd tits. My mom was out of town on some bussiness and I was home on nice summer day we had a nice home and I was in the back yard sun tanning in my bikini, we had a high wooden privacy fence around our yard when my stepdad came out to chat with me,I was laing back on the lounge chair as he sat next to me,, we chatted for abit about a couple of things and he kinda smiled and told me how nice I looked and I was flattered as I laid there he smiled and soon he was caressing over my stomach it felt nice and soon enough I felt his hand slowly slide inot my bikini bottom and he slowly rubbed my clitty and pussy I moaned as I let him do it ,he smiled as he got up and he lead me into the living room and we kissed he took my top off and he had me get on my knees as he pulled his 11″ dick out I looked up as he slid into my mouth I ssucked his cock hard and I got up he finished undressingas I took off my bottom ,I notibed his balls were full and he had me sit back on the sofa so my pussy was on the edge I spread wide for him,he ate my pussy til I cum and then he started to slide his huge dick into me it was smooth and I felt him deep inside of me ,finally stopping in mycervix he smiled as he started fucking me, I moaned as he kept going and I wrapped my legs around after a bit he said get ready as he pushed deep into my cervix and then I felt his hot sperm filling me up, I loved it and after he pulled out he said he wanted to fuck me whenever my mom wasn t around and I agreed to it,then he smiled and he soon fucked my ass to I wanted him to be a lover and I would do what ever he wanted me to do from then on

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    Lucky bastard.

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    You’re a lucky girl to have a beautiful black stepdad. Make the most of it!

  • Reply Aua. ID:1cowl6xrqzgk

    Fucking right, Not only do you have a crazy imagination but sorry not every black guy had a super long cock. Matter of fact white guys have just the same amount of size in the large department.. Trash fucking story living in a dream land fucking stinky niggers.

    • sry if i spelt that wrong ID:4bn00en3fia

      holy fuck lmfao i laughed out loud when i read this comment, ur right tho, its fucking sterotypical